200 FREE Minutes For EE/T-Mobile Pay As You Go Customers

200 FREE Minutes For EE/T-Mobile Pay As You Go Customers


Both of my eldest sons have mobile phones so they can communicate with their dad out with the times that he has them. What do they actually use them for? Squandering my money, that's what. Silly texts and phone calls to their friends, I thought the novelty would wear off but it hasn't. Sometimes they even prack phone call me! I bet there are a few of you out there that feel my pain.

Here's an offer for you if you are continuously forking out for phone credit for you kids... Get 200 FREE minutes on any Pay As You Go EE or T-Mobile phone.

How does one claim such a great freebie? Simply text  CHAT1 to 150. Voila! EE* or T-mobile, depending on which network you are on, will then send you a text stating that you have been awarded 100 FREE talk time minutes. Not bad at all, huh?

Apparently, this deal ends on Saturday 4th April so get your finger out and text to get you FREE minutes. After the 4th April, you FREE minute entitlement will disappear, so make sure it is all used up by then.

It's not often phone network providers are so generous so make the most of it whilst you can.

Thanks to sarahdwaine @ HUKD


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  • Emi

    i would love to have another free over including text and free minutes