Prosecco or Gin & Tonic Cake Flavouring Now Available For Just £1 @ Sainsbury's!

Prosecco or Gin & Tonic Cake Flavouring Now Available For Just £1 @ Sainsbury's!

If you're a Gin and Tonic or Prosecco fan then did you know that you can now eat your favourite tipple as well as drink it?! Yes that's right you can now bake your very own Gin and Tonic or Prosecco sweet treats thanks to these brand new Gin and Tonic and Prosecco Cake Flavourings from Sainsbury's!

Sounds amazing doesn't it, the perfect accompaniment to a girls night in, some boozy cupcakes! Plus you can get your hands on these flavouring's for just £1 per 38ml bottle! What a bargain!

They are suitable for vegan's and are made from all natural sources. Sainsbury's recommend just half a teaspoon of flavouring per 100g of icing sugar, frosting or cake mix to give your bake a grown up twist!

They would make lovely cupcakes for a hen do or a girly get together!

It would certainly make baking with the kids in the Summer holidays a whole lot more enjoyable!


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  • Lisa A.

    this is what I was talking about other day xx

    • Debbie W.

      , - you ladies may love this...:heart_eyes:

      • Shauna L.

        Ooooh!! Mum I'll buy them and you can bake them :thumbsup_tone2:

        • Debbie W.

          and I can sample if youse need a hand:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart_eyes:

          • Valerie C.

            I'll do them while I'm making this pina colada ones. Sounds good x

            • Valerie C.

              Always available for you to sample x

            • Jennifer S.

              I think I need to bake some cakes for the hen weekend :heart_eyes:

              • Zoey P.

                ! Just a pity you can't bake cakes :joy::see_no_evil::kissing_heart: xx

                • Natasha W.

                  Mmmmm they sound so yummy

                  • Emily C.

                    Why is it always me on baking duties :joy:

                    • Sammi D.

                      Gin and tonic cupcakes here I come.

                      • Natalie T.

                        What happens when you're such a good baker.

                        • Rachel L.

                          Ohhhhh babe how amazin do they sound xxxxx

                        • Ruth E.

                          Oo definitely going to look out for these. Xx

                          • Ceri L.

                            A vital cake ingredient!!

                            • Maria M.

                              Lol saw these the other day x

                              • Rachel S.

                                :joy: I'm not even mad that I was your first thought when you saw this! :joy:

                                • Victoria G.

                                  :joy::joy::joy: gin everywhere

                                  • Lindsay L.

                                    :heart: I just know you too well :joy:

                                    • Jayne L.

                                      Saw these ... sound fab xx

                                      • Leanna H.

                                        Ooh this could be used for s certain 40th birthday cake coming up :see_no_evil:x

                                        • Sallyanne C.

                                          I want Prosecco cakes :ok_hand::smirk:

                                          • Phil V.

                                            Can't the same thing be achieved by chucking a bottle or two of gin into the cake mixture? Also Penventon Gin bar still needs a visit

                                            • Kaylee C.

                                              Omg we need to make a cake :joy: xxx