Maltesers 12 Double Chocolate Crunchy Munchy Cupcakes Now Available @ Asda

Maltesers Cupcakes

Oh my mouth is drooling and my stomach is crying out for these! Asda have now started to sell Maltesers Double Chocolate Crunchy Munchy Cupcakes and I am wondering if the fact it's Saturday, is a good enough excuse to buy them.

You get 12 Cupcakes in each pack of Maltesers Double Chocolate Crunchy Munchy Cupcakes. That means the kids can even get one each - I'm kind like that.

Priced at £8, it's doubtful these will be slung in your basket on a weekly basis, but as a treat they are spot on.

What are these cupcakes like? They are Chocolate Sponges topped with Chocolate flavour frosting and decorated with Milk Chocolate coated Honeycombed Balls (that's Maltesers to you and me).

These are available online and in store.

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  • Louise W.

    I bet Lewis would love these

  • Becky T.

    shall I amend the shopping :heart_eyes: lol

  • Tori S.

    we need to get these for Jamie’s bday x

  • Anna S.

    Oh wow! Bet I can’t fit 24 of them in my mouth though :joy:

  • Neil B.

    We no somebody who will love them! X

  • Cheryl M.

    Oh ha ha we won't get them now but think we may have enough cake xxx

  • Margaret L.

    Not at eight quid, I'll make my own thanks

  • Louise B.

    Looks good :heart_eyes:jacks fave now too lol x

  • Patricia C.

    We wouldn’t eat the likes of that :grin:

  • Taryn T.

    Oh my I so would love a tray of this to myself

  • Jodie D.

    I don’t need asking twice :joy::joy:

  • Sue L.

    I could not :heart: omg :heart_eyes:

  • Craig B.

    Holy batman. I bet there yummy

  • Nicola H.

    YESSS they look delish!!! :heart_eyes:

  • Beth L.

    I'll pick some up if I see them xxx

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