Giant Family Of Four Meat Pack £10 @ Morrisons

Giant Family Of Four Meat Pack £10

Got a Family to feed on a tight budget? Morrisons have created a GIANT Meat Pack, that they say can feed a "Family of four" for 2 weeks. Priced at just £10, these will fly off the shelves.

These are available in store, and are acknowledgement to National Butcher's Week, which runs until Sunday 18th March.

What do you get in this Giant Meat Pack?

Over 2kgs of Meat...

  • 900g Pork Loin Joint
  • 420g Steak Mince
  • 450g Lean Diced Beef
  • 8 The Best Pork Sausages

Will it be enough to feed a Family of four for two weeks? Not if they eat like my lot, but one things for sure, for a TENNER this is a steal!

You are saving £5.03 (more than 30%) buying this Morrisons Meat Pack, compared to buying each individual cut of meat.

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  • Rachael L.

    - looks like a good offer? Xx

  • Amanda C.

    we need to go to Morrison’s x

  • Emily T.

    Meat is so yesterday. Go veggie!

  • Laura A.

    Far too small portions for a family of four:rolling_eyes:

    • Gemma P.

      Family of 6, that would probably do 2 dinners for us! X

  • Becky F.

    Good offer, but not sure how they work out it could feed a family of 4 for 2 weeks! That would do us for 4 meals :grinning:

  • Donna C.

    Feed a Family of 4 for 2 weeks? That’s one sausage each per week!! Not a bad price but unrealistic in its expectations :smiley:

  • Adele P.

    Yah ano saw these last nite..look good eh..xx

  • Aimee S.

    If this feeds a family of 4 for 2 weeks then we are clearly greedy

    • Laura S.

      Definitely a miss print I'd say 6 days too!! Xx

  • Jo S.

    Yep that looks good! But no good for us :pensive:

  • Wendy A.

    Looks like a good deal xx

  • Gail P.

    Feed a family of 4 for 2 weeks no way as if !!

  • Alan B.

    Family of 4 for 2 weeks? That’s 56 portions Hmmmmm

  • Anna M.

    Well it would do my family (5 adults and a toddler and I’m breastfeeding the littlest). Probably get 7-8 days worth of meals out of it if I pushed hard and used loads of veg.

  • Vietoria J.

    That’ll be good for us i’ll watch out for that! :stuck_out_tongue: x

  • Justine K.

    Wow, that's a really good deal!

  • Sarah S.

    Yes it looks good, and can bulk it out with yummy veg! X

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