£21 Off Your First Online Grocery Shop + FREE Items Using Codes @ Sainsbury's

£21 Off Your First Online Grocery Shop + FREE Items Using Codes @ Sainsbury's

Are you thinking of trying online grocery shopping with Sainsbury's? This offer is a brilliant one, as new customers can save £21 off their first online grocery shop. Just enter the code below at the online checkout for your saving:

Click here to shop @ Sainsbury's Grocery*

  • Offer: £21 off your first £70 online grocery shop
  • Start Date: 20th April 2017
  • End Date: 10th May 2017

You can also get some fab freebies with your order too. Get this 4 Pack of Monster or Relentless Energy Drink* with the code FREEMONSTER4PK, and free Perfect Fit Advance Dry Dog Food* with the code FREEPERFECTFIT.

Delivery charges vary according to the slot you choose and start at £1, going up to £6 for some weekend slots. There is no delivery charge for orders over £100 booked for delivery on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after 2pm.

If you find yourself sticking with Sainsbury's then you might find it cheaper to their Delivery Pass scheme in the long run as it overs better value on delivery charges for more frequent orders.

You can find these Sainsbury's voucher codes over in our voucher section.


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  • Cheryl S.

    I love sainsburys for this reason! Every week or so I get a £10-12 off a £60 shop code emailed to me! It's so much easier to get it delivered!

    • Sarah K.


      • Cheryl S.

        I'm never tempted by deals and only buy what I need! I was thinking the other day of the whole process lol... getting boy in the car, driving to the store, getting a trolley, entertaining boy around the store haha, loading items onto conveyer belt, checking out, baging items, back to the car, drive home to unpack it all again!

        • Emma H.

          How do u get the emails? I always shop with sainsburys and never get codes with money off x

        • Dee M.

          I had a lovely Sainsburys employee open a new till for me the other week as I had two babies in the trolley and a four year old running amock - rather annoyingly an older lady standing behind me virtually elbowed past me to push in front with her two items - if she had been polite and asked I would have gladly let her anyway, but she was so rude and oblivious to the kind employee helping me out with my tiny entourage. Thumbs up for Sainsburys! :thumbsup:

          • Amy S.

            hate shopping online with sainsburys - they a re anightmare if there are any isues with your shopping - its really difficult to get refunds out of them unlike asda or tesco. I wont use them for an online shop ever again. tried it on various different occasions and always had the same problems

            • Faye G.

              I never receive any emails for money off.

              • Rebecca G.

                But you could get £71 of food shopping for £51.....that's free wine:thumbsup_tone1:xxx