Afternoon Cream Tea Selection £3 @ Asda

Afternoon Cream Tea Selection £3

If you're having a little get together to celebrate the Royal Wedding on Saturday then why not head to Asda and grab one of these scrummy Afternoon Cream Tea sets for just £3!

It saves all the hassle of making your own, just add them onto a pretty cake stand and away you go!

These cakes are all cream based, they include: 4 Jam and Cream Scones, 4 Belgian Chocolate Profiteroles and 2 Jam and cream donuts.

That's 10 cakes for just £3, you really can't go wrong!

This set is available for home delivery with your Asda Grocery shop or find them in the bakery aisle in store.

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  • Tory W.

    - we neeeeeeddddd these for Saturday!!!

    • Rosie B.

      Omg. I am so getting some of these :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:xx

  • Ell H.

    we could Make our own :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::ok_hand_tone1:

    • Nakita A.

      Yes shall we? Let’s have afternoon teas around mine once garden is sorted:ok_hand_tone1::sunny::heart_eyes:

    • Ell H.

      you don’t need to question this with me little miss :pig: piggy right here :see_no_evil:

  • Richard T.

    Friday night treat sorted. X

  • Lindsey B.

    ooh, pick one up if u go x

    • Sarah J.

      I have seen these before. Look very cute. X

  • Emma F.

    Oooh well spotted Lisa, ta! Funny how we were just talking about this!

  • Lisa S.

    that’s what made me think of you! And it’s on the way home!! :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Hanna D.

    you’ll appreciate this

    • Dhani P.

      Wish I was at Asda before the royal wedding :weary:

    • Hanna D.

      If I had time I’d go! So excited for the wedding :grin::grin:

    • Dhani P.

      Me toooo wish I was allowed out to play so we could watch it together :weary:

    • Hanna D.

      We can FaceTime!!! and I are watching it :grin:

    • Dhani P.

      Whoooop!!! Mat is mad with me this week going on about it :joy::joy:

    • Hanna D.

      I FaceTimed Sue the last day to talk to her about it! No one else appreciates it as much as us, clearly :joy:

  • Becky P.

    we should get these for the royal wedding!

    • Megan G.

      Marks and Spencer’s do a lovely afternoon tea set for £5 x

    • Becky P.

      Ooo. We’ve got the prosecco in the fridge chilling x

  • Nic M.

    That’s cute as !! We need an afternoon tea date with ollie :heart::heart:

  • Kerry T.

    We need to sort this sensible night in

  • Louise A.

    I can’t have cream, but you knock yourself out :joy::see_no_evil:

  • Frances B.

    Was me! But was going to get plain fairy cakes... Fx

  • Wendy K.

    Emmm yes gem :thumbsup: xxx you get them tomorrow then hun xx

  • Jolene M.

    Royal wedding party :tada::princess_tone2:

  • Emma A.

    if the girls would eat them I can get them xxx

  • Joanne M.

    Ellie defo will Bethany I’m unsure, I might have a walk to Asda tomorrow and see if they have them xxx

  • Lorraine G.

    That is a bit of a bargain!

  • Stacy T.

    Yeah weekend tea party!!! X

  • Nancy R.

    Washed down with a bit of fizz :blush:

  • Janet D.

    Do you think they could deliver just one

  • Dawn B.

    We got a box for a pound on sunday as been reduced. We're bloody scrummy lol

  • Chelsey W.

    Ohh perfect thank you Hun! xx

  • Alison C.

    Be good if they were actually available. Been to 2 asdas this morning and none to be seen

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