6 Bottles Of Low Calorie Black Tower Rose Prosecco £19.74 @ Home Bargains

Low Calorie Black Tower Rose Prosecco

We told you about the fantastic deal on Prosecco that Lidl are offering this weekend, but if you are unlucky and don't manage to get any then don't worry as we have another offer you can stock up on today!

Home Bargains have 6 bottles of Black Tower B Rose Secco for just £19.74 instead of £29.94!

This gorgeous drink is refreshing and light in calories, making it the perfect drink for people who are dieting. It is a fruity drink that has a light fizz to it just like prosecco.

It has the well known taste of the B by Black Tower wines, just with a light sparkling fizz that makes it perfect for any celebratory occasions with the benefits of low alcohol (5.5% vol) and low calories at the same time.

It works out at just £3.29 per bottle and has a total of 65 calories per 125ml, much less than wine and normal prosecco!

This crate is available for free Click and Collect only from your local Home Bargains store.

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  • Angie M.

    5.5% are u serious

  • Vicki S.

    a fine bargain :heart_eyes:

  • Denny S.

    and we totally need this :grin: xx

  • Teri T.

    Oh yum I'll need to give that a try x

  • Kerry S.

    Oh no just seen it's only 5% :joy:

  • Jema C.

    Also only 5.5% though......

  • Nicola F.

    Oooh I'll need to look out for this :blush::champagne:

  • Wendy A.

    Oooh that looks gorgeous, just the type of thing we like!!!! X

  • Deborah N.

    Mmmm I'll have to get one X

  • Gemma C.

    5.5%.....what's the point?!

  • Rachel B.

    Wow :flushed:,,, that's a good deal

  • Christine B.

    Well well that's us sorted for Friday night ( the 1st few anyway lol)

  • Karen W.

    Yayyyyy. My kind of drink

  • Susan C.

    saw this just now looks lovely

  • Jennifer M.

    It's lovely :heart_eyes: our shop sells it :)

  • Christina W.

    Is it like the wine though and can't even get tipsy after 2 bottles?

  • Denise H.

    Only 5.5% would drink morning trying to get tipsy haha

  • Jacqui E.

    Oh my life I could be in heaven lol xx :wine_glass::thumbsup::heart: x

  • Michelle B.

    Il be getting some :wink:xxx

  • Carly B.

    Whoop whoop!! Next week love! We are on this train :sunglasses::sunglasses:

  • Natalie M.

    5.5%? I'd need 6 cases never mind 6 bottles :joy:

  • Natalie M.

    Totally a breakfast drink at 5.5% :joy:

  • Diane M.

    Has anyone seen it in the shops?

  • Katie H.

    Home bargains! Best get up there and have a look x

  • Andrew A.

    It's low alcohol though :joy:

  • Helen A.

    I only drink full fat/alcohol processco :champagne::joy:

  • Catherine M.

    Ooh I'll have to try this :thumbsup:

  • Sandra D.

    Wow that is low in calories xxx and cheap xx

  • Laura S.

    Ooh fab I'll have a look for that next time. Aldi didn't have any xxx

  • Justine H.

    Wow but what does it taste like :thinking:

  • Avison A.

    there is no alchohol content it will be like water

  • Lynnsay W.

    It looks the same but in rose version, might need to give it a wee try xx

  • Tracy M.

    Ohhhh interesting :ok_hand_tone1::grinning:x

  • Gemma H.

    Sold out :cry: black tower is my favourite too!!!

  • Emily G.

    Sold out online, I'm off to Home Bargains tomorrow! If I get hold of some, I'm inviting myself round to yours for a prosecco evening :joy: xx

  • Leanne L.

    It would be rude not to drink this at 65 cals its practically a health drink :wink: xxx

  • Kayleigh L.

    Hell yes! We don't have one nearby us unfortunately! X

  • Jennifer M.

    I'll get some for the weekend :joy:

  • Caz W.

    I am gonna have some of that on slimming world never mind :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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