Heads Up: Get 6 Bottles Of Allini Prosecco For Just £20 @ Lidl

Heads Up: Get 6 Bottles Of Allini Prosecco For Just £20 @ Lidl

Prosecco fans listen up, this is your warning to get yourself down to your nearest Lidl this Bank Holiday Weekend! They have an offer you do not want to miss and one you are definitely going to want to stock up on!

From the 26th until the 27th August you will be able to purchase a crate of 6 bottles of Allini Prosecco Frizzante for just £20. That works out at just £3.33 per bottle and is a reduction from the original price of £31.50 for 6!

If you're in Scotland there is an alternative offer due to licensing laws, where instead of the six bottle crate single bottles are £3.49 down from £5.75.

There's a maximum of one crate (six bottles) per customer.

It is described as: 'Typically pear-scented, not too dry, such easy drinking. Very versatile, either on its own or with food. Frizzante means that this is not quite as fizzy as Prosecco Spumante, but it is still lively and moreish. '

This is being hailed as 'the bargain of the century' by many Prosecco fans. Many excited shoppers have been sharing this on social media and it has built up a bit of a frenzy, especially with the Bank Holiday on the way. Prosecco is the perfect way to celebrate an extra day off work!

At these prices it will be worth stocking up for Christmas, I can imagine there's going to be quite a rush for it though. To be in with a chance make sure you head down first thing as it is going to be a super popular offer!

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  • Christine A.

    this would be good for the family weekend in October if there's any left lol xx

    • Rohan B.

      Will camp outside. Any good? have you tried this? Xx

      • Christine A.

        Me and Paul tried it. Was good. Not as nice as the co op one tho. But once that's done I'm sure it will taste ok when drunk lol xx

        • Julie A.

          Ooh yeah! It all tastes good after the third bottle :tada::scream:

          • Christine A.

            sure does lol xx

            • Rohan B.

              60 bottles each then!! X

              • Julie A.

                Yeah and hopefully the guys will bring some too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

                • Julie A.

                  Hey wait a minute! We can't get multibuy booze offers in Scotland...... Lucky I'm in NI just now!! I'll fill my suitcase :tada:

                  • Christine A.

                    lol was thinking that but I seen everyone sharing it lol. Hopefully you get some then lol x

                  • Aimi P.

                    ....stock up for Hen party? :smiley:

                    • Kayleigh B.

                      I'm on it for our camping weekend :grin::grin::grin:

                      • Tanya L.

                        Yes please ! Fab deal!!! Xx

                        • Sian T.

                          Bargain ! Not mixing it with pink gin though :joy::mask:

                          • Sue C.

                            That's an early start! Long way to.our Lidls

                            • Lori L.

                              Shhhhh stop telling everyone :joy::joy:

                              • Chelsea C.

                                Don't like that one ...It's nasty x

                                • Ellen L.

                                  If I can get it I will xx

                                  • Danish H.

                                    We are soooooo getting 12 bottles

                                    • Chelsea C.

                                      The other one with a cork is lovely but the traviso or whatever it's called is rank ....and I'm an expert :joy:

                                      • Kirsty A.

                                        I'll be eagerly awaiting as it opens...!!!

                                        • Paula M.

                                          They'll probably have 2 cases in stock per store! Amount of offers u go to get n sold out is ridiculous

                                          • Neil K.

                                            Will it be decent tho? Will have to get some to try out, I think 30 bottles will do.

                                            • Helen M.

                                              Thinking it would be a good idea to stock up. It's nearly Christmas!

                                              • Danni S.

                                                I'm planning on making a journey, don't you worry:wink:

                                                • Carol Y.

                                                  Don't be fooled. This has screw top lid so may not be the same as the corked version. Aldi's screw top is horrible in comparison with the corked one (which I am currently enjoying immensely thank you)

                                                  • Nicola F.

                                                    Unless you live in scotland where they cant sell you a case they need to charge you by the bottle & its over the £20 lol xx

                                                    • Gemma M.

                                                      I would put money on these being sold out by the time I got there :joy:

                                                      • Ruth B.

                                                        It's not the nice stuff...it's the frizzante... :thumbsdown::thumbsdown: says the connoisseur :joy: