Asda Store To Start 'Quiet Hour' For Autistic/Disabled Shoppers

25 April 2016
Asda Store To Start 'Quiet Hour' For Autism

We are delighted to share this news with you, as it's certainly a massive step in the right direction when it comes to recognising the special needs of people with Autism and other disabilities.

Asda Living Store Manager Simon Lea, is introducing a 'quiet hour' in his store in the Manchester Fort shopping centre. This is to accommodate those who find shopping a frightening experience due to the bright lights and noise.

The store in Manchester will hold it's first 'quiet hour' at 8am on Saturday 7th May. To create a peaceful shopping experience, the escalators will be stopped, music and televisions will be switched off and autistic and other disabled customers will be given a map of the store.

This isn't the first time we have heard of a special shopping event for those with Autism, as Toys R Us have had them in the past. However, this is the first we've heard of from Asda.

I am sure you will agree that it's lovely to see that retailers are catching on to the fact, albeit slowly, that not all their shoppers are the same and that sometimes additional measures are needed in order to cater for everyone.

Bravo Asda! We hope to see this roll out across more of your stores!

Image Credit: Dominic Salter, Manchester Evening News

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  • Becky C.

    Toys r us already do this around November time for Christmas shoppers. It's a very good idea.

  • Gemma H.

    Is this all asdas ??

    • PlayPennies

      At the moment it's just one store where the manager has decided to do it, but hopefully if it's well supported then Asda might do it in other branches.

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