Toy Story Slippers From £11 @ Next

Toy Story Slippers From £11 @ Next

If your little one can’t choose who their favourite is between Buzz and Woody then these are the Slippers for them. They are selling fast, just as the Wellies did, and it’s easy to see why. They are rather different but are adorable too. Ideal for the colder months for keeping those little tootsies warm.

The Toy Story Slippers are like the Wellies, as in one Slipper is a Woody design and one is Buzz. Put them together and you really do have the ultimate Toy Story Footwear.

These cool Slippers fasten with a hook and loop fastening (that’s what we call Velcro) and are easy for kids to put on and off.

As they have rubber soles, they have grip no matter the floor surface. Kids run everywhere so these are way safer than socks on their feet.

Available in size 3 (infant) through to 11 (Junior).

You can Click and Collect the Toy Story Slippers for FREE from a Next store near you, or pay £3.99 for Next Day Delivery to your home.

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  • Mrsmel A.

    oh man I have literally just bought him new ones!!! raging lol bit they are mega cute xx

  • Claire T.

    they do slippers too!!!!!! :blue_heart:

  • Sarah R.

    to match his wellies!! Xxx

  • Naomi F.

    I know they match his Wellies :heart_eyes::blue_heart:

  • Lisa C.

    They didn’t have them in next the other day or the wellies xx

  • Jenny B.

    He does!! On the wishlist they go.. I've got the wellies in the same design ready to go haha. Thanks!! X

  • Jolene C.

    Me too!! O wants some slippers shame he has meat feet :persevere::persevere::persevere:

  • Fran H.

    Forget the kids i want these.

  • Andrea J.

    Mate been trying to get these wellies they're a 7 week wait :sob::sob::sob:

  • Kailey M.

    Ah saw them wellies the other day! :heart_eyes:

  • Lisa W.

    Ohhhh the boys NEED these :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Lisa W.

    Should I order them for them both :eyes::eyes:

  • Adele B.

    yip he wants star wars ones tho x

  • Colin S.

    Have u ordered these ? If no am gonna order them

  • Helen D.

    Thanks, I have seen them in the flesh, they do wellies too. I buy next size slippers & wellies in the sales so we'll have a look on Boxing Day :joy::joy: That, and to date I have size 6, 7 & 8 slippers which are as new given some little bugger will not wear them!!!

  • Kelly E.

    !!! Must for Christmas! Did I tell you he’s got the wellies now? :joy:

  • Lisa W.

    In fact never mind I’ve ordered them both a 9 xxxxx

  • Tony M.

    That is slipperage with style! :blush:

  • Cathy P.

    I’m totally gonna get him some for xmass

  • Nicole A.

    Wow they’re awesome :smiley::smiley::smiley: xxx

  • William M.

    Don't think they'd fit you

  • Joanna R.

    Does he want these for Christmas?!?!

  • Ashleigh F.

    I got these last week :joy:

  • Diane B.

    :joy::joy: do they come in adult size x

  • Victoria M.

    He'd love those ! Thank u x

  • Tracy W.

    i wish the boys liked toy story x

  • Siân V.

    They are actually on my list to buy to match the wellies! :joy::ok_hand_tone2:

  • Jill C.

    They don’t go up to my size! X

  • Rosemary C.

    He needs these to match his wellies

  • Heather M.

    Love these. Thanks :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Stephanie A.

    Thanks babe I'm not keen though x

  • Joanna R.

    Am so impressed I'm gonna be so organised :joy:

  • Amanda K.

    He's 8 and a half now so 9? X u can do mine next lol

  • Lisa C.

    I saw these in next! After I got his minion ones! X

  • Sophie C.

    I've just literally seen these in next :heart_eyes: there so cute x

  • Vicky O.

    There ace aren't they xxxxxxxx

  • Jennifer T.

    These are really cute! xx

  • Kirsty N.

    Arnt they just, do you know if they had the wellies in? X

  • Claire C.

    already on his second pair:joy: got socks to match today as well #obsessed

  • Sophie C.

    The one in town I didn't see them but ibwas just picking something up and the slippers where near the till x

  • Vicki C.

    Already have these beauties lol x

  • Kirsty N.

    I just love them so much, I so need a little boy lol x

  • Natalie W.

    Yeah both! Slippers £12 next xxx

  • Donna W.

    Love these! Wellies outside and these inside :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: xx

  • Adele B.

    cant get them anywhere in his size x

  • Demi B.

    I keep looking at these :heart_eyes: they are from Next xxxx

  • Julie R.

    Think he needs a pair of those eh! Perfect for him xxx

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