Toy Story Wellies £15-£16 @ Next

Toy Story Wellies £15-£16 @ Next

These are selling like MAD! If you have spotted these Toy Story Wellies in the Next Catalogue and have been umming and ahhing over whether to buy them, then now's the time to get them. They are priced at £15-£16 and weren't including in the last Sale. To be honest, doesn't look like they will be in the Next one either, the rate they are selling.

What's so special about these Toy Story Wellies? The kids will LOVE them as one Welly is Buzz Lightyear and the other is Woody from Toy Story.

They aren't a matching pair but they do match. Ideal for splashing in muddy puddles, or for when we get the snow in the Winter.

Sizes 3-12 are currently in stock, but not for long!

These are most definitely a must for any Toy Story fan. You might want to get them now and tuck them away for that special birthday.

You can Click and Collect the Toy Story Wellies for FREE from a Next store near you or pay £3.99 for Next Day Delivery!

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  • Lottie W.

    That doesn't matter does it? I love them! :heart::heart::heart:

  • Lisa B.

    Cut your toes off lol :joy:

  • Kayleigh E.

    They've sold out in his size :sob:

  • Dawn T.

    Think it would annoy me that they don't match :joy:

  • Kirsty F.

    Oh my I'm ordering them right now!! :blue_heart:

  • Deanna R.

    Yes she just out of nowhere started talking :joy:

  • Jen M.

    She already has these lol they are so cute but a bit scratched and battered now :disappointed: x

  • Lucy Y.

    Dam it. Already sold out x love them x

  • Lisa D.

    Oh my god I just bought him wellies today but I'm so buying him these :kissing_heart: xz

  • Gillian K.

    Aww they are to cute not too lol :kissing_heart:

  • Gillian K.

    Haha love it. Need to tell me what he's like x

  • Lisa D.

    Will do! We are currently watching Jurassic Park and he is in awe of the dinosaurs!! So cute when they get to this stage and understand xx

  • Gillian K.

    Awww brill that's so cute!!. I know:heart_eyes:. I love the toddler stage it's my fav xxx

  • Sophie B.

    Aw that's sweet. :revolving_hearts: u guys fight it out amongst yourselves lol :joy:

  • Angela K.

    I want these on a size 6 adults please

  • Georgina J.

    He would love them :heart_eyes: xx

  • Kathryn D.

    Oh lord we need some of these!

  • Shauni L.

    Trying to find shrek things too he’s obsessed x

  • Becky C.

    I don't like that they are odd

  • Nikkita H.

    Ah I wouldn’t be that cruel aha I want those moana ones xx

  • Nikkita H.

    Yeah haha! We ain’t watched it for 3 days we been watching trolls again lol xx

  • Emily S.

    Pmsl. I didn't look at the price just thought he woyld love them x

  • Lucie H.

    Lol your monsters inc still here :joy: x

  • Nikkita H.

    Lol I’ll have to call up :joy: xx

  • Wendy H.

    Sold out of bigger sizes :cry::cry:

  • Summer C.

    Yeah thought you found them each then lol xx

  • Samantha J.

    I wish they went upto my size too... I love them! Hope Ellis likes them as much as I do :joy:

  • Kylie R.

    We have got these from next :grimacing:

  • Shannon L.

    Exactly! Il have a look see if they got his size x

  • Sarah H.

    Omg these are amazing! I've literally just brought him some Spider-Man ones which he hasn't taken off for 2 days solid :joy: I do love these though

  • Sarah H.

    i think I might have to? X

  • Kate J.

    :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: he wants ur socks x

  • Rik G.

    Sold out of his size :disappointed:

  • Amie A.

    I know I seen them the other day ! Defofo goig to have to order them xx

  • Jessica M.

    I know but it would drive me mental that they're odd :rage:

  • Fiona B.

    Do they do adult sizes hehe love them

  • Helen L.

    but would you do buzz or woody?! Decisions! X

  • Rik G.

    Will go in tomorrow AM :joy:

  • Irene B.

    Sold out in the size I wanted.:cry:

  • Bev B.

    I would love these. No money :frowning2:

  • Samantha W.

    Iv just had a look on next website and only small sizes left up to a 6 after that it's sold out

  • Samantha W.

    Got the slippers in stock

  • Kirsty J.

    Omg! He would! They are awesome! Thanks Hun xx

  • Lauren J.

    I've bought the slipper version for Santa to deliver :heart_eyes:

  • Tony M.

    I surely hope so! I also hope there aren't snakes in our wellies.

  • Laura W.

    I've seen these - pretty cute!

  • Kim L.

    Omg they are the business :grin:

  • Cheryl T.

    Aww I love these thank u xxx

  • Denise W.

    Already got them:heart_eyes: got mine from next

  • Jenny A.

    They both have them already :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thank you though! Xx

  • Dawn A.

    So tempted to get these in an 11. She has pink shopkins in a 9, pink hunters in a 10 and could get these in an 11 :heart_eyes::clap::thumbsup:

  • Louise M.

    I wanted these but it said we had to wait 7 weeks and I thought it will be summer by then

  • Emma F.

    Omg you would never get him out of them

  • Vicky N.

    He wouls love these but they would bug me to much bieng non matching lol

  • Ria S.

    He actually would!! I need to get these :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

  • Sam R.

    Im guna get some for next year lol x

  • Amy J.

    I wouldn't bother, both my daughters and her friends fell apart after no time at all. They seem fragile where the details join

    • Regan H.

      My little boy lives in his he’s obsessed... we’ve never had a problem and he’s nearly grown out of them now , I could sell them as excellent condition

    • Amy J.

      Ah well maybe it's luck of the draw then. Both my girls and her friends have split in exactly the same place along the join

  • Vikki B.

    I don’t think I could cope with them being odd though :see_no_evil:

  • Zoë B.

    Might as well get them in a few sizes too :joy: x

  • Vikki B.

    Great minds! No I definitely couldn’t have them, the more I look at the picture the worse it gets, why didn’t they just do a pair of each :thinking: x

  • Christine G.

    Kinley would love these :see_no_evil:

  • Katie D.

    Don't go up to his size. He's a 13 now! xx

  • Carla P.

    Oh my god I want them :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Carla P.

    Wish I knew what shoe size he would be when walking :thinking::thinking:

  • Jackie F.

    Jenson said he needs them :joy::joy:xx

  • Sarah M.

    OMG my ocd would go mental. They are not a pair lol x

  • Katrina M.

    I might order this but in a size 10 so he can grow into them!! Xx

  • Zoey F.

    Awwww love them :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: xxxxx

  • Carmel B.

    U shud defo get them tho their brill xx

  • Debbie K.

    :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: he needs them!!!

  • Laura P.

    Thanks love he had them for Christmas! Amazing aren’t they!

  • Darren H.

    Archie and Flora would be so happy

  • Claire M.

    Oh my god! He would never have them off :joy: xx

  • Victoria G.

    Oh I saw these the other day on a child and loved them!! X

  • Michelle M.

    Seen these when my dad had just bought his light up ones - they getting small on him though so think I’ll get these now :heart_eyes: he’ll love them xx

  • Nattie M.

    Yep we have these :heart: they’re his favourites x

  • Wendy H.

    I bought these for my grandson as a Christmas gift. He hasn't put a pair of shoes on his feet since :joy:

  • Michelle M.

    Ah I tried to get these last year and they were sold out! I’ll have a look now :blush:

  • Claire M.

    Might just have to get them :wink: xx

  • Julie K.

    Why is the cool stuff always for kids???? I need these in adult sizes! :flushed::joy:

  • Christine A.

    My son has these. There is two kinds of people we meet, those who get it and love them and those that think I’ve put two different wellies on my son :see_no_evil: and don’t understand how awesome they are!

    • Diane L.

      Haha I was just about to say the same. My 2 year old lb has them n people either say wow woody and buzz wellies or he's got odd wellies on :joy::joy::joy: x

    • Alison F.

      Same here! :joy: My boy loves them, I want a pair too!

  • Hannah W.

    Iv seen these, they’ve got them in next :heart_eyes:

  • Kali M.

    Awww look at them :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: they are cute! Xx

  • Donna W.

    He got them for Christmas! They r lush.....I want a pair lol :joy: xx

  • Sarah E.

    Jenson would love these :joy: xx

  • Marianna M.

    Thanks, he has them now x

  • Katherine T.

    OMG he has to have those! To infinity and beyond! X

  • Rach M.

    Damn it just brought leo new wellies xx

  • Chloe D.

    Love these I need to order them xxx

  • Leanne D.

    Olly would be mad about them x

  • Jake B.

    He already has them :smiley: x

  • Millie M.

    Seen them lol we were gonna buy them a while ago x

  • Sarah D.

    Saw these the other day, he’d love them wouldn’t he!

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