Waybuloo Wellies £2 @ Asda

Waybuloo Wellies £2 @ Asda

Waybuloo wellies

Waybuloo Wellies are just £2 at Asda, down from £7.

Okay, so, I'm totally not sure about Waybuloo. There is such a thing as just too much Zen, and these happy, floaty, levitating creatures feel like they should almost be just wrong – yet they're disarmingly cute.

Kind of like these wellies.

There's painfully little information on them on the website, except that they come in pink, and in infant sizes. They have a rigid sole and the lining and sock areas are textile. Which isn't a lot of information, really.

At £2, however, it's almost a risk worth taking, I think!

Delivery is £2.95 and I really have an issue with paying more for delivery than for the actual item, so would go to a store and pick them up there.

There's not much more I can tell you. They're cute, they're cheap, and with any luck, they'll be a good purchase.

Thanks to adelemia at HUKD


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