Tommee Tippee 'Closer to Nature' Essentials Set £49.99 @ Toys R Us

steriliser If you're going into meltdown over how many bottles you might need, then this Tommee Tippee 'Closer to Nature' Essentials set could just be your knight in shining steam steriliser!

Not everyone wants to, or can, breastfeed and sometimes parents choose to do some and some so that dad's can feed their baby too. But 'which bottles to use?', 'how many to have?', 'what else do I need?' are questions that fry your brain!

I used both a Tommee Tippee steam steriliser and bottles for all of my children and found them easy, functional and reliable, so I've got no hesitation in recommending them as a brand to you.

Toys R Us have reduced this Tommee Tippee 'Closer to Nature' Essentials set from £119.99 right the way down to £49.99. It's jam packed full of all the feeding bits and pieces you'd ever need and is, in my opinion, an absolute BARGAIN!

Here's what you get:

  • 1 x Electric steriliser
  • 1 x Bottle warmer
  • 6 x 260ml bottles
  • 4 x 150ml bottles
  • 2 x medium flow teats
  • 2 x fast flow teats
  • 6 x Milk powder dispensers
  • 3 x Milk storage lids
  • 1 x Pure soother
  • 1 x Teat tongs
  • 1 x brush

If you've got a Toys R Us close by then it might be worth popping in to see if this price applies in store too.  If not, standard delivery will cost you £4.95.

Thanks to Cobman over at HUKD!


  • Stephen D.
    I bought Tommee Tippee bottles and steriliser and have had nothing but problems first is the lid on the steriliser will not make a seal so they don’t get sterilised properly and then all the teats on the bottles didn’t have the holes in to allow the milk to come through I had to use a needle to put holes in to feed my child. I phoned Tommee Tippee to complain and explained what the problem was and they said they would send some new teats out and a new lid one week on I’m still waiting how do they expect me to feed my child , After the second day of waiting I went and bought new Dr Brown bottles that are fantastic and actually feed the baby unlike the Tommee Tippee bottles I would not recommend these bottles at all and the service from tommy tippee is a disgrace I would stay well clear of these bottles in fact anything from tommee tippee as it’s clear very poor product.
  • Luschka O.
    I have found some Tommee Tippee products to be excellent (like the Roll 'n Go bib) and some to be decidedly okay, dependent on what you paid for it (like the closer to nature electric breast pump). I guess like most big names, some things are hit and some are miss. Have you heard anything back from customer services again?
  • Stephen D.
    Hi no I havn't herd a thing back from them at all I've got all the products put in a box ready to go back all in all theer is around £150 + worth of stuff I would never buy tommee tippee again. I have to say I carn't rate Dr Brown bottles enough they are fantastic and worth every penny.

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