Joules Wellies £10 Yeominis Wellies £8 @ GardenXL

Joules Wellies £10 Yeominis Wellies £8 @ GardenXL

Kids WelliesGardenXL have a sale on wellies at the moment with loads of Joules wellies for kids reduced to £10 and Yeominis reduced to £8. There's a £3.95 delivery charge unless you spend £50. The sizes in stock are limited, with most of them erring on the side - or is that size - of toddlers, with a few exceptions.

We all know what wellies are and we all know what they're used for, so no point going on about that here, really! The wellies from GardenXL offer loads of variety, with options from pull ups, ones with handles and ones with a water resistant draw string cuff, puddleometer and safety reflectors.

What's a puddleometer I hear you ask? Yes, I had to look it up too - it's a puddle - o - meter at the back of the wellies so you can check how deep the puddle is. I can see hours of fun had with that one.

There are some really lovely styles in there, and they will go fast, so don't hang about if you're in the market for new wellies!


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