Baby Grooming Kit £10.00 @ Asda

Baby Grooming Kit £10.00 @ Asda

Closer to Nature Health and Grooming KitI'm generally pretty sceptical of anything announcing itself as 'essential' for your baby and although this Closer to Nature Baby Healthcare Grooming Kit for £10, down from £14.99, from Asda is no exception, I will concede that it contains enough useful items to be worth buying, especially at almost 1/3 off.

The grooming kit contains nine healthcare and grooming items in a handy material pouch. If you listen to your mother and put things back where you found them this is great as they'll always be easy to locate.

In the case are a digital oral thermometer – useful for checking baby's temperature, especially when teething, and a nasal aspirator - not that essential, I don't think, having never yet had to use one.

On the grooming side, there's a toothbrush, brush, comb, scissors, nail clippers and two emery boards. These will probably all come in handy at some point or other during your baby's first few years, and are enough to make the kit useful to own.

Asda says it is ideal for travel – so long as you pop it in your checked in luggage so that it won't be confiscated at the airport for containing nail clippers and scissors!

If, like me, you like having a travel kit ready to go, this is perfect. If you want somewhere zipped up and safe to keep sharp objects and grooming items specifically for your little one, this is it.

Although it can be purchased online, the £4.95 delivery fee arguably means buying in-store makes more penny-pinching sense for PlayPennies readers.

Thank you to hardikjshah83 from HUKD


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  • Emma K.
    I have this one, it is a handy kit but I don't use some of the parts. I do use the nose sucker, nail clippers, hairbrush, and nail files.
    • magicbeans
      isnt it currently £5 instore as reported on HUKD?
      • magicbeans