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16 July 2014

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We blogged this a few months ago when Tesco Clothing had just started the service but since then loads more schools have been added to the selection and we thought it was worth a reminder for those of you who read our last blog and as a heads up for those who didn’t (We’ll come back to why you didn’t read it later...I jest)

If your school is on the list, great! The prices from Tesco are way cheaper than my daughter’s schools official supplier, with embroidered polo shirts for example at around the £3.75 mark. I don’t know about your school supplier but we’re around the £9 mark per polo shirt here and it soon adds up.

If your school isn’t on the list, all is not lost, you can request that they be added and from what I can see from when we blogged it originally in May, many more new schools have did just that and are now included.

Tesco will also make a cash donation of 5% off all sales to your child’s school and indeed have donated over £200, 000 already. You can see the actual donations to your school when you select them if you’re interested in stats or just a bit nosey like me.

If you think that’s good you also get free delivery with this service plus you can earn Tesco Clubcard points too. There really isn’t anything not to like about it as far as I can see. We ordered back in May and it’s definitely comparable with the school’s supplier as far as quality is concerned and for a fraction of the cost.

You can choose from T-Shirts, bags, polo shirts, the usual type of items and the choice available will vary from school to school. With no minimum order and free delivery, you can order a single polo shirt for example to see what you think of the service before committing to a full uniform.

Have any of you used this service since we blogged it originally? We’d love to know how you found the service.

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