Back To School Shoes @ Clarks

20 August 2010

20340577_A_p I like Clarks shoes. I do. I know that many people think that their shoes are stuffy and old fashioned (and some are) but I have to admit that there are many that really stand out. And they are excellent quality. Although quite a few eat feet. Anyway, I am wandering off the point here. Clarks are selling back to school shoes and are offering £5 off selected Cica shoes if you spend £20 on school shoes.

While the range of back to school shoes at Clarks is not the cheapest around, it is one of the sturdiest. I am of the belief that it is far better to fork out that little bit more and to have the shoes for longer. A pair of gorgeous purple boots I bought for my daughter last year still look pristine. And, for my family, that’s really saying something.

As far as I can see, the prices range from around £26 upwards and include some cute little designs. Although am bewildered that the really plain shoes cost more than some of the frilly ones. I am also asking why it is that boys get these awesome trainer style shoes 20340603_A_pwith zips and all, when girls get these frippy things that won’t keep their feet as warm. Grrr.

To get your £5 off selected sports shoes you need to spend £20 or more on a pair of school shoes and then click on this deal and you can choose from the shoes available. They are a bit pants.

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  • debadwolff
    Avoid the shoes with the dolls and cars in the sole at all costs. We've bought a few pairs of them and the bit that opens and shuts inside the shoe (with the toy underneath) gets frayed very easily and then hurts the childrens' feet, thus need to get shoes earlier than necessary.
  • Lynley O.
    That's interesting to know debadwolff. Is that bit not covered in the same sort of stuff as the rest of the inside sole?

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