Mookie Scuttlebug Flowerbug Trike £18.96 @ Amazon

Mookie Scuttlebug Flowerbug Trike £18.96 @ Amazon


The Mookie Scuttlebug trike has been marked down from £29.99 to £18.96 on Amazon, a saving of £11.03 and free delivery. The bike is available in a variety of different colours if the Flowerbug doesn’t quite appeal to you or your kid.

The Mookie Scuttlebug has a three wheel design for stability and a front wheel steering feature for easy manoeuvrability.  The bike is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use apparently. Although I don’t particularly relish the idea of my offspring hurtling through the house on this. Too many possibilities for nasty crashes and broken items in my opinion.

The bike has a smooth ride and folds up into a compact little shape in three simple steps, making it easy to store and perfect for homes with minimal storage. The Scuttlebug is also lightweight so if you have to carry it home after the school run you won’t break your arm.

It has been designed to help kids develop balance and steering skills. There is no information as to what age group it is for, though, so I could be very wrong about the school run!

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!


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