Boys Kickers Shoes £29.99 Was £44.99 @ MandM Direct

Boys Kickers Shoes £29.99 Was £44.99 @ MandM Direct


Having just splurged a horrifying quantity of cash on a pair of Kickers for my son, it pains me to tell you that MandM Direct has a range of children's Kickers shoes on special offer right now. Sob.

These Junior Fragma Strap Black Leather Kickers shoes are just £29.99 right now, reduced from £44.99.

I can definitely vouch for the quality of these shoes - I buy Kickers for my lads for their school shoes and although initially I balked at the price, I can't argue with the fact that they're worth every penny. All kids are hard-wearing on their shoes but mine seem to be more so than most - I'm convinced they must spend their break times dragging their toes along the playground floor just for kicks. But Kickers stand up to it all, and last significantly longer than more affordable shoe brands.

There are several other designs of Kickers on sale too. I particularly love these cute red Infants Shoes, reduced from £39.99 to £19.99.

Standard UK delivery is £3.99 but if you spend £50 or more and use the voucher code FD14 you can get free delivery.

With thanks to stephanieb1990 @HUKD


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