Trimoto Samurai Electronic Trikes £39.99 @ Toys R Us

Toys R Us have slashed the price of these Trimoto Samurai Electronic Trikes in half - they're now £39.99 instead of £79.99.

If you've got enough space for an electric ride-on toy then one of these 6V Trimoto Samurai trikes could be rather fun for your youngster to go bombing around on on Christmas day morning before lunch.

They're not allowed to be ridden on the road or pavements even though they only have a maximum speed of 2.5 kph - that and the fact they don't have road tax and Toys R Us, or any of the other toy shops that sell pretty much everything, haven't branched out into child road insurance yet.

However, for riding around the garden or driveways long enough then this would be the sort of thing I'd have loved as a child, and would probably have given my mother more than one heart-stopping moment.

There's no reverse gear, you can only go forward, so be prepared for a bit of picking up the trike and turning it round when your child has driven into something.

The ride time on a fully charged battery is about 50 minutes and is controlled by a foot accelerator and has an automatic brake.

You can collect your Trimoto Samurai electronic trike for free from your local Toys R Us, otherwise delivery will cost you £4.95.

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