Ride-On Roary The Racing Car £42.48 @ TescoDirect

7 August 2010

roary2 Quick! Quick! This ride-on Roary the Racing Car is an absolute bargain over at Tesco Direct, but it's not going to be around for long!

ROAAARRRRRY the racing car! ROAAARRRRRRRY he's my number one star!

I got quite in to Roary the Racing Car a couple of years ago - I think it was just listening to Peter Kay as 'Big Chris' the racing car mechanic and waiting for him to come out with something outrageous.

My youngest also fell in love with Roary and that's no big surprise as my dad works for a certain Formula One racing car company with red cars, so anything motorsport is almost compulsory in this house.

I'm very sorely tempted to snaffle one of these for him and tuck it away somewhere until that cold festive time of year that begins with a C.  It's half price at Tesco Direct - £42.48 instead of £84.97 - and it's got great reviews!

According to happy owners the rechargeable 6v battery lasts a long time and doesn't take an age to charge.  Ride-on Roary also features sounds and phrases from the programme that the kids absolutely love (although a couple of parents are wishing there was an OFF button for these sound effects).

roary1This is the final chance to grab one of these at this price from Tesco Direct, so I wouldn't advise sitting on the fence for too long otherwise you might find it's gone out of stock by the time you're done procrastinating.

Standard delivery applies (£5) unless you arrange to collect in-store for free.

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