Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart Just £153.50 Delivered (Using Code) @ The Brilliant Gift Shop

Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart £153.50 Delivered

Wow have we got a deal for you! We have just found the Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart at it's best price EVER! If your little one has this on their Christmas list then you are not going to want to miss out on this.

The Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart can be yours for the bargain price of just £153.50 delivered over at The Brilliant Gift Shop. This ride on toy normally retails for £229-£249 so this is a HUGE saving!

We managed to get this price by using the code CKLJ9 at the checkout. This code gives you 25% off orders of £50 or more. The Nerf Battle Racer was already down to £200 from £229, add the code to this which takes it down to just £150. Home delivery is £3.50 which makes a total of just £153.50.

If you want to find out more about the Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart then click here to view our previous post.

The Nerf Battle Racer is showing as temporarily out of stock, you can still place an order but please be aware that delivery will take 28 days or more while they await new stock. At this price it is certainly not surprising!

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  • James B.

    Yes! Looks amazing, everyone, everywhere beware!

  • Rachel I.

    The boys would absolutely love this x

  • Sarah B.

    I think that's a really good price for that x

  • Michelle M.

    Omg that's a great price compared to what we were looking at!x

  • Alain M.

    Do they do an adult version?

  • Gareth P.

    I wonder if they make adult sized ones.

  • Michelle C.

    Oh my god he will actually want this :joy::joy::joy:x

  • Lauren S.

    I would consider for that price, however have just realised that guns nor bullets come with it so would still have to buy them! Xx

  • Nicola E.

    It's £200 in toys r us xxx

  • Lauren C.

    They need one of these xx

  • Karli S.

    Amazing! He would love that! NERF TIME!! XX

  • Michelle M.

    Alfie really wants this lol

  • Claire C.

    Fab deal! Jacks Christmas presents are all brought and wrapped already :joy:xx

  • James K.

    :moneybag::moneybag: just take my money!

  • David W.

    Forget the kids they look fun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Therese N.

    I seen this Cayden would love it :thumbsup:

  • Rachel D.

    Its only taking £29 off as discount now?? :cry:

  • Kelly L.

    Hell yeah i so want this :joy::joy:

  • David W.

    I think we should order them now :wink:

  • Catherine M.

    Bout £100 cheaper nice one. I get paid a week on Tuesday hopefully will still be on offer then x

  • Annette P.

    Not coming up at £153 for me ? Xx can anyone help I've put the code in too ?? X

  • Luke B.

    Yeah thats it! I want one for myself

  • Katie S.

    Hahaha cobys asked for this for Xmas!!!

  • Stacey F.

    Omg this is amazing lol x

  • Lyndsay F.

    Oh Logan would love this lol x

  • Karen G.

    Haha he would so want that :joy:

  • Natalie J.

    Wow thats amazing!!! :grinning:

  • Lauren W.

    I was looking at these they look awsume.

  • Dan W.

    Is that it not a bad price

  • Kirsty B.

    The boys want this :joy::joy:

  • Michelle S.

    That's cool Corey would love that xx

  • Stuart C.

    Is there an adult size one

  • Callum R.

    Screw the boys, I need this :joy::joy::joy:

  • Karenmci78

    code for the nerf go cart doesnt work.

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