Nerf Battle Racer Ride-on £199.99 Delivered @ Toys R Us

Nerf Battle Racer Ride-on £199.99 Delivered @ Toys R Us

Sit down, I am about to show you something spectacular. The ultimate Nerf toy that you can buy in the UK - you would be the legends, formally known as 'Mum and Dad' if you bought them this.

The Nerf Battle Ride-On doesn't come cheap, but neither does a Ferrari and this is the creme-de-la-creme of Toys. Toys R Us and Very are the cheapest at £199.99 including FREE delivery. Smyths sell it for £229.99!

This isn't some cutesy little kart for a little 'un to ride in - oh no! The Nerf Battle Racer Ride-on is strictly for the big boys (and girls).

Let me tell you more about it... it's pedal-powered ride-onof sturdy construction, and features holders for Nerf guns and darts.

The seat can be easily adjusted and the 3-point steering wheel makes it easy to manoeuvre through the battle field.

Don't worry about having no control over the speed, as there's a handbrake to steady that.

This is suitable for children aged four years old up to the weight of 50kg.

If you are looking for a present to WOW your child on Christmas morning, then stop hunting - this is it.


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  • Charlotte M.

    oh my actual God! This is amazing!

    • Jamie M.

      Hahaha class

    • Filippa R.

      , Riley would love this!

      • Angela B.

        He certainly would!

      • Kari B.

        Oscar would love this haha x

        • Niamh D.

          Oh my god I would love this :joy::joy::joy:

          • Kari B.

            Brilliant is it:joy::joy: xx

            • Niamh D.

              It is amazing. I'm sure this will go straight on the Santa list xxx

              • Niamh D.

                nerf wars just got serious :scream:

                • Stacey F.

                  this would mean war :laughing: and be so much fun xx

                • Jennifer M.

                  , George would love this!

                  • Claire D.

                    Ive just tagged kevin!! William would love it too, ha, great minds x

                    • Jennifer M.

                      Wouldn't mind a go myself!

                      • Claire D.

                        Not cheap though! Does luke have Nerf? Williams got 2 guns, i get the darts off ebay though as much cheaper x

                        • Jennifer M.

                          , Defo could do some damage with this!!

                          • Jennifer M.

                            yeah he has a couple have to hide them from George though!

                          • Teri L.

                            check this out :joy:

                            • Marcella S.

                              Dylan would love be this. Lol

                              • Natasha G.

                                Yes he's alrdy informed me he wants this!!! I think 1 go kart is enuf....looks cool tho x

                                • Elaine G.

                                  Looks cool alright c

                                  • Alana B.


                                    • Alana B.

                                      I want one lol

                                      • Victoria T.

                                        haha I would LOVE that. It's going on my xmas list for sure

                                        • Liam E.

                                          I said they should do something like this.. £200 it's ridiculous

                                          • Martin L.

                                            Yes please

                                            • Craig B.


                                              • Samantha T.

                                                That's smart!

                                                • Sam S.

                                                  That's amazing!! Ha imagine the chaos :see_no_evil:

                                                  • Kirstie C.

                                                    Omg yes they would, never mind the kids I would :joy: xx

                                                    • Jonathan M.

                                                      Thats going on my xmas wish list !!!!!!

                                                      • Kelly-Marie M.

                                                        I checked this and the guns ain't included just 200 for the go kart mind :hear_no_evil:xx

                                                        • Lauren M.

                                                          We all need 1 xx