JCB Tractor Ride On £12.50 @ Tesco Direct

jcb tractor ride on

This JCB Tractor Ride On Toy is currently £22.99 on Amazon, and around the £20 mark elsewhere. It's not in the Tesco Toy Sale, look out for a post on that later, today. This is just a flaming good price. It's a really nice ride on toy, and what child doesn't want to ride on a tractor?

The JCB Tractor Ride On, is suitable for children aged one year old, and has a maximum weight capacity of 20kg. The horn squeaks, so be prepared for that to get on your nerves, but it'll be worth it as your little one skids about with glee, on this JCB miniature.

It has scored 4.5 stars in the customer ratings, and I can see why. Yes, it's as basic as a ride on toy comes, but look at it. It's a shrunk down version of a real JCB tractor. Kids will go daft for it. The seat can be lifted so that they can cart about their teddy bear or any other junk they so desire.

You can click and collect the JCB Tractor for FREE from your local Tesco store, or pay £3 to have it delivered.

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