Disney Princess Scuttlebug £19.99 @ Argos

Disney Princess Scuttlebug £19.99 @ Argos

This is a great offer on the Disney Princess Scuttlebug, as it's a third off at Argos. That makes it just £19.99 rather than £29.99 and that's way cheaper than anywhere else!

This is a brilliant ride-on toy for little ones, as they can move themselves around in all directions using their feet to scoot about. They are comfy to use and really easy for even younger kids to get about on, plus they fold down flat so they are really portable too.

You can use scuttlebugs either indoors or outdoors, and they are suitable for children aged 1 year and over.

My youngest had the bee version of this scuttlebug and he loved it to bits and was not happy when he outgrew it. We had a bit of a struggle getting him to part with it, and I think if he wasn't too big he would be happily scuttling about on it right now! I would definitely recommend this for toddlers, and at this price it's a bargain.

Reserve and collect is free of charge, or home delivery costs £3.95


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