Batman 6V Battery Operated Batmobile £99.99 (was £249.99) @ Very

Batman 6V Battery Operated Batmobile £99.99

This looks amazing for little superheroes! This Batman 6V Battery Operated Batmobile is now less than half price at Very, down to £99.99 from an original price of £249.99! Can you imagine the kids' faces if this was under the tree on Christmas morning?

This fab Batmobile electric ride-on is made to look just like the caped crusader's classic car, and it included a 6V battery and a charger so kids can whizz off to fight crime.

It has a foot operated pedal control system, forward and reverse gears, and an estimated run time of 45 minutes before needing a recharge.

There's no guideline age listed in the description online at Very, but other sites say it's for children aged three and over.

I think kids are going to go crazy for this, and at this massive price drop I can see it selling fast!

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  • David W.

    I’m not allowed it :disappointed_relieved:

  • Lauren M.

    Omg Lucas would love this xx

  • Rebecca H.

    He could go up and down the hall :joy:

  • Sarah C.

    I really wanted to get the boys but no bloody space x

  • Heather R.

    haha I think Ollie and Nathan would fight each other for it x

  • Neville N.

    That would be the best 100 ever spent

  • Simona W.

    This is amazing! We have already purchased a Mercedes for his birthday! But this is much cooler! Lol!

  • Natalie H.

    He’s already got one :see_no_evil: well similar. Good price though :open_mouth:

  • Sarah L.

    Get it bought :joy::joy::joy::tada:

  • EmmaLouise E.

    I so can’t wait to get a place I want to get Harley this :joy::see_no_evil:

  • Jocelyn W.

    Haha l think l want one! Thanks xx

  • Gary K.

    Rex would love that beard..

  • Emma C.

    Omg my Alex needs this defo. That's like half price Xxxxxx

  • Jordan C.

    This is what we saw for Tyler and was like we need it ahaha :heart_eyes:

  • Lauren W.

    I know, they're doing it for £99 at the moment!

  • Calum D.

    Yes for me..... not Dexter :wink:

  • Zoe C.

    Oh man...could u imagine his face!!! X

  • Philip L.

    Yes but I wouldn't get back out!

  • Chloe L.

    It’s tempting but he has enough already :joy:

  • Becki S.

    Haha he would love it but its huuuge. Nowhere to keep it ha x

  • Emily D.

    I haven’t got storage for it yet and he wouldn’t be able to go out on it :joy::joy: it’s freezing x x

  • Stacey L.

    Wow I’d swap my car for that any day lol batman rocks xx

  • Sarah J.

    That is just the cutest thing ever :heart_eyes:

  • Joanne J.

    She would love this :rolling_eyes::joy:

  • Sammie L.

    I would personally keep it for myself n get the kids to run after you much more fun!! X

  • Paul L.

    Trade it in for the quad bike?

  • Rebecca C.

    Omg cana believe i price change in it. Daniel wanted en but i think he wid b too big for it. X

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