Harvester Promotional Code: Free Sundae With Main Meal

Harvester Promotional Code: Free Sundae With Main Meal

Use this Harvester promotional code to get a free sundae, or £1 off any dessert, when you order your main meal. A handy little saving if you frequent or go to a Harvester restaurant in the next few weeks. And with school holidays here it is likely that many of us will.

Click here to use your Harvester promotional code

  • Discount: free sundae or £1 off any dessert
  • Applies to: any main meal bought
  • Promotional code: click on link above for printable voucher
  • Expires: 4th August 2012

To use this code, click on the link above. This will take you to a printable voucher. You can use this voucher for groups of up to six at a table. Make sure you check that the restaurant is participating before you order.

According to a poster on our sister site HUKD, sundaes are normally priced at £3.99. However there's no prices on their website - it just says that this can vary per restaurant.

There's quite a range of sundaes though, and you can view the choices on their website here.

Thanks to gary74 at HUKD!


Reply to
  • jockosjungle
    Sorry you've made a mistake, it's for a free sundae best which is just a bit of ice cream with a bit of strawberry, chocolate or butterscotch sauce. You'd get a quid off the nice sundaes though
    • emersonsguy
      Only valid against the Sundae Best, i.e. just vanilla ice cream, with either a flavoured sauce. So not as good as you've made it out to be! :(
      • LynleyOram
        poo! I don't often go to a harvester, and it really wasn't clear from the code or the menu that there was two different kinds of sundae. And I thought it was such a good code!