Get Rid Of Those McDonalds & Burger King Toys And Get A FREE King Junior Meal When You Buy An Adult Meal

Everyone's a winner!
Get Rid Of Those McDonalds & Burger King Toys And Get A FREE King Junior Meal When You Buy An Adult Meal

Burger King have just gone way up in my estimations. Why? Well, they are doing their bit for the planet, by offering parents to hand in those unwanted plastic toys - you know the ones that the kids get in McDonalds Happy Meals and Burger King JR Meals?


As of 19th September, Burger King will be removing plastic toys from our junior meals, in each of their UK restaurants. This seems very logical, as how many times does a child actually play with their "FREE" toy that they've received with a meal? Once? Twice, at a push? That's why we think this recycle scheme from Burger King, is a fantastic idea.

All you have to do is hand in those unwanted plastic toys to your nearest Burger King restaurant, between the 19th and the 30th September 2019, and you'll be rewarded with a FREE King Junior Meal when you purchase and adult meal. Winner!

What toys are eligible? Any toy that is given with a King Junior Meal, McDonalds Happy Meal, magazines or similar can be handed in.

What will happen with the toys that are handed in? Burger King will use the discarded plastic toys to make play areas and special trays.

This is an effort to eradicate single-use plastic toys by replacing any new plastics that would have been purchased for trays and play areas.

Terms & Conditions

The Meltdown Offer (the "Offer") is valid from 19th September to 30th September 2019. The Offer includes a free King Junior meal which is valid upon any person aged 16 years and over (identification may be requested by staff at their discretion) purchasing at the same time in the same Burger KingRestaurant: i) a fully priced (adult) meal (being a burger, chips plus any drink) and ii) depositing a kids giveaway/promotional plastic toy at the counter (the "Toys") (the "Transaction"). The Toys eligible for this offer must be made of plastic and received as part of a free giveaway such as, or similar to, a 'Kinder Egg Surprise' or plastic toys provided in children's meals or magazines. Acceptability of a Toy is to be determined by Burger King restaurant staff at their sole discretion. The Burger King Restaurant Manager’s decision is final. Participant receives one free King Junior Meal per valid Transaction. This Offer is not valid in conjunction with any other Burger King offer or available on delivery orders. The Offer is subject to availability as it is only valid at participating restaurants while stocks last. The Offer is valid only in the UK. Not exchangeable for cash.

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Reply to
  • Sarah F.

    ive literally just thrown a load away :face_palm:‍♀️ but good idea!

    • Natalie C.

      free kids meals if you hand in McDonald’s toys

      • Michele P.

        I can kind of see the logic in this but my son always loves and plays with the toys that he gets from these places. It's not like it's 'single use' plastics, they are used and played with. Next they'll ban plastic toys from shops all together

        • Hayley M.

          the amount of plastic crap we've binned over the years with our playroom clear outs!

          • Georgina Y.

            The amount of them that are put in the bin after food is ridiculous, mostly the toys are crap now.

            • Georgina Y.

              Mcds need to do this or stick to books. The free toys are literally just tat these days and most just end up in the bin!

              • Gi J.

                Not even opened half the time :sleepy:. Not made to last and totally unnecessary x

                • Carly M.

                  I agree with Burger King getting rid of their toys as they are absolutely rubbish! McDonald’s on the other hand have good ones most of the time

                  • Melissa A.

                    The little collectable cuddly toys were the best. I vote for lots of them :grin:

                    • Kittie-Rose J.

                      aw Yh I think it was because of those 2 little girls from that tv show about plastic xx

                      • Natalie F.

                        It’s alright saying we will give books instead but the books come In plastic bags :joy:

                        • Jennifer B.

                          think of all those ones we've smuggled into the bin :joy:

                          • Michele P.

                            I think my sons oldest 'take away' toy is from around 6 or 7 years ago now - so I'd say they do last. Maybe they should just ban the food instead - I see more of that going in the bin than toys :rofl:

                            • Michele P.

                              What makes you think the books won't end up in the bin too?

                              • Shadé C.

                                Michele Pereira it wouldn't matter though as books are mostly made of paper and can be recycled....NOT plastic that brakes or gets lost in 2 days...

                                • Georgina Y.

                                  Michele because my daughter actually reads them and swaps amongst friends. Then when they are all swapped out they go to a local charity.

                                  • Lizi M.

                                    You can hand them back unopened. Mine see what the gift is and if they don't like it or won't use it, it gets returned to the counter. The Ty beenie boo's were the best!

                                    • Georgina Y.

                                      Yep Lizi I agree the Beenie boo's were great and were all attached to my daughters school bag :rofl:

                                      • Michele P.

                                        Georgina my son would read them to, but then he also plays with the toys that comes from these places, for a long time (7 years the oldest toy), so that's besides the point, you said 'most end up in the bin' and given that most children only care about video games and a LOT of children have to be really encouraged to read, then most books would end up in the bin too. Plastic can actually be recycled too, hence why you see things 'made with recycled plastic' Also, you do know plastic is used to wrap the books don't you....

                                        • Georgina Y.

                                          Yes Michele I am well aware that the books are covered in it. However the toys are just crap! They arent like the toys that were about back in the day. Alot of people dont recycle the toys just bin them. Alot even into the bins of the place they get them. I know this because I had a conversation with a worker in my local mcds.