Vitamins & Supplements Mix & Match 3 for £10 @ Asda Groceries

Vitamins & Supplements Mix & Match 3 for £10 @ Asda Groceries

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Although this offer is a permanent one at Asda, the 3 for £10 vitamins and supplements offer is well worth a little reminder, especially as they keep adding new products to the offer.

The 3 for £10 offer covers dozens of different vitamins and health supplements, both online at Asda Groceries, and in stores as well, and depending on what you buy you can save yourself a lot of money. The most expensive vitamins that are included in this offer are the Seven Seas Pregnancy Plus Follow-On vitamins, which cost £9.97 per pack, so getting 3 for £10 is fantastic value.

I get all my families vitamins on this offer all the time as it saves so much money on buying them from anywhere else. There are men's health ones for hubby, chewable multivitamins with omega 3 for the 5 year old, and multivitamin drops for my toddler. Just buying one pack of each of those saves me more than £6 on this offer, but depending on what you need you can save up to £19!

Thanks to hemjshah @ HUKD


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