Milestone Pregnancy Cards £11.25 @ Amazon

Milestone Pregnancy Cards

Milestone Cards are so popular right now, as a wonderful way of marking memorable moments, and you can get them for all sorts of things now.

As well as the first Baby Milestone Cards*, the children's Activity Cards and the Wedding Milestones you can now get Pregnancy Milestone Cards too!

This is a pack of 30 cards that you can use to record all those special moments during your pregnancy, like the day you found out you were expecting, the time you first felt baby kick, and lots for after baby is born as well, like cards with room for hand and foot prints as well.

Just pop the date of each milestone on the card, take a photo with it, and then store the cards in the keepsake box as a permanent reminder.

I think these would make a lovely gift for a baby shower, as from the reviews there's a lot of the cards that are for special moments surrounding baby's birth and early days as well as the pregnancy.

What do you think, do you know someone who would love them?

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  • Stacey G.

    I wondered where people were getting these from. Thanks xx

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