New Milestone Wedding Cards £12.99 @ Amazon

Milestone Wedding Cards

You may have noticed the recent trend for baby or toddler milestone cards plus the hilarious Mum Milestone Cards. But have you seen Wedding Milestone Cards before?

They are a fantastic gift for someone who is currently planning their wedding. My sister is getting married next year and I cannot wait to give her these cards, she will love them!

You can pick up this gorgeous pack of Milestone Wedding Cards for just £12.99 over at Amazon. I'm sure they will sell like hot cakes!

If you're married I'm sure you will struggle to remember all those special memories that you had whilst planning your wedding. Life moves so quickly and before we know it those special moments are just a distant memory.

That is exactly where these milestone cards are a godsend. They include 30 cards such as 'Today I Said Yes To The Dress', 'Today Is The Big Day' plus many more. All you have to do is take a photo with your card and add the date on the front of it and voila your memory is captured forever.

The set also includes a poster outlining all of the cards as a to do list, you can tick off each card that's been completed. In addition to the wedding planning cards, the set also includes special cards for couples to write in what they like most about each other and even a card to mark the hen or stag parties!

Standard home delivery is free for Amazon Prime members or on orders over £20. Otherwise delivery charges start from £3.30.

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  • Natalie B.

    Omg these are ace xx

    • Lisa C.

      I want them hehe xx

  • Natasha R.

    check these out!! x

  • Charlot J.

    how cool are these xx

    • Sammie B.

      Awww LOVE these! Gonna have to get them aren't I! Xxx

  • Emma J.

    They are so cool! Xx

  • Marianne C.

    Hah I thought these were going to be for during the marriage: 'stopped running the tap when I went to the toilet' 'had our first proper argument' 'went on holiday together' 'had the "children" talk' 'first absentmindedly considered divorce' and so on . . . .

    • Amy S.

      Much better idea! :smirk:

  • Jodie B.

    They are great! Love them!!! Xxx

  • Natalie D.

    Aw how cute are they! :blush: xx

  • Faye G.

    you'll have cards for everything you do :joy: xx

    • Erica A.

      Haha I like that idea. Xx

  • Jenna Q.

    Oh how cute are they!!! X

  • Tasha H.

    Love them Xx

  • Samantha B.

    Awww these are fab :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart:

  • Lisa T.

    These r good z

  • Liz H.

    Wish I'd seen these earlier. They're ace!!

  • Karen W.

    these are fab! Wish I'd seen them!!

    • Lyndsay B.

      Aww these are cute. Think I might get them xx

  • Amy G.

    Aw I like that sort of thing too lol xx

  • Jade B.

    If I ever get married :anguished::joy:

  • Lindsay T.

    Aww I wish I'd seen these before now !

  • Rebecca T.

    I like them! Cute :) x

  • Taylor F.

    They are lovely!!!

  • Lisa S.

    These are countdown cards, I love a good countdown! :joy: xx

  • Nicoletta W.

    Hahahaha these are sooo cool xxx

  • Sarah A.


  • Bekii H.

    Omg I so need these!!! :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts: thanks hun!!

  • Lea G.

    Ooohhh... Love these.... Thank you lovely xxx

  • Ashlie C.

    Thank you babe z

  • Mel K.

    Oh my god!!!! Literally buying these now :grin::joy: xxx

  • Allyson A.

    Hahaha cool xx

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    These are awesome! :heart_eyes::blush::blush: xx

  • Louise M.

    :scream:...WANT :joy: xx

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    i want these haha x

  • Kerry B.

    Oh man I love them. :joy: hah.xx

  • Stacey A.

    OMG I love these xx

  • Stacey A.

    Never seen them before and I love the baby ones xx

  • Helen W.

    Love these :kissing_heart: xx

  • Claire O.

    Wish I'd seen these sooner!!

  • Tracey P.

    Never seen them before :grimacing:

  • Emma D.

    Aww that's so cute! Thanks Hun!xx

  • Sorcha H.

    Need these jn my life lol x

  • Jen H.

    I want!!!

  • Kathleen D.

    Hahah do they come with a glass of wine for each?? :bride_with_veil_tone1::wine_glass:

  • Shona H.

    Wish I'd known about these !!! :blush:

  • Jade T.

    Aww they're really cute :) x

  • Nicola W.

    we will have to get some of these :grinning:

    • Stephanie A.

      Lol they ace xx

  • Laura S.

    Brilliant xx We love a milestone card don't we! Ha ha x

  • Lynn S.

    got to have these xx

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    Come on - I want to buy these :joy:

  • Nicole L.

    How cute are these :) x

  • Samantha B.

    these are so cool x

  • Kylie C.

    these are cute :) xx

  • Sarah C.

    Ah wish id seen these earlier! X

  • Shelley P.

    The cake testing one will be fun xx

  • Leanne P.

    Wow xx

  • Beccie S.

    I think we can make funnier ones:

    'today we argued about the invites' 'Today he said he wanted to wear a top hat... I laughed and said the wedding is off' Instead of last day as a single woman... I want 'last time I poop as a Sydenham'

  • Alex E.

    nice idea. I need one of those count down clocks

  • Laura M.

    Omg! I love these!!!!!

  • Janette H.

    and I have the birth ones of these, very cute. Never seen wedding ones before!!!! Xx

  • Ashleigh L.

    Ha amazing!

  • Joanne T.

    Do these come in bridesmaid form as well :joy:

  • Laura M.

    And.... Ordered :thumbsup_tone1::smile:

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    Haha love them!

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    Too cute!x

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    Haha doubt I'll b needing these x

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    No way would I do this!!

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    There cool I want some lol xx

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    Love this idea xx

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    Me too x

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    omg there awesome xxx

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    :thumbsup::thumbsup: i think these are ace lol xx

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    Love this

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    Ah these are a cute idea! Xxx

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    I've never seen them before. Good keepsake idea. Xx

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    Do they have a 110 weeks to go card?! :joy:

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    There lovely

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    Ah these would be good if I hadn't more aless done everything :hear_no_evil::joy: #tooorganised

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