FREE Expectant Parent Events In February & March Now Booking @ Mothercare

FREE Expectant Parent Events @ Mothercare

Mothercare are about to start their next lot of FREE Expectant Parent Events in selected Mothercare stores across the UK, and booking is now open! If you or any of your friends are expecting you need to book your place soon, as they always get booked up very fast and places are limited.

This next lot of events are between the 18th Feburary and 4th March in selected Mothercare stores around the UK.

You can expect expert advice, discount vouchers, demonstrations, and even free First Aid advice in some stores as well. Here's what will be happening:

Advice and talks on:

  • Car safety and car seat fitting advice
  • Nursery furniture, cot mattresses and the latest sleep safety advice
  • Pushchair and pram choices
  • Breast pumps and sterilising
  • Suitable baby toys for the first 12 months.

Plus also:

  • FREE baby and child first aid advice in selected stores
  • FREE Goody bags for all mums-to-be (subject to availability)

Places are limited, so you can only bring one additional guest with you.

Get booking your place now before they all go!

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  • Hayley J.

    Ohh thankyouuu thats good to know x

  • Jolene C.

    With a free goody bag its worth it :wink: xxx

  • Amy S.

    I think I am going to one on the 17th xxx

  • Vicki M.

    Thanks chuck! Went already when they did it last time!!

  • Kerry J.

    This was the one I wanted to go to x

  • Stacy H.

    Im being induce 16th October

  • Nicola C.

    Worth a nosey :grimacing::grimacing: xXx

  • Lisa J.

    Thanks, just signed up to another one :)

  • Karin H.

    Booked for Anniesland one later in the month :blush::baby_tone2:

  • Laura D.

    Oooh good to know thanks :grinning:

  • Harriet T.

    Yea but its between 6-8pm and i dont think ben will be able to make it. You have to book slots as well (we may or may not spend a lot of time in mothercare lol)

  • Beverley H.

    Oo thanks il have a look :blush: xx

  • Gayle S.

    Lol there's still quite a lot of spaces left. I might book in just for free stuff :gift:

  • Amy E.

    I'm booking it off :hugging::hugging: thank you! Xx

  • Chloe H.

    We went to the last one it was quite good xx

  • Amelia-Jane C.

    Thank you! Just booked on :blush:xx

  • Jayne B.

    I like free goody bags :thumbsup: ha ha xx

  • Kendra E.

    I'm looking forward to it :slight_smile: xxx

  • Jenna T.

    Just booked it thanks love x

  • Shona M.

    Thank you :grin: just booked on x

  • Lucy D.

    Oh sounds good I might book xx

  • Nicola H.

    Thanks Hun, we are booked in :thumbsup: xx

  • Emma-Jane M.

    r this is really good if you can go x

  • Heather D.

    We went to one in November! :thumbsup_tone2::ok_hand_tone2: x

  • Jessica G.

    These are so good, loved the one we went to

  • Heather B.

    I've never herd of this xxx

  • Georgie C.

    :joy: due on the 18th so don’t know if I’ll be attending that x

  • Laura B.

    Omg I rmemebr working these! Hah

  • Kirsty L.

    If he’s not arrived by then :grimacing: x

  • Lauren M.

    Thanks Kelly :blue_heart: will have a look xxx

  • Mandy M.

    I'll pm you with hunners of free bab stuff :joy:

  • Laura H.

    Oooh thank you lovely, I'll have a look out for it! Was in twells today aswell xxx

  • Laura H.

    Excellent news!! :heart_eyes: thank you xxx

  • Donna L.

    I'm booked on to the Mamma's and Pappas one next Sunday :)

  • Nicole W.

    Everyone loves free stuff:joy:

  • Maddi P.

    Who doesn’t want a freebie?! :grimacing:

  • Rachel D.

    That's good isn't it hun xxx

  • Lisa W.

    I'm hoping not to be expecting at this point

  • Sophia F.

    I better not!!!! :confused::sob:

  • Lisa W.

    Ye if I am I may be down there trying to get baby out. What do you get free in morhercare if labour starts x

  • Kellie G.

    Ha ha got be worth some free stuff promo for shop ha ha

  • Leeanne B.

    Yes there is :grin: thanks hun xx

  • Sophia F.

    I'm just ready for him out not....dont appreciate the foot in rib jab anymore haha x x

  • Charlie G.

    Thanks :kissing_heart: just booked xx

  • Jennifer M.

    U need to come with me tho :joy:

  • Amy N.

    Well with 2 little people on the way freebies and coupons will be a big help xx

  • Abby L.

    Oh . Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll make sure to check the out x

  • Helen S.

    Woohoo going to the mamas and papas one on 4th Feb so will deffo go to this one as well .. love a free goody bag

  • Leeanne B.

    Oh yes indeedy xx going to be expensive times lol xx

  • Sophia F.

    Haha probably they hurt more now too!

  • Caron M.

    Oh you're a gem I heard you get a good discount at these and I seen a nursing chair I like :thumbsup: xxx

  • Mel J.

    Thanks hun would be nice if I had a mothercare by be thu x

  • Ebony S.

    Ohh this looks good! Thank you xx

  • Ceri P.

    I loved all the freebies when I was pregnant! I'm proper tagging you in anything pregnancy related now :joy::joy::joy::joy: xx

  • Debbie M.

    Yeah let me know when your thinking xx

  • Rachael K.

    Oh. Lol. Sorry. Thought share just in case x

  • Sophia F.

    Haha.....clever boy!

  • Sarah L.

    Are u going you have to book an appointment lol x

  • Leigh R.

    I’ve already picked up all my freebies :joy::joy::joy:

  • Rachel H.

    Oh I thought u cud jst turn up :joy: I mite do I'll see x x x

  • Gautam T.

    Thanks Di, have booked one on 18th Feb

  • Rebecca A.

    Thanks chick but I’m all done now, I’ve shopped until I dropped lol xx

  • Adele N.

    Thanks Hun, yeah think u do sure I went when I was pregnant with reggie them used the 10% on his pram x

  • Sheryl S.

    Booo I’ll still be here... I love free goodies :clap::clap:

  • Kerry D.

    Thank you :blush: goody bags are the best! Xx

  • Rebecca D.

    Yay! Let me know when and I’ll see if I’m off xx

  • Joanne Y.

    Ooo yeeey!!! Thanks so much xxx

  • Claire K.

    I think you get a 10% voucher off full price items so it is worth a look for the big buys xx

  • Gemma H.

    Cool thanks will have to go to this x

  • Cheryl F.

    Thanks Hun xxxxx:heart::heart:

  • Shona K.

    Aww brilliant thank you. Xxx

  • Katie A.

    Wicked all booked thanks Kel xx

  • Laura S.

    Such a shame there were no goodie bags at the one we went to :thumbsdown:

  • Katie W.

    Ooooh sounds good! When I’ve finished work too x

  • Stacie W.

    Yeah maybe able get a deal on your carseata

  • Suzi A.

    Always love a freebie :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: xoxoxo

  • Leigha J.

    I love freebies Went to mother care today And ended up looking at prams that we don't even need :see_no_evil: x

  • Krissel R.

    Where is our closest mother care?

  • Leigha J.

    I want a buggy board! I'm gonna look :joy: x

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