Baby Gender Reveal Balloon £2.48 Delivered @ Amazon

Baby Gender Reveal Balloon £2.48 Delivered @ Amazon

Pregnant? You may want to make a big deal when telling friends and family what sex your baby is. It's becoming more popular to do the whole Cake Reveal or to do it with a Balloon. Don't pay a fortune for one when Amazon are selling Baby Gender Reveal Balloons for just £2.48 delivered.

The Baby Gender Reveal Balloon comes with a Black 16" Balloon and two Packs of Confetti: Blue and Pink.

So, how does it work? You have a party or a Baby Shower, blow up the balloon stick in the Confetti (according to which sex the baby is) assuming blue for a boy and pink for a girl.

Once all eyes are on you, simply pop the balloon to reveal what sex your baby is.

Delivery is FREE of charge!


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  • April F.

    Ordered one so do it next week lol xxx

    • Peri F.

      Already ordered one :two_hearts::blue_heart:

      • CameraGirl

        I did one of these for my gender reveal. I filled mine with pink confetti and pink feathers. The feathers worked so well. Obviously it was a girl :D 

        • Carmel L.

          I know seen these on my eBay :slight_smile:it’ll be this or something similar

          • Elise M.

            Aw I’ve already done mine I got cupcakes lol xx

            • Tanya T.

              I want one of these, that’s the cheapest so far. I don’t think I could wait a couple more hours to find out lol! Xxx

              • Jessica W.

                Yes I’m going to do this ;)

                • Jhenna L.

                  I've ordered one! Thank you :joy::joy::joy: xxx

                  • Danielle M.

                    I’ve always wondered how you do this? Do you have another family member that comes to the scan and they tell them? I’m so confused how you do it :joy::joy: tell meeee x

                    • Chelsey H.

                      I don’t think I’d be able to hold it in tho?! Plus the kids are coming? And Darcy will tell everyone lol x

                      • Danielle M.

                        But how do you get the answer in the balloon without you knowing? :joy:

                        • Danielle M.

                          But if you didn’t know either hahaha? Xxx

                          • Adriana R.

                            Haha I was looking into these just a couple of days ago! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::heart_eyes: thank you :relaxed:

                            • Kirstie A.

                              Yeaa I’m gonna order that balloon the now

                              • Claire C.

                                I seen this, I send it to my mum how cheap is it so gd xx

                                • Arianne O.

                                  Noones finding out this time. Good idea though xx