Snoozeshade Voucher Code: 10% Off & Free Delivery

Snoozeshade Voucher Code: 10% Off & Free Delivery


Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you have not - The Snoozeshade! It is a blackout blind which is used on buggies and pushchairs, to keep the sun out of tired little eyes.

If you order a Snoozeshade directly from their website, you can get a 10% discount and free delivery too, saving you £6.50 off the normal price, with this exclusive SnoozeShade voucher codefor PlayPennies!

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  • DiscountCode: PLAYPENNIES
  • Discount: 10% off & free delivery
  • Expires: Unknown

Kiddicare sells the Snoozeshade for £19.99 plus delivery, it's £19.39 on Amazon, so £18 with free delivery from Snoozeshade themselves seems to be a decent deal.

There are a few testimonials dotted round the web, if you're interested in reading them:

Light, neat, simple to use and effective, it’s the sleeping-on-the-go solution mum and babies have been waiting for. - Alison @ Prima Baby & Pregnancy

I can imagine that once Little Girl reaches the age of one, she might not want to be covered by a blackout blind, but for the first year of babyhood this is a very useful product. - Emily @ Babyrambles

And you can also read the PlayPennies SnoozeShade review here.

When I was on holiday in Iceland last year, I noticed a lot of mummies just draped a blanket over the front of the pram to keep out the sunlight. Depending on the thickness of the blanket, it can let in quite a bit of sunlight though. The likes of this Snoozeshade could be a handy item to throw in the base of your pram, for sunny sleeping emergencies!



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