Workshop Wednesday: Walnut Ladybirds

6 April 2011


In our continuing series of workshops to craft with the kids, here's a post from Maggy of

This another fabulously Germanic traditional and tactile craft. What is also great about these little guys is that you can make several – with different numbers of dots and then use them to practice counting. The very young amongst us can paint the red and get help with the dots and the feet. My son commented that we needed googley eyes… He LOVES googley eyes, but I also think “plain” is nice!

Materials: 1 walnut half per ladybird, red & black paint, black card, scissors, glue

  1. Split walnut
  2. Paint red. Let dry.
  3. Add black head and spots.
  4. Cut out a circle with 6 legs and glue on.
  5. Optional: add  googly eyes

Tip: I find the best way to split a walnut in half is with a large knife – insert it into any weak spot you can see and apply pressure on a chopping board. Needless to say, an adult should always do this. I manage to open  80% of my walnuts without breaking them this way, providing me with two shells.

Play or decorate the window sill!

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