Workshop Wednesday: Flower Crown

Workshop Wednesday: Flower Crown

Here’s another Workshop Wednesday from Maggy at Red Ted Art! [Emma]


You may have seen some of my other crafts shared on Playpennies – there were dinosaurs and ambulances and monsters. But how about the little girls in our life? And with spring in the air, there is nothing better than a “crafting” with flowers.  This is a wonderful craft to do, when you are out for a walk or at the playground or sitting in a park... grab those dandelion “weeds” and make them into something beautiful.

You may find them tricky at first (as with anything new), but they are really easy!

We were lucky that a good friend from Sweden was visiting and she showed us how:

  1. Place 2nd flower UNDER the 1st flower.
  2. Twist stem over
  3. Tuck it behind the 2nd flower.
  4. Place 3rd flower under the first two flowers
  5. Twist stem over…

Try and get the flower heads as close to the stem and together as possible. You can pinch off any of the remaining stems if it gets too bulky. Interweave other wild/ weed flowers for more colours and prettiness. Done!


(Click for larger ^^^)


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  • Luschka O.
    That's beautiful Maggy! Love it :)
    • Emma K.
      I tried it with buttercups in my garden but they were too small and fiddly :D
      • Lynley O.
        I think with buttercups and daisies you have to keep to the time honoured chain method of making a hole in the stalk with your fingernail (a lot easier incidentally when you have 10 year old fingernails than when you have grown up sized ones) and threading through.
        • Emma K.
          Yes, that was the method I employed eventually!
          • Lynley O.
            wow I haven't made a daisy chain in YEARS. Or a buttercup chain. I tried to interest my son in one last year but he just looked at me like I was mad. I'm guessing that some boys are interested in them, sadly not mine.
            • venus
              Hi! is there an easier way of making this flower crown?