When Relatives Disapprove Of Baby's Name

When Relatives Disapprove Of Baby's Name

I was chatting baby names with a friend the other day, who mentioned something she'd read in the paper about a new mum falling out with her extended family over the name she'd chosen for her new baby.

Can you imagine sharing your baby announcement with your nearest and dearest, only to have them recoil in horror at the name you've chosen for your new bundle of joy?

It's one thing to pick an unusual name which raises a few eyebrows or generates some discussion, but my friend was talking about situations where the grandparents refused to see the baby or its parents on account of their choice of baby name. And we're not talking an outrageously offensive or inappropriate name, either, just one which for fairly unfathomable reasons, the new grandparents didn't approve of.

My mind boggles because I can't imagine any proud new grandparent overlooking the wonder of a brand new baby to split hairs over what the baby gets called. But maybe my children have been inordinately blessed with brilliant, easy-going grandparents.

Had my parents or my in-laws taken issue with the names we gave our children - and seen fit to actually voice their disapproval as opposed to keep their thoughts to themselves - I'm not sure how I'd have reacted.

But I don't think I'd have contemplated changing my baby's names to please anyone. My friend said she'd read about parents who did exactly that just to keep the peace in the family but I don't think I'd be that magnanimous.

Because surely naming your baby is one of the most personal and precious elements of being a new parent - you get the chance to shape your little one's very identity through the name you choose, and having that heavily influenced by anyone else - family member or not - just doesn't make sense to me.

But we'd love to hear your views. Did you take the feelings of family members into account when you named your child? And if relatives expressed disapproval over the name you chose for your child, how did you respond?

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  • Cagnie

    My mother in law did this with both of my children she kicked up such a stink and was so rude it really ruined my new baby experience. Of course, my man took the side of his mother and we had to change the names of both our children. I know people will say 'I would never do that!' But when your hormonal, exhausted and in pain after a c section the last thing I had was the fight in me to argue when it's two against one. Looking back I wish I had stood my ground especially with my second child as she now has a name I don't like :(

    • Cali

      yes this happened to me with my twin girls Lennox and Rae. I just ignored it.

      • Amy1986


        This is a bit too close to home! My MIL made disapproving comments about my little girls name (Eliza) when we "talked names" prior to the arrival of our 1st baby we decided not to discuss our chosen names with anyone second time round. On the arrival of our little boy the same MIL put the phone down on my husband when he told her what he was called. He's now £ months and I've only heard her call him his actual name once. Where everyone else us been so complimentary. Baffling! 

        • Janelister

          we called our daughter Jadzia 17 years ago, my nan told me I was stupid and wouldn't call her by her name just called her the baby. And my brother said she would regret having such a name. But hey guess what, Jadzia is a beautiful young lady and loves her name and no one has ever bullied her over it

          • Rebecca2023

            my nan hated my daughters name simply because there was a woman on her estate with the same name and my nan said she was a whore

            • Rebecca2023

              her name is Annie but my nan calls her Anna!

              My sons name is Elliot. both traditional names, not many about either!

            • Cadburys

              we called our 1st boy Kal-el. Not many people knw the origin lol but he's our very own superman lol

              • Jellytots

                my son  is named after my grandad (mums side) my mum now refuses to call him by his name and refers to him as "the baby" "little man" or "big boy". 

                He is now 1.5 years old and she has never once mentioned his name. She has even refused to come to my wedding because of it. 

                • 14a

                  I had almost the opposite problem. We decided on our little boys name pretty quickly during pregnancy - Edward. Our families liked it, especially my mother, who immediately starting talking about my unborn baby to everyone by referring to him as "Teddy". As much as we begged, she wouldn't stop. I hated it so much, I almost changed my mind several times before he was born! Glad I stuck with it as he really is a little Ed. He's nearly 3 now and she still calls him Teddy, which I and pretty much the rest of both families really hate

                  • Jmc

                    I have 2 girls 15 and 11 they are called Jayden and Jersey.  Family always liked Jayden but didn't like Jersey.  I love ❤ both my kids names