When Relatives Disapprove Of Baby's Name

When Relatives Disapprove Of Baby's Name

I was chatting baby names with a friend the other day, who mentioned something she'd read in the paper about a new mum falling out with her extended family over the name she'd chosen for her new baby.

Can you imagine sharing your baby announcement with your nearest and dearest, only to have them recoil in horror at the name you've chosen for your new bundle of joy?

It's one thing to pick an unusual name which raises a few eyebrows or generates some discussion, but my friend was talking about situations where the grandparents refused to see the baby or its parents on account of their choice of baby name. And we're not talking an outrageously offensive or inappropriate name, either, just one which for fairly unfathomable reasons, the new grandparents didn't approve of.

My mind boggles because I can't imagine any proud new grandparent overlooking the wonder of a brand new baby to split hairs over what the baby gets called. But maybe my children have been inordinately blessed with brilliant, easy-going grandparents.

Had my parents or my in-laws taken issue with the names we gave our children - and seen fit to actually voice their disapproval as opposed to keep their thoughts to themselves - I'm not sure how I'd have reacted.

But I don't think I'd have contemplated changing my baby's names to please anyone. My friend said she'd read about parents who did exactly that just to keep the peace in the family but I don't think I'd be that magnanimous.

Because surely naming your baby is one of the most personal and precious elements of being a new parent - you get the chance to shape your little one's very identity through the name you choose, and having that heavily influenced by anyone else - family member or not - just doesn't make sense to me.

But we'd love to hear your views. Did you take the feelings of family members into account when you named your child? And if relatives expressed disapproval over the name you chose for your child, how did you respond?

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  • Tina B.

    Yup!! we called our daughter Harper and the great-grans were not happy.. Tough luck to them!.. X

    • Lj S.

      That's a nice name x

    • Tina B.

      Thank you! I love it!.. And she totally rocks it! X

    • Nicola R.

      Tina Byers we have a Harper too :blush:

    • Claire G.

      Oh I love that !! Pregnant just now so keeping an eye on ppls answers :joy:x

    • Sheena V.

      That's a lovely name!

    • Zara K.

      We have a Harper too. Its a beautiful name x

    • Tina B.

      How old is your Harper ? Ours is nearly 4.. I absolutely love the name! Her dad picked her and I totally fell in love with it.. We had it chosen before we even had her!.. X

    • Tina B.

      harpers are the most fun ever! Xx

    • Claire K.

      Yes my gran didn't like my daughters name ... We called her Caitlyn Marie she wanted me to just call her Katie ... But she Iikes it now x

    • Zara K.

      Our Harper is 8 months old and is a little diamond. We also have a Terri and a Stevie all girls. Now pregnant with no4 and struggling to pick names this time lol xx

    • Tina B.

      All love names ! I have an Elle who is nearly 12.. I love names that are a little bit different and so pretty.. Absolutely love stevie for a girl X

    • Tina B.

      I also like phoebe X

    • Susan A.

      Oh no Tina! Harper is such a Harper :heartpulse: she wouldn't suit any other name :kissing_heart:

    • Tina B.

      I know!.. She caused quite the stir when she was born though haha.. Saying that she still does! X

    • Susan A.

      what a girl :see_no_evil: x

    • Rebecca K.

      I love the name harper, Riley, Peyton, robyn and stevie (partners name is steven). I like all the different names. But with my ex we could only agree on Isabella izzy for short.

  • Bekey C.

    You tell them its your choice not theres! And its not like they have to live with it!

  • Sheena V.

    Who cares! They'll love the baby & grow to like the name you've given your babe & if they don't then tough - you can't please everyone x

  • Denise D.

    Who cares it's not there choice.

  • Georgie C.

    My sister called her daughter Dylan. Didn't go down well.

    • Miranda T.

      Actually quite like it for a girl.

    • Lucy F.

      I wanted to call my daughter Jamie. And then a few months after I didn't use that name Ryan Reynolds named his daughter James

  • Anna D.

    My mother and mother in law hate the name I had for a boy. Currently pregnant with baby number 2 and as much as I like the name my hubby doesn't. So we have names chosen. Again the mother in law doesn't like the boys name but most days I don't like her face so never mind say!! :joy::joy::joy:

  • Louise M.

    We called our daughter Belle....it wasn't a fave at the time but loved now

    • Louise M.

      Lol, I would love to nick other names but two is enough for us!

  • Lena P.

    My mum was never keen on my daughter name which is willow grace but she loved it in the end n it's just perfect for her n I'm not really bothered what ppl think

    • Natalie B.

      I had the same problem with mother in law not liking the name Willow for my youngest child too. (It's my third child but her first grandchild)

    • Rachael C.

      I love that name!

    • Samantha W.

      Love the name willow x

    • Helen C.

      I love the name Willow and would have seriously considered it for my daughter if it wasn't for the fact that our surname starts with C, which would've made her initials WC, which seemed a bit cruel!

    • Natalie B.

      My 2yr old is Willow and it was Mum and partner who pushed it on me and I'm so glad they did because now I can't imagine her being anything else. Partner is a huge Buffy fan thats why he liked it and 31yrs ago my Mum wanted to call me Willow but my Dad didn't like it so she has waited all these years and was super happy that her first and only granddaughter is Willow Jane (Mum is Jane).

    • Natalie B.

      My Willow's called Willow Jayne! (She's 3 & a half)

    • Natalie B.

      As I'm Natalie Jayne and my other Daughter is Maisie Jayne

    • Gemma O.

      My willow is " willow Rae " my mum and partners side of the family didnt like the name... But i went with it as id had said from a young age and after watching the film " willow " my little girl would be called that xx

    • Catrin H.

      My daughter is willow grace too :heart_eyes:

    • Linda Z.

      a 5yr old Willow here too. Taken from the lyrics of a Queen song in our case but everyone thought it was because I was a massive Buffy fan.

    • Nichola S.

      We chose Willow and Samuel for our first baby. Turned out to be a boy so we have a Samuel.

  • Corinna S.

    Not sure my sons name Bodhi went down well I love it :heart_eyes:

    • Ange K.

      I have a Bodhi. It's definately a marmite kind of name isn't it , people either love it or say oh that's different :joy::joy:

  • Kerri G.

    My mum didn't like my sons name, Ryley & the in-laws wasn't keen on my daughters name, Brielle

    • Sarah C.

      My son is Riley (spelt differently) :clap::clap::clap:

    • Kerri G.

      Ahh lovely! How old is he?

    • Rebecca K.

      I'd love the name Riley for a girl. After watching sarah Connor chronicles.

    • Rebecca K.

      My daughters called Isabella (izzy) so think rylee/ryliee would go well together. Although I do love harper. Just wonder if I'll have another one lol. X

    • Kerri G.

      if my girl was a boy she was gonna be called Reggie. But I really loved Belle for a girl. Just gotta think about when there older, they have to live with that name & some kids aren't very pleasant so wouldn't want either of my kids to be bullied through my choice of name xx

  • Jennie P.

    No one liked my sons name when I told them but I knew that's what he should be called. 5 years on they all say what a great name and he couldn't be called anything else now! It's your child your choice x

    • Miranda T.

      You have to say what it is!

    • Jennie P.

      Haha his name is Reuben. X

    • Keri M.

      Love that name!!

    • Jennie P.

      Thank you. It suits him too. Never known a kid like him :grin:

    • Julie H.

      My 5 year old is Reuben too! We got asked where we got it from by a few people but I love it :)

    • Jennie P.

      It's so unusual isn't it! I've only come across a few others and only since I've had him and his old nursery teacher even named her son after him which I loved! X

    • Julie H.

      That's lovely! We've only met one other (he's a few years older than my son) and his mum said that my Reuben was the only other she had met or heard of in our area x

    • Jennie P.

      Nice to have a unused name don't get it much anymore. My hubby had wanted to call him Alfie. I just knew that wasn't his name and my uncle suggested Reuben although Ruben after an f1 driver. But I liked it as Reuben better. So glad I did. X

    • Julie H.

      I love it spelt this way, it still feels traditional (like in the bible) even though it's uncommon! x

    • Jennie P.

      Yh i found that. Our other son is Matthew which is their dad's name so kept it in keeping with the biblical traditional names. Then have 2 girls Lily and Daisy . So common but pretty x

    • Julie H.

      They're all lovely names, my eldest is Carter (which my husband chose - I've never heard another one) and my daughter is Sienna Lily x

    • Kirsty M.

      My boy was going to be a 'Ruben' .. It's now his middle name x

    • Jennie P.

      Beautiful names Julie! Sienna is very pretty my daughter has a best friend called Sienna. And Carters nice too again very unusual! X

    • Julie K.

      My boy is Reuben. Suits him so much :blue_heart:

  • Ellen R.

    I had a few twitchy eyebrows from certain family members when I decided I was going to call my daughter Nancy 11 years ago (before all the old names made a comeback!). But I still think it's as beautiful now as I did then and everyone grew to love it, it really suits her. My mum also hated the name we chose for our youngest, George. But I wouldn't consider changing it for anyone. He's a George through and through!

    • Heather H.

      My little man is George and is definately a George too! Its a brilliant name. If its good enough for a future King......

    • Ellen R.

      Exactly! Our George was named after his great grandad who sadly passed away recently so he's got some big George boots to fill! :)

    • Claire J.

      Ooo I have a nancy an everyone loves it an it really suits her. I've got her some of the fancy nancy books too

    • Ellen R.

      It's the best name ever! We have all the Fancy Nancy books and every world book day she went as her :) She's too grown up for it now :(

  • Julie Z.

    I HATE when Grandparents try to get involved with the naming. It has SWEET FANNY ADAMS to do with them. Oooh it makes me sooo mad.

    • Gillian M.

      Without them you wouldn't exist. Just saying :wink:

  • Miranda T.

    My youngest girl is called torey. I get alot of looks for that!

    • Hayley L.

      I've a toria

    • Miranda T.

      Does everyone ask if its short for Victoria?

    • Vicci B.

      I get called Tori/Toria :smiley:

    • Hayley L.

      Hers is short for Victoria but she's never been called Victoria. Her cousin couldn't say Victoria just toria and it just stuck. She's nearly 16 now and whilst she writes Victoria she won't answer to it if shouted

    • Miranda T.

      Mine is actually torey. Named after torey hayden.

  • Cagnie

    My mother in law did this with both of my children she kicked up such a stink and was so rude it really ruined my new baby experience. Of course, my man took the side of his mother and we had to change the names of both our children. I know people will say 'I would never do that!' But when your hormonal, exhausted and in pain after a c section the last thing I had was the fight in me to argue when it's two against one. Looking back I wish I had stood my ground especially with my second child as she now has a name I don't like :(

  • Nevenka P.

    My father hated mine but it was my mums turn to name the baby. I've not liked some names when people have said what they have called the kids but the names seem to grow on tjem

  • Sarah P.

    My dad used to say "simples" a lot when I was pregnant with my daughter Mia, Mia/meerkat :rolling_eyes:

    • Zoe B.

      I have a Mia to but she gets called Mia moo or mimi by her cousins x

    • Sarah P.

      I call her Mia moo :blush:

    • Sarah P.

      Oh and mimi when she was small, not so much now, she's 3 and would probably tell me off lol

    • Lorraine M.

      I wanted to name my daughter Mia but my other half's boss has a daughter called that so we named her Milla (Me-La) We call her MiMi and Milla Moo too :blush:

  • Laura C.

    I'm due my first in 7 weeks and we haven't told anybody our names. Too many opinions I think and it's yours and your partners decision no one else's. And we love our names we picked so screw anybody who doesn't like it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    • Michelle S.


  • Sam B.

    My father in law really disliked the name my husband and I chose for our second son... We loved the name and went with it anyway... Almost 8 years on we still love his name and my father in law has grown to love it. My son would not have suited any other name... Harrison xx

    • Debs W.

      My Gran was the same, said it was disgusting giving a child a surname as a first name, I ignored her, my son is also called Harrison and I love it <3

    • Lynsey H.

      I have a Harrison and love it x

    • Sam B.

      My son is the only Harrison in his school which I love! X

  • Jennifer W.

    I got this off the older generation with Isla xx

    • Joanne F.

      I have a 12 yr old isla and everyone loved it but when my 15 yr old son was born and we called him Theo people would just avoid saying his name out loud until Theo Walcott then played for England and all of a sudden it was a cool name

    • Jennifer W.

      Joanne Foster isn't it funny I thought they would be ok with Isla Sinclair the singer entertainer lol they were OK with libbie lol I have James,libbie,Isla & Charlie xx

  • Charlene P.

    My mum couldn't tell anyone what I called my eldest which is Cedric by the way but she fine with it now and we nickname him Zedge with my step dad started lol

  • Kelly C.

    My sons name is Taylon-my older relatives don't like it but it so suits him and we love it

  • Claire H.

    We wound up my father in law and said we were going for traditional Cornish names. We weren't really.He was fine with Denzil but wasn't keen on Travaskis as a middle name. He even googled it to check it was even a name! :joy::joy::joy:

  • Lucy F.

    Hunger games fan by any chance?

  • Cali

    yes this happened to me with my twin girls Lennox and Rae. I just ignored it.

  • Jen H.

    I had a couple of screwed up faces when I mentioned Austin, but I stuck to it and have had so many positive comments about it. 2 years on and it's perfect for him.

    • Gail C.

      That's a lovely name

    • Sophia C.

      My son is called Austin my family screwed their nose up. He's nearly 7 now and admit they now love it. I love the name great choice! X

    • Kathryn R.

      I LOVE Austin.

    • Joanna W.

      I've got a six year old Austin..it's a fab name X

    • Jen H.

      Thank you. He was named after Austin in Texas. We had been visiting family in Houston and went to Austin for the MotoGP. We all had an amazing time and it stuck with me.

    • Joanna W.

      I love it as you don't get many Austin's..He is the only Austin in his school :heart_eyes:

    • Vicky W.

      My little one is Austin and we get nothing but compliments it's very unique over here ... my little girl is kezia and if people don't like it then tough it has family ties and we like it and nothing else would suit her now

  • Lj S.

    Well since all the names are popping up I have a Harley Jay & Logan both boys x had a few twisty faces for Harley jay name but that wasn't family was other people lol x

  • Sam M.

    Who cares your baby not theirs! They can have an opinion but does it reali matter? Do you care? I didn't when I choose my girls names and I get nothing but compliments about them x rhea & Harlee x x

    • Debs W.

      My Gran was the same said it was disgusting giving a child a surname as a first name, I ignored her, my son also called Harrison and I love it <3

    • Lj S.

      I have a Harley he a boy x

    • Louisa N.

      Rhea was in our top three :-)

    • Sam M.

      Wasn't sure about harlee, hubby & me cudnt agree on name apart from it! I love it now! X

    • Jill W.

      I have 2 boys Harley and Harrison and love them both n not too many about X

  • Claire B.

    I'd tell them that when THEY squeezed a person out of their vagina THEY could choose the name...

  • Clare H.

    , thought you may find this interesting xx

  • Hayley L.

    Actually it came from her being in special care and kangaroo care and calling her little roo. I thought changing it to Rue might be better then roo

  • Lydia D.

    My mum and dad are very vocal about anyone's choice for naming their baby! They hated my 2 sons names and my dad hated I didn't give them the same second name as every other boy in our family (they all have Patrick somewhere in their name!) I don't pass judgement on anyone's choice because it's awful!

  • Ronnie R.

    Everyone loves our little Tarquin Norman Cuthers don't they

    • Carrie B.


  • Charlotte S.

    My father in law actually asked my other half of we could change our 2nd sons name ... Otis

    • Charlotte S.

      Yeah lol Dave rang him and told him coz wed obviously kept it all secret and he said to Dave 'is it to late to change it' I wasn't even out of recovery lol Dave didn't tell me straight away :joy:

    • Leanne H.

      Oh my god! I'm speechless lol

  • Lucy F.

    Aww that's actually so sweet I hope she's doing amazing now :relaxed: Not that you needed to explain. When I was pregnant I wanted Harry for a boy. Massive Harry Potter nerd

  • Faye W.

    are you this "friend"

    • Tina M.

      Haha I think I see what you're getting at :p

  • Hayley L.

    I wanted Bellatrix partner said no :(

  • Steph R.

    What happens if ya cant stand the name ya had to give ya own child lol. My son had to have his dads family middle name n i bloody hate it!!

    • Kaleigh W.

      I had this when I was pregnant. My hubbys middle name is Edward and so is his dad's and his grandads also had it lol. He was adamant we should have it in our child's name, even though we both hated it lol. I stood my ground and said its about time he put a stop to it lol. Fortunately we had a girl but her middle names are sort of reflective on his mums names, so he still sort of wins haha x

    • Steph R.

      The fact i wasnt allowed to have one of my family names peed me off even more and the fact were now seperated grates me even more lol. X

    • Kathryn R.

      My husbands family had some sort of pattern/tradition like that. ..something like every son got the fathers name for a middle name. ..but none of our first 3 boys names worked with my husband's name as a middle name, so I wasnt just going to add it in and ruin a perfectly good name for the sake of tradition. As it would happen, our fourth boys name does work with the pattern, and it's actually a lovely name in entirety with his daddy's name added, so, if boy number 4 shows up at any point, it will all have worked out in the end!

  • Lucy F.

    Hayley Louise hey, I don't know anyone who loves Harry Potter enough to name their kid Bellatrix :joy::joy::joy:

  • Hayley L.

    Was going to shorten it to Bell I'm not that cruel. But I wanted something different

  • Kathryn R.

    Ain't no way I'd change my kids name to please family/friends. If they are outrageously ignorant enough to be so rude as to voice their disapproval, they've just ruled themselves out of any consideration in any matter at all for the rest of their days.

    We have an Ezra Logan and nearly 6 years ago when he was Born, the midwives all said they'd never had an Ezra before, even one who'd been there 40 years. But low and behold, it's the top boys name of 2016. Just goes too show, names that may seem unusual, always catch on and before you know it, lots of people love it!

  • Sarah W.

    Georgie and Ben Anslie (sailor fella) have called their daughter Bellatrix.

  • Lucy S.

    There is always a "say it again" or "is that a real name" when we say our daughters name and when first announced there was refusal by some family to even use my daughters name. All is ok now though and I would never have change it because others have a problem with it. She is called Lorelei :two_hearts:

    • Kathryn R.

      Lol, they're obviously not Gilmore Girl fans, I love that name.

    • Donna K.

      Like the Gilmore girls! Love it :blush:

    • Sarah S.

      Do you call her Rory?

    • Gail S.

      Lorelei was one of our shortlisted names for a girl :)

    • Lucy S.

      Her friends at nursery had trouble saying Lorelei and it ended up sounding like lawlee which has evolved into lolly/lollipop/lol

    • Hailey F.

      We named our daughter Lorelai too! (Slightly different spelling to yours) everyone loved it though, so we've been really lucky

    • Katie T.

      Love this name, but got vetoed. It's the name of marilyn monroes' character in gentlemen prefer blondes.

    • Sara C.

      Lovely name x

    • Rin L.

      I think it's a lovely name.

    • Fliss A.

      LOVE this name. Bloody husband vetoed it.

    • Carla G.

      Love this name!! Hubby didn't :( :sparkling_heart:

    • Keri H.

      It's not a difficult name at all. I love it! My daughter is called Eleanor and lots of people pronounce it Elena which annoys me. Her little brother calls her Nenor :purple_heart:

    • Claire H.

      I love this name! And was going to call my son it if he'd been a girl. He's named after my brother (Thomas) and my brother hated Lorelai... along with everyone else except me and the hubby!

    • Holly-Jade M.

      My daughters middle name is Loralie :)

    • Gema J.

      Beautiful name ♡

    • Josey G.

      Gorgeous!! A serious contender before I found out I was having boys x

    • Donna P.

      Ha ha that's funny Keri,my daughters name is Elena and strangers always pronounce it Eleanor! I didn't think these names were hard to pronounce at all but obviously some people have issues :-D x

    • Cath H.

      Lovely name! My lo is called Kayla, but for some odd reason some people call her Kyla! Even when corrected.

    • Martha K.

      I love the name Lorelei! It was one of my favourites esp because of Gilmore Girls x

    • Sharon H.

      Say it again? Lol :)

    • Laura M.

      That's a nice name and I only like normal names really. ! X

    • Natasha C.

      Aww I love that name

    • Brogan H.

      My daughter is 5 almost 6 and is loralee ... lolli for short x

  • Sarah W.

    We nick named my 4th bump 'Pip' and then my husband suggested Pippa if it was a girl (she was) - it took a while to grow on me but then I couldn't imagine calling her anything else. My mum really didn't like the choice & even whilst I was in labour, told the midwife she hoped it was a boy as she didn't like the girls name we'd chosen :laughing:

    • Becky W.

      My nick name from my dad is pip because I was small

    • Vikki S.

      My dad was called pip. He passed away when I was 18 weeks pregnant. My daughter is due in 9 weeks and she's going to be Harlo Pippa. I never thought it would be a name I'd pick but now I love it xx

    • Suzanne J.

      I had a 'pip' bump that turned into a Pippa too :blush: with Alice as her second name X

  • Melanie S.

    I'll add it back to the list then! Steve isn't a fan anymore anyway.

  • Doriane A.

    I hope Rue never moves to France as her name translates into 'street'

  • Hayley L.

    In England it means regret :see_no_evil: I didn't know till after I named her

  • Mandy R.

    Just seen a link that says someone named their daughter ' Britney Shakira Beyoncé'......

  • Louise D.

    Tough luck!

  • Hannah W.

    I really liked Renet but my mum kept saying it would remind her of the indigestion tablets (Rennie) so didn't use it but I still like the name!

  • Melanie S.

    I am welcoming all suggestions - struggling a bit this time. Just not sure about Shakira ;-)

  • Jenny W.

    Had this problem with one of older step daughter all coz she didn't like her little sister middle name we chose caused a stink about it as was my other daughter name for middle name an not hers perfetic really as should be aloud to call your child what you like lol

  • Jody R.

    Tough. It's not their child so they need to shut up and respect the parents' choice.

  • Rebecca K.

    If me and my partner have a boy we love the name Axel. I mentioned it to a few people and they dislike like it. My opinion get over it. It will be our child not yours.

    • Julie D.

      That was on my list, I love it! X

  • Joanne S.

    Nobody liked our daughters name when she was born, I deliberately didn't let anybody know the name we chose for her as people are quick to make a comment. It's your child so it's tuff luck if nobody likes a name you choose X.

    • Sam B.

      Mmmmm not everyone :smirk: xx

    • Joanne S.

      Haha I should of said grandparents and the older generation xx.

  • Michelle B.

    My daughter is called Alexis and as far as I know no one has said syncing about it :smiley: if she would have been a boy we would have Called her Ezekiel. Only had one comment saying they didn't like it and he would get called zeke the geek but I still love it :blue_heart:

    • Kathryn R.

      I love Ezekiel but already have An Ezra who gets Ezzy, so that would be like two Ezzies in the same family, lol!

  • Tara G.

    When I first said our daughter was going to be called Wynter-Rose they all hated the name. About 2 weeks before she was due I said ok we will call her Mary so then everyone was upset as they had gotten used to it and everyone loved it. I've not met one person yet (7 years now) who hate it. And she's the only one in school with her name. (So all kids in all years knows of her name) x

    • Zoey H.

      Love it

    • April R.

      Lovely name

    • Donna L.

      Beautiful name xx

    • Julie H.

      Gorgeous. My niece is called Shalome pronounced shall ome (home) from the Hebrew word shalom meaning peace. We thought parents were bit bonkers but turned out to be perfect for her as she suffers from severe brain deformity she developed in womb and was told she would never survive. Now 8 months but defiantly not peaceful :joy:

    • Kerry F.

      We were gonna call our daughter Wynter but my family hated it so much we chose another.....I still love it though so if baby girl number 2 comes along I know what she'll be called :smile:

    • Tara G.

      Kerry Faulder at first I wanted to call her Wynter-Luna as she was born in winter and at night so Winter moon but hubby didn't really like that so we came up with Wynter-Rose xx

  • Mandy R.

    Skye, Zuma.....Ella will love!

  • Jacqui S.

    No one really approved of our daughter's name when we named her...however that wasn't going to stop us, we wanted unique so she's Kerensa-Cheyenne......she's 13 now and it still really suits her!! Although she chooses to abbreviate it quite often now for ease. No one can spell it or pronounce it correctly it seems....

  • Lauren S.


  • Debby D.

    My child's father absolutely hates the name Graihagh I chose for my daughter so he calls her by her 2nd name Gwenllian.

    • Vicki M.

      How do you pronounce your daughters names? X

    • Debby D.

      Graihagh is pronounced Greya and I still have trouble pronouncing the ll in Gwenllian cos the ll is more like a sound than a letter like a Cl type sound. Lovely names though!:smile:

    • Vicki M.

      Thank you - think they are lovely names! Xx

    • Debby D.

      Thank you! It took me ages to choose and I wanted something totally unique x

  • Ruth F.

    They'll get over it ...... it becomes that person n u can yet imagine them being called anything else ....... should think.of the child n what they'll think n feel about being called that ..... no one else x

  • Lauren G.

    Yep!! First thing my dad said this time was...."sounds like a old Irish alcoholic" :see_no_evil: amongst other expletives :joy::joy:

  • Kimberley B.

    I have 2 girls. Kaydee and Sydnie. I always get "do you mean Katie" :zzz: and "Sydnie? But she's a girl" :zzz::zzz:

  • Samantha H.

    My mum didnt like my daughters name when i first told her what we ha picked. But now she is here my mum loves her name and couldn't imagine calling hwr anything else. We called her felicity :heart_eyes: xx

  • Gail S.

    We had a few raised eyebrows and comments when we announced our baby name, Raife, but he really suits it, he does sometimes get Ray, but now when he tells people his name he gets ooh what a lovely name. My hairdresser as even said he's pinching it when he has kids haha x

    • Zosia C.

      How do you pronounce this name? It does look a really cool name.

    • Gail S.

      It;s pronounced Ray-f

    • Gemma H.

      I loved the name Rafe for our little boy but his dad vetoed it - along with my first choice of Korben (but I managed to get that as a middle name haha) x

    • Samantha M.

      I LOVE this name! Never heard this before! X

    • Gail S.

      Samantha Moss It's a really old name, traditionally spelt Ralph but then it gets pronounced wrong, so we changed the spelling up.

  • Erran T.

    My family can't stand the name we have chosen for our baby when she's born which is really upsetting. I guess you can't change people's thoughts and opinions but it would be nice if they could keep them to themselves

    • Kaylee W.

      What are you going for? Xx

    • Anne L.

      It is your choice Erran and you know she will be loved to bits, at least she won't be called ..........Annie Custard!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Erran T.

      I'm good thank you. Just trying to tidy the house for the weekend. Are you ok? Xxx

    • Anne L.

      I am fine thank you, I am doing the same as you but with a lot of " help " from Masie who thinks it is a good game to pounce on anything that moves, lol xxxxx

  • Sarah S.

    The only name I really liked for my son when I was pregnant was Elvin but no one else did, as it turned out he looked much more like a Benjamin

  • Emma S.

    My dad did not want us to call our daughter Jessica, so when she was born, we told him we had called her Twinkle Mercedes. Twinkle because her eyes twinkled, and Mercedes because of our family's German connections. We had him on for about an hour. He went white as a sheet and said he didnt think Jessica was such a bad name after all :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

    • Trish C.

      Jessica is a lovely pretty name why would he not want you to call her that x

    • Emma S.

      No idea! He loves it now (she is four now so it has grown in him lol) and he dotes on her. Our son came along 2.5 years later. We called him Isaac and he struggled with that too at first, but he likes it now and obviously loves them both to pieces x

  • Daniella F.

    I have harvey sienna & jenson, didnt really care if no one liked them, they are my children!! Lol x

  • Louisa N.

    Not dislike by family but a lot of people hated the name we chose for our second daugther cos I made the mistake of telling people when pregnant. They were actually coming to me weekly with other suggestions, which I think is so rude! It wore at me and I told.my hubby I wasn't sure about the name anymore and we started trying out other names but none of them felt right and in my heart i knew her name was already chosen and wouldnt be swayed by others not liking it as she is my child not theirs. I'm glad I didn't let it affects me and we now have a 13 month old Effie Georgia and it suits her perfectly :-)

    • Annamarie M.

      My little girl is called Effie too, we kept it secret ....some loved it straight away .... Others were unsure..... But we loved it and she is such a character and nobody would of changed our minds .... Lovely to read that there are other effie's around xx

    • Louisa N.

      Me too! though u don't seem to get that many around which I also love. It seems to be a marmite name but when I look at her she is such an effie. So cheeky and mischievous & into everything:-) xx

  • Iona N.

    Hand on heart, I couldn't give a flying piggy what others think of the names we chose for our children - Casper, Clover, Clio and Caesar. I could never find anything in the gift shop with my name on it and now, neither will they :joy:

    • Bex K.

      Clover is a beautiful name! :shamrock::four_leaf_clover:

    • Gillian M.

      Casper is am awesome name :grinning::grinning::grinning:

  • Laura M.

    I wanted Effie EVERYONE hated it and the MIL kept saying what a stupid name no u can't have that no ur not having it to the point it upset my son when she litterally shouted NO when he was calling her Effie in my tum Partner hated it and everyone one like oh it sounds like F this F-in that

    So she's called Ava

    • Laura C.

      There's a little girl at my daughter's school called Effie. It's a pretty name.

    • Holly-Jade M.

      We call my daughter Effy. Its not her real name, but it's all we ever call her lol. I love it

    • Annamarie M.

      I have 3 year old called Effie .... Xxx we love it ....

  • Hannah E.

    We had so many opinions given to us when I was expecting out first (didn't sex until birth) people were saying 'you can't call them that!' By the time we were expecting our second we just didn't tell anyone what we were thinking! We have a Jessica and a Heidi. X

  • Rebecca C.

    , I hope this doesn't happen! Xxx

    • Suzanne L.

      Well any that do will get told to jog on !! :punch_tone1::punch_tone1: haha ! Xx

  • Catherine B.

    Hayley Louise it does but more like a warning like "you'll rue the day you cross my daughter!" Which I'm sure her daddy will get a kick out of saying a lot when she's older :slight_smile:

  • Sara C.

    Yes both my kids names were disliked but now have 'grown on them' Mummy to Kylan 3 and Lyla 3months :heart:

    • Amy C.

      My 9month old is Lyla and I'm always being asked if I made it up or spelt it wrong and is it Layla?? I love Lyla's name and her big sister is Eva xx

      • Ladyjane

        when my eldest boy was small he had an imaginary friend called Lyla ( though in my head I spelt it Lila)! Incidentally we called him Jan, which is Cornish, because we liked it but causes some bother with whether it's a girl' s name or whether it's pronounced Yan - which we liked too, but no, it isn't! My dad wanted him to have a second name so we added Lewis but he never uses it....

    • Sara C.

      Even my uncle even calls her layla or leila lol. I get called Sarah all the time aswell which annoys me lol. X

  • Samantha L.

    I had all sorts of stupid comments from my mother in law but do u know what I didn't care, a babies choice of name is down to two people the mum and dad so bugger all else's opinion! In fact mainly down to mums as they carry for 9 months then have to push them out :speak_no_evil:

  • Rin L.

    We called our new little one Talon. A few people said that they didn't like it and wouldn't call him that, that they would call him TJ instead. Well, the obvious thing to do is change the middle name from James to Xavier Eric, thus rendering the ability to shorten it impossible. I mostly just call him Wibbly pig anyways :D

  • Katie M.

    My mum loves short names but I love Charlotte and if we ever get a girl I'll name her Charlotte and my mum said she will just grow to love it. With our second sons name it was difficult as we knew our first sons names right away James but we were tossing and turning on the next baby we liked Oliver and then it was pointed out that we had Jamie Oliver, so we liked Matthew better and my m.i.l said that she had a brother and nephew called that so that went out the window and we have now settled on Harry. And m.i.l can lump it that she has a nephew and grandson called Harry.

    • Sara R.

      I have a James and a Harry they're great names.

  • Hayley L.

    We "regret" not having her sooner. That's how we are going to explain it lol when she asks but until then it's French and means street/travel. As we hope she travels the world lmao. * think I can get away with that * But she's a special story anyway. I lost my son Patrick year before, she was due on his birthday but actually came St Patrick's day. So I don't think she'll question her name

  • Becky W.

    We named our son Ronnie, not many 3 yr old with that name, the family was very unsure even rude at times.... But he's Deffo a Ron!

  • Sarah B.

    Some of our family didn't really like the name we choose. I wished I had kept it to myself till she was born. Now she is here I think their have come around alittle. Her name is Luna x

    • Alexa B.

      Beautiful name :revolving_hearts:. X

    • Iona M.

      Love it , it was on my shortlist for my 3month old but we decided on Lilli once we seen her face.

    • Iona M.

      It was in our top 3 but it kept bugging me I loved it but I couldn't quite picture it (if that even makes sense) so I played about with the spelling and fell in love with Lilli

    • Sue B.

      My 4 month old granddaughter is called Luna, she really suits it, and some older relatives who weren't too sure also love it now. When people ask her name and I tell them, they all say its unusual and they like it

    • Kristina B.

      I absolutely love luna. I wanted it shortlisted but we had a boy anyway :-) It's unique without being 'too out there' x

    • Cath H.

      I like it!

    • Vanessa C.

      Luna is a very fashionable Spanish name and very popular where I live in Marbella and that is the only reason I didn't use it for my daughter. If I lived in UK I would've used it because it's a beautiful name.

    • Aj T.

      I love it!! I have a daughter called juno,but Luna was on the list.this time our daughter will be named raven,not to everyone's taste but hey,they're not bringing her up!

    • Sarah W.

      Love her name

  • Margaret H.

    My Aunty said my sons name was a dogs name but I've never met a dog called Adam. My daughters name is Eden and I was told that's a mans name. Third time round we must have got it right because nobody had anything to say about Hope x

    • Emma M.

      My cousin is called Adam! How can anyone think it's a dogs name?! :thinking::joy:

    • Margaret H.

      i know! Have you ever heard of a dog called Adam? X

    • Emma M.

      No :joy: at the end of the day it's your child and you can name them what you like! The way I see it is you carry them for 9 months. If people don't like the name then tough! X

    • Margaret H.

      absolutely! I love my kids names x

    • Kerris S.

      My little girl is Eden, I used to get 'it's a boys name' too, :rage: actually it's both but I think it's more suited to a girl.

    • Margaret H.

      My Eden is 24 now and loves her name. I couldn't imagine her with a different name x

    • Kerris S.

      Mine is 5 and is known as Edie, but I love Eden, when she's older she can choose which one she wants to use, it's unusual but not unheard of and I think very strong but still feminine. A good name for a girl!! X

    • Stephanie L.

      I honestly thought when reading that you were going to say he was called something like Rex or Max (not that I think they are dogs names) never heard a dog called Adam lol xx

    • Louise S.

      My son is called Kai supposedly a dog's name but surely a human must have been calling these names to begin with, the cheek of some people amazes me X

    • Laura M.

      We wanted to call our baby jasmine if it was a girl but both mums didn't like it and said it was a dogs name. Every one says it doesn't matter what every body else thinks but it really put me off. Luckily we didn't have to worry because he is a boy :grinning:

    • Michelle R.

      My baby girl is called Eden and i was told this was a mans name also! I love it and it suits her perfectly :blush: x

  • Sophia D.

    My nan hated the name we gave our daughter which was esmee and she suggested grace so now we have grace xx

  • Princess S.

    My first daughter is Megan pronounced me-gan mum had her pronounced like the car megane lol my 2nd daughter is madison but we call her madi cause she is totally nuts she is a rough n tumble girl n does taekwondo so u can guess the looks n whispers she gets with madi on the back of suits we didn't care who liked or didn't like the names my kids my choice lol

  • Amy C.

    Everyone loves my eldest's daughters name but with our second we just didn't tell anyone until she was born that way people are more likely to keep their opinions to themselves xx

  • Amy1986


    This is a bit too close to home! My MIL made disapproving comments about my little girls name (Eliza) when we "talked names" prior to the arrival of our 1st baby we decided not to discuss our chosen names with anyone second time round. On the arrival of our little boy the same MIL put the phone down on my husband when he told her what he was called. He's now £ months and I've only heard her call him his actual name once. Where everyone else us been so complimentary. Baffling! 

  • Gayle J.

    My sister in law was dropping a present off at my parents house for our new son and she turned around and said to my Mum what do u think of the name to which my Mum replied its lovely and not common n my sister in law replies i think its a horrible name n y would u call him that,,, My son is called Lyndan Issac Ty, needless to say i've not spoken to her since

  • Laura E.

    They loved my sons name, but hated the father.........lol I hated the name when it was suggested when I was pregnant. But when I first set my eyes on him, he was very obviously a Jimi. Not James, or Jimmy, or Jimmi or Jimy. I've had them all over the last 10 years in his birthday and Christmas cards

  • Katie R.

    I've come across quite abit of negativity and confusion around my daughters name however I'm so glad I picked it, she's now 10 weeks old and suits her name perfectly.. Elodie:heartpulse:

    • Kelly V.

      My daughter is also called Elodie, it's such a beautiful French name for my soon to be 9yr old little lady. Have only ever had positive comments on her name, think that's because it's a little unusual but not too "out there". I won't however let people try & shorten it ✌

  • Ashlee W.

    Yeah ... We have the name we wanted for our son as a middle name as its a little weird but we call him by that name :) the family use his first name though lolz. They didn't like my daughters name either even though Now they are adamant they always thought it was such a beautiful name!

    • Katherine B.

      I'm intrigued, what are their names?

    • Sarah N.

      Me too x

    • Ashlee W.

      Katherine Black our little boy is fox and girl Autumn xx

  • Iona M.

    Our families loved our girls names but even if they hated them they are our girls we decide not them. They all made suggestions while pregnant but didn't like any of them lol. Our girls are Lexi & Lilli. We like Lily but i didn't like how it was spelt so I tweaked it a little

  • Michelle L.

    We had a few comments when pregnant about about a name we liked. We just ignored them because we loved it and then when we had a beautiful baby girl the name just fit. She is now 2 and I couldn't imagine her being called anything else. Her name is Elliotte x

    • Karen N.

      My friends called their daughter Elliotte.

    • Michelle L.

      Aww lovely, I've only ever heard of 1 other girl x

    • Hayley G.

      Love it xx It was our final two but we called our daughter Cameron (she's known to all as Cammie) ...if we had another daughter she'd definately be an Elliotte xx

    • Michelle L.

      That's a lovely name too X

  • Christine L.

    I've had lots of raised eyebrows over my girls names, even had a very close relative tell everyone the wrong name when the second was born. A few weeks til the 3rd arrives which this time we know in advance is a girl and we're toying with 3 names all unusual. No one will know what we chose until she arrives. My girls are Orla and Mara x

    • Debbie L.

      I have a Mara too!! I love it xx

    • Christine L.

      Me too Debbie and love that she has never met anyone with the same name. She actually found a keyring in Florida with her name on it, don't think I've ever seen so much excitement over a keyring :joy:x

    • Orláith A.

      I'm a bit biased towards Orla, even if the spelling is Anglicised :wink: I've never heard the name Mara before but it is beautiful :relaxed:

    • Christine L.

      Thank you orlaith. We almost had the same spelling as you but figured in Scotland people would always pronounce it wrong :joy: x

  • Jenny R.

    Good job it's not there kid :joy::thumbsup:

  • Terri W.

    There's a song about Lorelei by eagle eye cherry!!

  • Anna P.

    Well we keep the name of our children quiet until they are born and if people don't like it they can lump it and personally family or not I think it's just plain rude to voice unwanted opinions of the baby's name to the new parents talk about bursting their happy bubble!

    • Sarah P.

      The old saying rings true - if you've got nothing nice to say, don't say it at all!

  • Natasha K.

    .... what are you really calling him? lol

  • Helen B.

    Usually have to spell out my son's name, Zenith, after 37 yrs gets a bit tiresom lol

  • Catherine B.

    That's lovely. It sound like your little Rue was more than meant to be :heart_eyes: x

  • Sara B.

    this is the article x

  • Tufty N.

    We chose my first sons name at about 11 weeks and when I met him I knew it was perfect. He's called Barnaby (Boo for short which I love, I really don't like people calling him Barny). And we called our now 8month old Edward which was a lot harder to choose after getting it so right the first time, but we love Edward / Eddie / Ed. only one person has said "you can't call him Edward it's too harsh he's a baby" ... My response was "he's my baby and that's his name" :grinning:

    • Rachel W.

      My sons Edward or Ted for short. :relaxed:

  • Lisa B.

    We chose the name Mia for my daughter but my mother ridiculed it so we decided on Halle, she was still horrible about that and got her way in the end with Holly Olivia.

  • Lianne K.

    My daughter is called Dakota, we got "derr-whater" all the time, now people compliment her name in how nice but unusual it is, and there ain't a kid with same name in her class, or the whole school to be fair X

  • Aisling J.

    we didn't know what we were having with our second bubba but we had names for both a boy and girl. I had the girls name already picked from my first pregnancy cuz I loved it (I had a son called Odhrán) due date arrived and we had a gorgeous girl and we called her Niamh-Ainé. i love the name, its individual and beautiful just like her. it really infuriates me when people don't call her by her full name...they call her Niamh or Neevey...I dont care if they don't like the name they should however respect the time and effort her father and I put in to choosing a name. if anyone calls her Niamh or Neevey I purposely shorten their name to see how they like it....petty I know but no one comes between a mummy and her bubbas hehe

    • Harriet B.

      I feel so ignorant in asking, but how do you pronounce your children's names?x

    • Aisling J.

      Get asked that all the time :) Odhrán = Or-an Niamh-Ainé = Neeve-on-ya :blush:

    • Harriet B.

      They're lovely :) x

    • Aisling J.

      aw thanks hun :)

    • Orláith A.

      I love hearing of children with Gaeilge names!:heart:

  • Cathy F.

    & the pressure is on - the pups name is just as important! Good luck! Remember Ed is a class name lol! Wink wink! :dog::dog::dog:

  • Rebecca E.

    Our eldest daughter is called Arianna and when we had her out for a walk for the first time (3 days old) an old lady asked her name. On hearing it she replied, 'Urghhh! At least you can call her Anna I suppose' and marched off!! Our youngest is Sylvie and I do get some people raising eyebrows at that too...but I love it!

  • Karen D.

    I had this with my sons name. Elijah. It's who he is. We picked it. We love it.

  • Heather L.

    We announced our sons name to a lot of family while they were meeting him, I'll never forget the look on my dads face.. He's more.. Traditional?! Jackson Stuart.. A few weeks on it grew on him haha he was the only person to not love it right away! I love "out there" names.. That was timid!

  • Debbie L.

    I got 'oh aren't they unusual names' all the time. My girls are Kaylin & Mara. No one knew the names until babies were born. Doing the same this time, expecting a boy, so on the hunt for an equally unusual name xx

  • Donna M.

    Mine are Libby, Robyn and Fred. None of them are hugely popular and I love them. They're perfect for my rabble xx

  • Janelister

    we called our daughter Jadzia 17 years ago, my nan told me I was stupid and wouldn't call her by her name just called her the baby. And my brother said she would regret having such a name. But hey guess what, Jadzia is a beautiful young lady and loves her name and no one has ever bullied her over it

  • Rebecca2023

    my nan hated my daughters name simply because there was a woman on her estate with the same name and my nan said she was a whore

    • Rebecca2023

      her name is Annie but my nan calls her Anna!

      My sons name is Elliot. both traditional names, not many about either!

  • Gemma O.

    My mum and bfs family didnt like the name willow... But i called her willow Rae anyway :joy: she wasnt named after the buffy willow but the film willow

  • Nikki M.

    We kept our 2nd boys name a secret as we knew not everyone would like it- but we LOVE it... He is 6 weeks old... Our little Alfie :kissing_heart::blue_heart:

    • Rachael V.

      I couldnt imagine him being anything but alfie now

    • Nikki M.

      Me either, i just love it and its perfect for him :heart_eyes::blue_heart::ok_hand_tone1:

    • Rachael V.

      Deffo wee pet he is x

  • Alex Z.

    If your that botherd about other peoples opinon on a name for your child you should think twice because it should bother you in the slightest not there children not there problem

  • Samantha H.

    My mum hated the name Ava-may but she had to lump it!

  • Jody T.

    We named our lb francisjody after me and his father Franky Jo for short mother said it's disgusting and self indigent we love it

  • Dannie B.

    I don't care what anyone says it's not there child I like unusual names I have a Lexie Brooke Breeze and Mitchell if u like a name go for it it soon grows on people

  • Kristina B.

    My youngest daughter is Harper, absolutely nothing to do with football or the Beckhams lol. My partner sat reading a name book and as soon as he suggested it I loved it. I expected everyone to hate it bit surprisingly everyone liked it. My youngest son is Finley. I thought everyone would like it but I don't think anyone did. We made sure we were set before we told anyone for that reason though :-) Naming your baby is a personal choice we spend hours choosing a perfect name for our little ones and a lot of the time there is a reason or a story behind each one. Nobody should judge x

  • Chelsee F.

    I honestly couldn't have given a monkeys if people hadn't liked our name choices! Our baby our choice at the end of the day :relaxed::purple_heart::green_heart:

  • Donna W.

    I should have been called Zoe Tabitha. But my grandparents didn't like it (said Tabitha was a cats name, which actually would have suited me as I'm cat mad lol) so I got Donna Samantha instead. (I suspect my mum liked bewitched lol)

  • Emma L.

    My mum didn't like my boys name 'ted'. It's grown on her after 3 years...kind of ha

  • Gemma H.

    I don't think my dad was too keen on my daughters name at first but he never said anything! Once when she was a few months old (about 5/6) I heard him say to her "I dont know what a Tahlia is supposed to look like but I reckon your the best Tahlia out there" and kissed her xx

    • Laura M.

      One of my fave girls names if I had a girl :)

    • Gemma H.

      I love unusual names and haven't met another tahlia yet (she's 6 in a few weeks) - there's a Talia at her school a couple of years above her but that's the closest I've heard lol x

    • Bianca P.

      Awww that's so sweet x

  • Cadburys

    we called our 1st boy Kal-el. Not many people knw the origin lol but he's our very own superman lol

  • Nikki W.

    I called my daughter Heidi. My dad disliked it so much that he called her Dave for the first few months after she was born :joy:

  • Krizzi E.

    Ive got a reece, my m.I.l hates my 8month lg name skyla-mai and calls her pickle instead im now expecting again another girl and im going with taya I love unusual names and tbh I dont care what people think the name suits why not as people say our children we brought into the world why let what others think matter xx

    • Kathryn R.

      Love Taya. Was on our girls list too.

    • Krizzi E.

      Its just diff, girls dad hates it but I letting him have a say lol xx

  • Cath H.

    My elderly father-in-law was at the doctors and overheard a mother telling off a child called 'Noah'. He told us that this was a horrible name. I was pregnant and we had decided to call the baby Noah! Hubby told him he had better get used to it. When Noah was born father-in-law told relatives that he couldn't remember the name as it was so unusual! They were baffled when it was revealed as the popular name Noah!

  • Adele M.

    Our daughter is Quin Halle. Everyone on both sides hated it but we stood our ground.

  • Julie-Anne M.

    :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: xx

  • Angela K.

    Not a family member but I can remember a stranger saying to me my daughter would get bullied for her name it upset me for months....her name is Brooke! :heart::heart:

  • Diane O.

    my kids are Jay and Jorja, I still love their names and have come across negatives but i don't care :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::heart: x

  • Sara P.

    I had mixed feeling about our wee mans name from people. We chose it before we even knew the gender at 5 weeks pregnant it just clicked. My mum hated it and said it was 'chavvy' and my dad just hated the fact i was having a wee one regardless of the name at the time. Now no other name suits him amd it fits him perfectly 3 years later. Jayden :green_heart:

  • Fiona S.

    We named our baby Aria. We didn't tell people the name but knew from very early on what we would call her. I didn't want to share her name as people can be so judgemental. Surely if people don't like someone's name choice they should keep their opinions to themselves!

    • Sharon J.

      Well done Fiona. It's a beautiful name. We gave in to my in laws about our first and I'm still bitter 32 years later. It ruined my relationship with them and put strain on our marriage. They hated the other twos names but we ignored them. Xxx

    • Fiona S.

      that's such a shame your in laws were so difficult. It was up to you two to decide on a name and they should have kept their opinions to themselves. Xx

  • Alex K.

    I'm so glad this has never happened to us!! :joy:

  • Kadie A.

    People struggle with my name, Kadie. I get called allsorts. My daughter is called Kayla, people also struggle with that. It's so annoying when people ask our names, we tell them and 9/10 the reaction is pardon or they repeat back a different name.

  • Judy W.

    while I was pregnant my dad wasn't happy with the name we had decided on so he bought a budgie and called it Bobby.well I couldn't name my son after the budgie could I! He alway denied it. Named him Marc in the end.

  • Kim M.

    My son is called Rudy (pronounced roo-di) and my family weren't too sure on it and kept forgetting what he was called as its not that common, I'm due another boy in 9 days and calling him Sonny :)

    • Gillian C.

      Those were 2 names on our list but we decided on Jude! Good luck with baby sonny! X

  • Jellytots

    my son  is named after my grandad (mums side) my mum now refuses to call him by his name and refers to him as "the baby" "little man" or "big boy". 

    He is now 1.5 years old and she has never once mentioned his name. She has even refused to come to my wedding because of it. 

  • Tracey P.

    Eldest was named Caius Jay for 24hrs, he was a large baby (10lb 8oz) so the nurses nicknamed him Caius Maximus!:joy: the next day My mum begged Me to change his name as she Hated it and couldnt bear the thought of having to shout his name out in the street ... He is now Nathaniel Jay! I also have Ethan Joel, Caleb Isaac and Noah Sebastien!

  • Liz D.

    Knew my first baby was going to be called Lily even before we had the first scan!! We (my partner and I) just had a strong feeling it was a little girl we were having and both loved yhe name Lily x

  • Brian B.

    Pmsl x

  • Jess I.

    Mostly disapproval, some that it sounds silly when they say it XD haha puts me off then XD

  • Kayleigh L.

    My mother in law hated the name I chose for my daughter! She always used to say "oh, well maybe you'll change your mind nearer the time she's born!". Whenever she used to ask about her she'd still refer to her as 'the baby' so I assume she still doesn't like the name! Not that I care! :v:

  • Suey E.

    Lol xx

  • Jennifer Y.

    My kids are lusiana, litia and Emilia, we had people look as us funny about each of there names but I don't care coz there my babies and the suit there beautiful names

  • Mike J.

    Far too many weird names now, what is the obession with bloody hyphens????

  • Sarah B.

    We got lots of 'looks' with our sons name ... Cooper James .... most think it should be James Cooper ! love how weve mixed it up a little ha ha x x ur wytner rose is a lovely little lady and a fab friend to my Coopster xx

    • Tara G.

      I love Coppers name xx. Wynter is a big softy lol s right mother hen. She dosnt like to see anyone upset and would not intentionally upset anyone. It would really upset her if she tghought she had xx

  • Amy B.

    Then they can get stuffed

    • Amy B.

      Haha I've had enough of ppls opinions on this baby's name we're not telling anyone! We did ok with Henry so people should trust us. Also I did write this after receiving an opinion! :blush:

  • Charlotte S.

    The midwife told me I couldn't call my daughter Taylor as it was a surname!! There were some raised eyebrows but I liked it so that's her name, then I had Scott and was told it was a bit plain :rolling_eyes: then Mason and my sil hates it which made even more determined it would be his name :grinning: and lastly Robynn which my in laws still can't spell and she is 14 months lol - ahhhh the joys of other people's views :sparkling_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::sparkling_heart:

  • Nell M.

    Your baby your choice

  • Leanne S.

    My youngest son is Teddy David, his middle name being for my dad who we sadly lost before he was born. When he was born a relative commented that they weren't keen on the David (didn't like my dad) and his first name was unusual, but so are the others (Poppy and Riley) I was quite upset. I've never revealed by babies names before they were born for fear of negative comments, so never expected to hear any when the babies were here.

  • Karine S.

    I had a few "really??" when I chose to call my son Junior. He was meant to be Jon Junior (or JJ) after his dad but sadly his dad passed away and I just kept Junior. And Junior rocks! :heart:

  • Domini B.

    I wouldnt care if anyone had hated our child's name as long as we loved it they can kiss my ass hahaha

    • Abigail H.

      We've told a couple of people what we're calling our baby, my aunt was so rude. "Well I don't like that" my response "I don't give a shit I do!"

    • Domini B.

      That's me hahaha ! I just say well its a good job its not your baby then haha

  • Linda M.

    Is it their baby? If not they can shut up and put up. End of.

  • Mellissa J.

    My MIDWIFE disliked my middle daughters name ...Tierney Breeze... and tried to talk me into more traditional like selina??? I have never been worried about what others think nor do I care much neither!! My Summer Paige ... Tierney Breeze and Daneeka Meadow suit their names and I chose them with care

  • Nicola G.

    Hahaha xx

  • Katy K.

    Everyone hated my son's name, but me and dh both loved it, and after settling on a "normal" name with out daughter (Jessica), we decided not to let other people put us off our dream name for our son, in fact we were team yellow and didn't even have a girls name but knew our boys name, so when he was born snd we saw he was a boy I just sobbed his name, i didn't even need to think about it or discuss it, he was my Elijah, although most people call him Eli (which we picked as his shorted name) :blush:

  • Linda R.

    I wasn't overjoyed with the name my son chose for his son and I told him that but it was his choice and now I can't imagine him being called anything else. He is called Kelvin. Sadly my son died earlier this year and his youngest son was born on July 2nd. Mum gave him my son's name but it just felt strange calling another person by my son's name. Their oldest child really struggled with it and said he felt he would be talking to his dad so after a short discussion the baby's first and middle names were swapped round and now everyone is happy.

  • Jojo M.

    I wanted to call my oldest Ellie May but my mum put me of it saying it was a clampet and hillbillies names then I chose l Katie May the May was always in it as it was her other granny's name who sadly does of cancer and then my mum said well her other granny's in it I can so u cud call her katrina Katie for short which is my mums middle name nightmare lol and with youngest me and her daddy couldn't agree on name but once she was born I slept for bit and got a visit to see me and the baby by her aunt and she asked if we had decided on name now I had alexia Alicia Rihanna etc before this but I looked at her and said I like Ella Louise and that's what she was called and really suits her name lol

  • Beverley S.

    No one liked our choice for our son, all our girls have old names, Amy, Eleanor, Hannah and Megan. I wanted our son to have an old name and I loved the name Seth. You should have seen the faces our family pulled at our choice! Four years on and they love it. Our child our choice!

  • Sarah L.

    I think they all love it now, but when I was pregnant with my second and said i was going to the baby Woody if he was a boy, don't think they were too sure! People say now "oh, what's that short for?" which is quite polite really!

  • Holly R.

    Why do people think it's ok to pass judgement or "offer advice" on naming babies. It's no one's business but the parents. I didn't take a bit of notice what the in laws thought of our sons name choice- Rhys. They had two options, like it or lump it!

  • Danielle F.

    Yep, we have a Max and a Marley. We always get told there dogs names but hey ho we love them :heart:

  • Kirsty C.

    I thought you were going with Penny?! x

  • Kate B.

    My mum said she would never forgive me and never call my daughter by her name , now , 23 yrs on she loves her name and couldnt see her as anything else but MOLLIE .

  • Ashleigh C.

    We have had a few comments of "oh what an usual name" - our daughter is called Amelie, I'd had her name picked out as long as I could remember for if I ever had a little girl. I love her name even more everyday as she grows with it, her full name is Amelie Elisabeth

  • Aj T.

    I have a daughter named juno (spelt iuno) and im currently pregnant with another girl,who wr intend to call raven.not to many people's taste but hey,when you are contributing more than just your opinion,you get a say- till then butt out

  • Linz M.

    We have a son due in a few weeks and we are callin him ollie a few ppl dont like it but i think its really cute x

  • Samantha B.

    Ha I wouldn't care no relatives were taken into mind when myself and partner sat down and thought of names it's our child not theirs! X

  • Chris C.

    Hahaha no pleasing everyone! :) xo

  • Roisin C.

    Except ourselves :) x

  • Charlotte G.

    Who cares !!!! It's the parents choice

  • Donna-Louise P.

    I've got an in law that insisted on calling our kids poxy boring names because she didn't get to pick the names, luckily she soon came around to them because the arsenic in the tea jobbie was getting close:joy::skull_crossbones::coffee::smiling_imp:

  • Vikki D.

    I have unusual names for mine. Some didn't like it but made me more adamant to have them!

  • Chloe C.

    Mine are Halle (girl) and Arlo (boy).. A lot of people call my daughter ally which is quite annoying.. Luckily everyone liked her name when we announced it.. We didn't tell anyone till she was born.. We didn't know the sex either.. With my 2nd we called him Arlo and then 3 weeks later the film 'the good dinosaur' came out.. I wasn't bothered at all as I love it. My family were all very accepting and if they didn't like it they never said a word but my Inlaws were very confused.. My husband was same as me and loved the name.. They didn't know where we had got it from as were even saying that we had made it up... It annoyed me but he's nearly 9 month now and they seem to have gotten over it and I can't imagine him called anything else! X

  • Bianca P.

    My little girl is Isabelle-Brontë (first name) Hortanse (middle name. I love it even if others don't and at least most people call her isabelle and not Izzy too shorten it

  • Sophie-Marie M.

    We had mixed reviews about our little girls name, maggie. We loved it and thats all that mattered and it really suits her. I was hurt by some comments but i think ppl realised in the end that it was our choice and our baby. Xxx

    • Claire T.

      I love Maggie :heart:

  • Vicky L.

    We didn't tell anyone first time round until he was born then we announced it in text we then got told our middle name was stupid and he should have his father's middle name as it sounds better (Mil) but we were adamant this time round we haven't told anyone and won't until she's her in a couple of weeks. My response is if you weren't at conception u have no right to my child. They had their time to name their kids. I think it's more because the other son has named both kids after their parents whereas we feel we are giving them their own identity

  • Andre C.

    My family didn't really like Emma at all, but to be honest, I had decided that would be her name ages ago, so I didn't care at all! Life is to short to worry about what other people think! If we have a third one we will call her Aria Luna (my mum hates it too!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Claire T.

    With my name being so common I wanted unusual names for my girls and my husband agreed. It did make me laugh when my husband texted our family and friends following the birth of our second as they all thought he had spelt it wrong! Also my mum couldn't pronounce it at first so nicknamed her Tinkerbell which stuck so most people call her Tink which we love. We have Ashlyn Miriam Lucy, Amabelle Casey Rose and Anya-Mai Rebecca. (All middle names were chosen from family and friends names). :heartpulse::purple_heart::heart:

  • Carolyn A.

    Our son is Ralph Archer and alot of people didn't like it at first but all love it now . But it didn't make any difference to us cause we loved it. Our little girl is Ava Grace which seems to have gone done well with everyone xx

  • Gemma C.

    We called our daughter Alana jasmine as we really struggled to both agree on a name. I knew she was a girl the moment I fell pregnant so no shock there! But a few of my older relatives were like 'it's unusual' 'didn't you want a normal name' to 'you should have called her jasmine!' One relative actually said 'I don't like it!' It's been 9 years and we will love it! It suits her as she's definitely an original! Lol. Our son was a normal Thomas James! No complaints or comments! Surprisingly! You will never win! I would never change my kids names! You can't please everyone!!!

  • Danielle B.

    We were going to name our eldest son George,but my nan was insistent we had LOADS of George's in the family (I don't no 1) lol! Anyway George became his middle name & we choose Reece as 1st name (but as my nan is Hungarian she couldn't say Reece for AGES & called him RICE) oh dear! Our 2nd (a girl) was fine wiv all the family; Lillie-Mai (but she's 8yrs old now & some family members STILL spell it wrong) & my little boys name choices got laughed at & 'are you really serious?' Comments by family (Chace & Klay) & my 5th (a girl) got a few heads turned as we called her Betzy-Beau (but pronounced Boo) & family tend to just call her Betz or Betzy! They think the boo part is silly! We still not decided on our 6th (& last) baby's name yet...but God knows wot family will make of it? Don't really care anymore either!

  • 14a

    I had almost the opposite problem. We decided on our little boys name pretty quickly during pregnancy - Edward. Our families liked it, especially my mother, who immediately starting talking about my unborn baby to everyone by referring to him as "Teddy". As much as we begged, she wouldn't stop. I hated it so much, I almost changed my mind several times before he was born! Glad I stuck with it as he really is a little Ed. He's nearly 3 now and she still calls him Teddy, which I and pretty much the rest of both families really hate

  • Sally W.

    We chose possible names but didn't tell anyone until baby arrived as wanted to make sure the name suited, plus we didn't know what we were having. It parents choice, family just have to live with it. Not forgetting the child also has to live with it lol!

  • Niki P.

    I wanted Tulip but no one would let me

  • Debbie A.

    We called our son lennon after john lennon people we're a bit shocked but we didn't care we love it and it suits him so well xx

  • Carrieanne R.

    Had a few erm ok when we told people our name. My mother even said what Evian as in the water? We called her Evaine. Now we get nothing but lovely comments and all the family love it and her

  • Jmc

    I have 2 girls 15 and 11 they are called Jayden and Jersey.  Family always liked Jayden but didn't like Jersey.  I love ❤ both my kids names 

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