Tips For Young Working Mums

25 May 2016
Tips For Young Working Mums

We all know that pregnancy and maternity discrimination exists in the workplace; plenty of us have had the misfortune to experience it first hand.

But the latest figures from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) suggest that young mums are considerably more likely to be discriminated against at work due to pregnancy or maternity matters.

Sky News reports:

Women aged under 25 are six times more likely than average women to be dismissed from their jobs after telling employers they are pregnant, new figures show. Research from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) showed that 6% in the younger age group reported that they were dismissed after revealing that they were expecting a child compared to 1% among expectant mothers of all ages.

SIX TIMES more likely? Jeepers. Obviously this new data is particularly concerning, given that young mums are also more likely to be in junior or trainee roles and may lack job security.

Consequently, the EHRC has launched a digital campaign called #PowertotheBump to inform young expectant and new mothers about their rights at work and support them in standing up for them.

The campaign will include blogs from young mothers, twitter chats with parenting groups and an online quiz for mums to promote the help and advice available for young mothers on the #PowertotheBump web pages.

The #PowertotheBump top tips for young mothers are:

  1. Talk to your boss early
  2. Use your right to reasonable time off for antenatal appointments
  3. Plan your maternity leave early
  4. Always talk to your employer about health and safety to make sure your work environment is risk and stress free
  5. Reduce your stress

Additionally, you can contact Pregnant Then Screwed on 0161 930 5300 for free legal advice relating to pregnancy and maternity discrimination.

We'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Were you treated differently at work on account of being pregnant or on maternity leave? What tips would you give a mum who feels she is being subjected to pregnancy or maternity discrimination?

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  • Kirsty M.

    I wasnt directly treated badly but i was made very aware of how much my pregnancy was an inconvience for them! Every small request for a change in dutys, temporarily to help ease my hip pain, was turned into a big issue. :( sad to say im now back after maternity leave and still feel very excluded :(

    • Kayleigh M.

      Well why don't u look for another job ... Why stay some where ur unhappy and why help them out??? Work has a DUTY of care towards its staff pregnant and not pregnant ...

    • Kirsty M.

      Yeah i wish it was a simple fix like that but my hubby works for the same company and we mirror each others shifts so that there is always someone to stay home with the children. Im sticking with it until the children are at school then will look for something during school hours :)

  • Sharon B.

    I was nearly 40 when I had my second was treated no differently to the teenager that was pregnant at the same time except I had to come bk to work after 3 months due to the fact we both work and get no help from anyone and she can afford to stay on maternity leave

  • Sammi B.

    I was lucky, I worked for family. Everyone else judges tho! Especially health professionals. One health visitor didn't even bother hiding her surprise that my kids are clean, looked after, and had nice teeth!!

  • Sammie I.

    I was on a work placement at the time in a nursery, basically working there for free. When I told the manager she rolled her eyes at me! I couldn't believe it! :rage:

    • Nicola R.

      How rude of her.. You should have said, if it wasn't for women having babies she wouldn't be in a job.. Some people have no thought at all x

    • Sammie I.

      yeah i wish i did say something. but at at the time i was too scared to ever say anything to anyone :/ x

  • Louise F.

    Yes. I was given the sack! I was only 17 at the time so didn't have the life experience or confidence to respond. If it had happened later in my life i would have taken legal action.

  • Becca R.

    I was made redundant :joy::joy::joy:

  • Paula W.

    I was working for a children's charity shop being trained for manager position ready for when other manager retired I was on temp contract 1 week before I told them I was pregnant everything was fine area manager took me to other shops to see ideas for moving the shop forward ect and suddenly day after I told them everything changed noone would say it but that was it I was out end of contract came and bye bye so what a waste of time it was spending the previous 5months training me.

  • Eve P.

    Yes was made to hand my notice in as they changed my hours to night shifts . Then offered me my old hours back knowing I could not afford 2 in nursery . I asked for a later start so mum could have 1 year tried flexible working and it got refused like it always does. pretty sure it's what has set off my pre natal depression :frowning: x never ever not had a job

  • Siobhan M.

    I work for NHS and have to admit my maternity package was amazing. Not sure if it's because of the amount of women in the NHS means they have to do it well. But from start to finish I was treated very well. Plus I have a good line manager.

  • Emmi W.

    Oh god don't get me started :grin::angry::see_no_evil:

  • Danielle C.

    Hahaha I know. I feel now I'm a bit older and have more kids your saw differently.

  • Emmi W.

    Had my first child at 19 and 2nd at 21. I learnt from the first not to take shit but my oldest has a speech delay and they are really trying their luck with me haha.

  • Danielle C.

    I had my first at 17 (was a couple months off 18) my second 20, third almost 26 and fourth 29.

  • Jayne B.

    I was 24 with my 1st and 29 with 2nd, but because i dont look my age now(33) pepole talk to me like i dont know what im doing, plus im small in height which doesnt help, like today i rang the tax credits and he kept calling me miss, ive been married 3 years! So my voice must sound young too, but i dont think anyone should another no matter what age they are x

  • Danielle C.

    I love bring called miss I correct them actually it's Mrs. :joy::joy:

  • Carly G.

    This is crap I'm in my late 30s and it's been an emotional rollacoster at work and I know off other older mum's that have quit there jobs so don't rule out the old ones please...

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