Prince George's Lovely Manners

Prince George's Lovely Manners

Three-year-olds are usually better known for their tantrums rather than their manners, but it seems little Prince George has been working on etiquette and politeness.

A US magazine reported that George was recently overheard ordering a slice of cake in a garden centre cafe with his mother near his home, Anmer Hall.

The magazine reports that Kate said: "Ask the nice lady what you would like to have," and George said, "Excuse me nice lady, but can I have... " and pointed to his cake of choice.

I can't help thinking it's a slightly mad world when I'm writing about the manners of a Royal three-year-old in what should be a private family moment, not an opportunity to judge the skills of the future King's parents.

But it is a touching moment, no? And it does speak volumes about the how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are choosing to raise their family. A slice of cake in the local garden centre and plenty of emphasis on manners and being polite? Props to them.

It also begs the question, how hot are you on teaching your child to behave with good manners? Do you think the Royals are reflecting the feelings of most 'normal' parents in wanting to raise children who know how to be polite and ask for things nicely?

Or are we, as the tabloids and internet parenting forums would sometimes have us believe, losing the art of teaching our children to show respect and behave with good manners? Are please and thank you on their way out? God forbid.

And am I alone in wondering *what* slice of cake Prince George plumped for in the end?

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  • Leanne G.

    Don't you mean George??? Lol

  • Kirsty C.

    My daughter is 2 days younger than Prince George and she has also be taught to say please, thank you and excuse me. Without fail every parent should be teaching their children manners

  • Kelly B.

    My daughter was signing please and thank you before she could speak. She is now 3 and has better manners than most adults!

  • Gillian C.

    I've always taught my children manners. My eldest who's two, always says please and thank you(can have her moments but she knows she won't get until she says please or thank you), my youngest is one and also has been taught please n thank you too. Hes only just starting to talk but he still doesnt get until he says please and thank you(he can say these words no problem at all). There is no excuse for bad manners.

    • Hayley S.

      Totally agree, manners cost nothing although it seems these days that a lot of adults weren't taught manners, that or they are just plain rude

    • Gillian C.

      It annoys me so much people not having manners. Definetly agree about some adults not having any, or just simply thinking they're above showing manners because they are older. X

  • Jenny R.

    My son always says please and thank you I would die if he embarrassed me by being rude or disrespectful! He says some silly things

  • Rachel E.

    Do you mean Prince George?

  • Carly A.

    I should think so the bloke is 34 this year

  • Cheryl A.

    I used to work in a school kitchen, the children soon learnt I wouldn't serve what they asked for unless they said please. Maybe not my place to do it, but some of them needed reminding. Good manners cost nothing.

  • Anna M.

    Mine is 2 and says please and thank you all the time. He's often praised as being "the politest child" at nursery.

  • Michelle W.

    My daughter will say please No matter what I do she will not say thsnkyoy she is only 15 months so I'll keep trying X

  • Nicki B.

    I should hope he does he's 34 & the future King of England! :joy:

  • Rebecca S.

    My eldest (3) has brill manners always says please and thank you, excuse me and pardon!! We always get complimented on his behaviour by people, he has had his moments but a very polite little man xx

  • Lisa K.

    Both my children have been brought up to use there manners if they don't use them they don't get things simple, although my 10 year old now has picked up our attitude towards it, she doesn't hold back if someone doesn't thank her when she does something she didn't have to do, she will happily shout out manners don't cost anything.

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