Pram Mittens Gloves £3.96​ Delivered @ Amazon Seller Skutr

Pram Mittens Hand Muff £3.96 Delivered

The weather is certainly getting colder and so we thought it was time to show you one of our favourite Winter essentials... Pram Mittens!

You no longer have to go searching around for your gloves constantly during the cold weather as they are already attached to your pram ready to use!

These pram mittens simply attach to the handles of ANY pushchair or pram. They stay attached until you want to remove them. To use them, just slip your hands in and out when you need to. They are waterproof and have a cosy soft fleece lining to keep your hands nice and warm.

Why not just wear gloves I'm sure you are thinking?! I don't know about you but I am forever taking my gloves on and off to check my phone, clean the little one etc and I can never find a matching pair! This way there's no faff, they are there and ready to use.

Grab a pair today while they are this cheap as once the snow and bad weather arrives they will soar in price!

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  • Melonie H.

    didn't you say your hands were cold earlier? :joy:

  • Louisa G.

    I was talking about one of those the other day lol x

  • Lisa M.

    We can't lose this either :joy::joy:

  • Charlotte A.

    We need this! :point_up_2_tone2::scream:

  • Katey J.

    I need one for my granny hands :joy:

  • Gail H.

    Haha was just looking at these :joy::joy:

  • Cat J.

    They are a good idea especially if they are waterproof too xxx

  • Claire D.

    Oh they look fab have a little nose now thanks xx

  • Natalie L.

    Omg I could really do with these x

  • Terri F.

    i never even knew such things existed - genius! Xxx

  • Kerry L.

    saves trying to pull the coat arms down to keep warm lol x

  • Lyndey D.

    Be worth it in the cold weather x

  • Becci T.

    I might order it tomorrow! Lol! Always having my gloves pinched lol xx

  • Charlotte S.

    Thanks!! I need one of these!!!

  • Tanya P.

    That looks hilarious lol xx

  • Jess L.

    Woukd be but keeps ya fingers from freezing off :joy:

  • Kelly S.

    Omg! If ever there was a product for me !!!!! :heart: xo

  • Nicola B.

    Could have done with that today x

  • Emma S.

    £6.50 is not a bad price either x

  • Lindsey C.

    I'll stick to gloves... :joy::joy:

  • Beth H.

    These look good! I’m gonna have a look :eyes: xxx

  • Adele C.

    I hope father xmas brings me one this year

  • Lucy J.

    Ordering them as we speak :joy:

  • Andrea S.

    - these made me think of you!

  • Gemma L.

    please! :pray_tone2::pray_tone2::pray_tone2:

  • Caroline W.

    really cheap!! If you still wanted one x

  • Hayley C.

    Defiantly need that for this weather lol

  • Vicky C.

    Has anyone actually brought one before x

  • Amie D.

    Not gloves that cool!! Plus I'd need to faff taking them off to get my purse out!

  • Fiona S.

    Gonna need these! Walks round the block are bound to be chilly in Jan, Feb and March! X

  • Jeanette C.

    I've got those. They're so warm. Xx

  • Liz T.

    I just sent the link to Andy to order for me... then saw your tag lol.. thanks x

  • Rachel O.

    Definitely only thing three week wait :weary: x

  • Emma S.

    haha no problem! Shame they won’t be here for tomorrow morning lol xx

  • Rennay W.

    :open_mouth: have you ordered one !? Have you seen the bargain price! X

  • Haley M.

    My hands are always frozen they are great :joy: xx

  • Danni R.

    Delivery is too long lol I’m gonna find one that will be here way quicker :joy: x

  • Ashlee R.

    Wish I knew they existed when mine were small, looks so cosy

  • Kirsty B.

    they are like less than £6 with this offer :flushed::flushed:

  • Anne C.

    :joy: I just ordered us one each!

  • Emma G.

    I was looking at them. Don't even know if they would go on the handle since they go up abit :thinking: xx

  • Lauren C.

    ahh thank you hen :heart_eyes:. X

  • Sarah M.

    iv just ordered them :grinning: xx

  • Nicola J.

    i have this!!! Amazing!! Your hands freeze on the buggy otherwise. And you’ll be out every day with your dog! Xx

  • Sarah H.

    these look mint wish I’d had some x

  • Stacey B.

    ahh need one of these :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Chelsey S.

    think we need these haha

  • Kirsty M.

    Cheap aswel there normally quite pricey xx

  • Claire D.

    Oh fab will order one when I get in xx

  • Jaclyn M.

    Oh I need theses in my life xxxx

  • Rhona P.

    I saw this!!! Would be lovely :joy::heart_eyes:

  • Claire M.

    It was so cold this morning!!!

  • Terri P.

    i know and josie has lost both sets of her gloves so she was wearing mine :weary: couldn’t feel my fingers

  • Tasha B.

    thanks, I could do with them for the school run :joy:

  • Judith M.

    definitely wish I’d had some of those a few years ago!!

  • Adam A.

    Was thinking about how cold my hands were around beamish! Great idea!

  • Lauren C.

    Ooo thanks :slight_smile: Been looking at getting some of these :slight_smile: xxx

  • Stacey N.

    omg how amazing!!!! I’m so getting these. Xx

  • Sue H.

    I have got a different sort now thx

  • Emma B.

    Pmsl now that's what I need!!

  • Julia I.

    What a fab idea xx thanks xx

  • Chantelle -.

    Ooo yess perfect just what i need! Thanks

  • Monika B.

    I’ve got one already! Can’t wait to use it!

  • Linda K.

    Dont they!? And you won’t freeze your hands off either!

  • Melanie G.

    I’ve got one, a gift from mother in law :thumbsup::laughing:

    • Suin

      Do you use it?

  • Peter A.

    They look ridiculous! I have gloves to serve the same purpose

  • Suin
    • I thought these were for the baby! 

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