Ipswich Hospital Lets Dads Stay Overnight On The Labour Wards

10 June 2016
Ipswich Hospital Lets Dads Stay Overnight

Imagine if your partner could stay overnight with you at hospital after you've given birth. Well, if you happen to live in Ipswich, that just might happen.

Ipswich Star reports:

In a move that is likely to help thousands of parents in the years ahead, Ipswich Hospital has revealed it will now finally let the partners of new mums stay overnight at the hospital after their baby is born.

The aim of the policy is reportedly to reduce anxiety for mums and enable partners to bond with the new baby.

It follows a survey launched in Suffolk last year which showed that more than half of mums wanted their partner to stay overnight with them in hospital. Additionally, 44% of birthing partners said they would like to stay the night but weren't offered that option.

It doesn't necessarily mean birth partners will get a bed though - the paper reports that they'll be offered "a reclining chair, blanket and pillow" to make them comfortable.

Sharon Edwards, lead midwife on the Orwell Ward, said:

"We are really pleased that we are now able to welcome partners to stay overnight on our maternity wards as extra support can help women to feel relaxed during labour and throughout their hospital stay. Giving partners the chance to be by the bedside can also help them feel actively involved in the birth while encouraging them to bond with their baby in those all-important first few hours of life. We have already received some excellent feedback about the initiative, with people telling us that being given the opportunity to stay together has made a big difference at what is a special time for the whole family."

I love this move by a hospital to make the hours after a new baby's arrival easier for both mums and dads. I stayed in hospital overnight after the birth of my first baby and I can vividly recall the horror of the experience. Neither I nor my baby slept and I barely had the strength to sit up in my bed, never mind lift my baby up and comfort him properly. I'd have given anything to have my husband there for moral support.

And depending on what time of day you give birth at hospital, it can feel very much as if your partner is being unceremoniously kicked out within mere hours of the arrival of your little one.

But we'd love to hear your views on this story. Would you welcome the chance to have your partner join you overnight at hospital following the birth of your baby - or does idea of sharing a ward with exhausted new mums, sleepless babies AND dads dozing in chairs fill you with dread?

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  • Carly B.

    Yes!!!!!! It's just as special for them as it is for us! X

  • JD E.

    Ours did and I found it very beneficial for all three of us. We all had time to bond and mum gets that lil extra help in today's world when nurses are run off their feet

  • Stacey A.

    Certainly should it's a bonding experience especially if the mum is kept in for a few days

  • Danielle M.

    Yes :blush:

  • Toni C.

    Yes cus it is terrifying after just gave birth with new baby

  • Shradz G.

    Great news! It's important to let dads stay..mothers are exhausted after birth and having father's there really helps them bond to baby too.

  • Rachel H.

    This would have definitely helped me after 49 hours in labour and a c section!

  • Michelle W.

    My partner did and it was lovely I was In A week after and a week before so stayed. A few times helped so much and just haveing company was nice

  • Karen N.

    I always found it stupid that they weren't. Dad's deserve and need that bond too. And I don't know about anyone else but I could have been doing with the help..

  • Kim D.

    I think it's a great idea good support for the mums as well especially after a c section

  • Sally H.

    Yes! And all should do more for dads in hospitals, they are as important as us mums! Need just the same bonding!

  • Lisa M.


  • Jenni B.

    Absolutely. Would have made a huge difference to me first time round x

  • Rebecca L.

    Yes definitely! My hubby was sent home around 2 hours after our children were born and it was hard- I was sore, emotional and the nurses were rushed off their feet! Would have been to have him there for support and to enjoy the first few hours a altogether x

  • Lolly M.

    i wish this had happened when i had my first baby i was exhausted and breast feeding i almost dropped my baby on the floor as i fell asleep while feeding sat on the edge of the bed he wan't to feed all bloody night aghhh, they let my partner stay with my second as i gave birth at 2am and they were quite on labour ward my second just so happened to sleep for the rest of the night without a peep though lol

  • Emma P.

    Yes!! I left the hospital an hour after our youngest son was born (nearly 2am!) because I wanted to be with my fiancé and not left alone in the hospital! He slept in the car the night before as I was induced and he was sent home! Xx

    • Emma P.

      They allowed him to stay until 10pm as I had been induced that afternoon and he didn't want to drive all the way home just to come back in the morning, I'm kinda glad I didn't go into full labour until he was there! Our eldest son was born within 30 minutes of getting to hospital :sweat_smile: xx

    • Vicky B.

      I was induced with both of mine and both times my other half had to go home at 9pm. 3 nights in a row with my first and 2 nights with my second.

    • Anna M.

      My husband also had to go home at 9pm after I was induced that afternoon and labour didn't start. I then went into labour at midnight and my son was born at 12.49am, because we live quite far away from the hospital he didn't make it back in time and missed my son's birth :disappointed:

  • Leanne F.

    Absolutely!!! Can't believe it doesn't happen in this day and age!!

  • Karen M.

    Yes they should! It helps dad to bond and helps the mother while she is recovering to have dad on hand especially if she has had a cesarean or tough labour to help with baby.

  • Jo M.

    Yes. My other half stayed with me. And was brilliant dad's should be allowed it's special for all 3. Would have hated it if he had to go. Xx

  • Jo D.

    Yeah definitely, after having a baby you're exhausted and definitely need the help. Nurses are only around when they need to be.

  • Kay F.

    Yeah that allow it being a new mum is so over whelming when I had my youngest I was so emotional I couldn't have my partner and other daughter with me...

  • Claire R.

    Yes totally agree helps with the bonding stage and also gives the mother a chance to relax

  • Sarah L.

    Would have loved to have been able to spend our first night together as a family and this would have been especially helpful after having had a c section!

  • Lynne B.

    Yes it should happen in every hospital xx

  • Stacey S.

    My local hospital have started doing this recently. I had my 3rd baby in February and after having a section it was so nice to have him there helping me and took the pressure of midwives as I didn't need to buzz for their help!

  • Sharon R.

    Good idea as ur knackerd so he can do duties so u can rest

  • Jo L.

    Definitely they should be x

  • Julie B.

    My husband had a bed in my room for the 3 nights I was in critical care after the birth of our youngest. It made such a difference to me and enabled him to spend important time with me and our baby, who was in high dependency.

  • Chantelle W.

    Yes, defo! I Had my 1st baby by csection at 4.19am 4th sept 09. by the time we got back down to the ward it was 6am and they told my partner he wasn't allowed to stay. So had to go straight away. Was awful my eyes were rolling & I couldn't stop shaking

  • Marette C.

    My husband got to stay for 4 nights with me . Most of the nurses were OK with it they made him a bed on the recliner ( which was comfy ) He had his onsie on toddling about to get food as well. None of the new mums were phased and enjoyed him being there x

    • Marette C.

      They had to let him stay after sending him and my mum home . 2 hours after I had Evie I was getting whipped into emergency theatre and was on my own . The seniors never had a problem with it at all , it was a snotty one

    • Claire C.

      I suppose if there has been complications it's better for the dad to stay, I just Thoughr it was horrible Jason having to leave Its a big deal for dads to x

    • Marette C.

      I think so as well . They should have the opportunity to stay. Instead of getting rushed out by some crabbit person Poor jdog :( x

  • Amy M.

    Sunderland hospital you get your own room and partner can stay over its fab!

  • Marnie S.

    My husband stayed 4 nights before and 3 nights after - we didn't ask just done it! Of course they should be able too if that's what they both want x

  • Hannah B.

    Definitely think they should! I couldn't stay awake to feed my little one!

  • Cadey R.

    Yes! Grimsby maternity allows it and it's great. Although they are private rooms not a ward. They even provide pull out beds for the dad's. I loved having him there for the support and was also a great time for him to bond with our daughter :-)

  • Michelle H.

    Where would they sleep? I don't want to be shuffling about with men constantly on the ward? You feel vulnerable enough as it is.

    • Michelle H.

      But in an ideal world yes. We would all have private rooms, partners could stay. But in an already over-stretch NHS it's not practical.

  • Toni B.

    Yes the father should be allowed to stay it's bonding time for mum and dad. With my first I stayed the night with my daughter and I hated it so with my second daughter I gave birth at 10.50 at night and got home at 4am when they discharged me from the labour ward because I wanted the time to bound with my baby with her dad to.

  • Simon L.

    Well they certainly shouldnt be stopped at the door and turned around as their wife and baby are wheeled away down the ward!

  • Rachel B.

    Yes. It would have made such a difference to me x

  • Raegan B.

    I had my daughter in March 2013. We had the worst snow in years. We couldn't get out of our estate and an ambulance couldn't get to me. We got a lift in my brothers 4x4 and I gave birth just over an hour after arriving in the early hours of the morning. My husband was sent home, and thankfully a friend came to get him in another 4x4 but I was discharged 6 hours later so it would've been so much easier and stress free if he could've just stayed with us until we were let out. Xx

  • Alex B.

    Yes!!! Xx

  • Courtney D.

    Woah even in America where we are ass backwards in Healthcare we let the dads or whoever stay over. CRAZY.

  • Sophie C.

    Of course they should - terrible sending dads away from their newborns.

  • Trudi D.

    I think this is an amazing thing to be doing - both of mine ended in c-sections, then being left on a ward with a newborn- what would have been the best days of my life created so many emotional scars of feeing helpless and struggling- bring on dads staying more!!!

  • Gemma M.

    I wish my other half could of stayed. I was so tired and weak. I just cried when he left. Bit sad thinking about it now though

  • Rachel C.

    I agree its a great idea in principle but think of it from the flip side.... if the lady in the next bed had been a victim of abuse/rape and was terrified having an unknown male sleeping so close to her when she's feeling very vulnerable? I think it should only be an option if you were in a side room x

    • Laura D.

      I had that exact thought, while most men are clearly not perverted predators it could really worry some people! I wouldn't have slept well knowing there were men on the ward (not that I slept with my baby screaming all night anyways :joy:)

    • Rachel C.

      And if my husband (or someone else's!) lay there snoring while I'm trying to feed my baby I'd sure as hell make them pay!!

    • Laura D.

      Omg the 3 women I was sharing a ward with after I had my second via c section would give any snoring bloke a run for their money!! I've never ever heard anything like it, I was so desperate to get home to get away from them to my hubby who very kindly doesn't snore :joy:

  • Amy W.

    with my first daughter they were so full they had closed the ward after I arrived. I gave birth at 3.07am and was kicked out of labour ward only am hour later no chance to establish breastfeeding no chance for my hubby to bond - an hour and then I was left on a dark ward with my first baby with no clue what to do! how I wished my husband was there just to sit in the chair and support me.

    my second daughter I gave birth to at 12.07am and again they had closed the ward as they were full. however they said I needed a drip to contract my womb because I lost 750mls of blood. I didn't complain they kept us on labour ward until 8am so hubby got to stay with us our breastfeeding journey was smoother.

    husbands and partners should absolutely get to stay.

  • Joanne H.

    Yes definitely it's so important for both to bond with baby and to help the mum who will be exhausted and in need of a bit of tlc too not to mention help with the baby x

  • Bev B.

    My hospital allow it but they do ask for the males not to wander round much so not to make other ladies feel uncomfortable, as we all know we pretty much live in nighties whilst there! However I sent my husband home, didn't see the point of both of us getting next to no sleep. I'd rather he was well rested to then look after us in the day. 2nd time round he hardly came to hospital in the day let alone the night due to him being at home with our first child. Cs both times.

  • Karen D.

    Yes and how dare anyone say they can't, this has always been a big issue that I've had. They have as much right to be with their baby as mum does.

  • Kerrie T.

    It caused me and my partner a lot of heartache being separated when our daughter was born. I would have been looked after if he was there the staff were terrible.

  • Jade S.


  • Charlotte W.

    My little girl was born in a midwife led maternity centre and my partner was allowed to stay with me. It helped with my anxieties of being a first time mum and also helped him. It must be awful for daddies to leave their partner and new born!

  • Claire N.


  • Lisa T.

    Yes! I was admitted before our little one was born and they let my hubby stay, when our little girl was born he also stayed. We were separated for one night when she was admitted to the neo-natal unit but then we got a family room the following night and so he was able to stay again. I'm so pleased as it helped a lot and I didn't feel alone

  • Lizzie R.

    It's quite a regular thing for Dad's to stay at the Liverpool Women's. My husband stayed with me and our daughter was born at 15:30. He had a pull out bed too. They usually charge £30 in think but they never charged us. It should be offered to all Dad's. It made me feel a lot better with him being there too.

  • Claire H.

    I wish this could have been the case with our little boy. Having to dash after a c section because little man was choking on spit up was so difficult. X

  • Amy S.

    Absolutely, i was distraught after a traumatic birth my husband was sent home at 6am with no sleep for an hour journey to come back 2 hours later

  • Susan N.

    It should be allowed everywhere, I was in agony after having my little boy (1st) by C section, I couldn't move and was still expected to get out of bed and look after baby cause the midwives were rushed off their feet, by day 3 I was an emotional wreck and desperate to get home! x

    • Susan N.

      It's a horrible experience, I cried my eyes out when they made my husband leave...I was the only person in my ward so he could have stayed as he wouldn't have disturbed anyone x

    • Simone G.

      I had the exact same happen to me! I was a wreck & in so much pain! I just wanted my husband there :cry:. The way it ended up working was I had my son early evening so my husband was only allowed to see him for a couple of hours after then told to leave - I was distraught :cry: xx

    • Susan N.

      They shouldn't be allowed to make you feel distraught and an emotional wreck at such a hormonal time xx

    • Laura F.

      I had c section with 1st and kept in 2/3 days (can't remember) it was awful!! Waited for hubby to arrive every morning an sobbed every night when he had to leave. Baby was jaundice too an would not feed midwife suggested hubby stay away so I could rest I nearly flipped. Told them I was goin home in the end it was worst thing ever. Reason I was given - too many drunk, over enthusiastic partners so best to keep them all away after certain time.....bloody joke x

    • Susan N.

      I would have flipped too, you would think midwives would have more compassion as they see millions of ppl struggle as a new mum, if drunk then yes send them away but that's surely 1 in 10 ppl if that xx

    • Meg A.

      Yeap horrendous. ..I had no sleep for 5 days by the time I got out of the hospital was a total wreck if I had help it would have been a totally different experience

    • Laura F.

      Well in all the days I was there I never saw 1 drunk, day or night. Dreaded goin back in 12 months later for 2nd but was much stronger an just came home. Wanted hubby involved in everything from day 1 and felt heart sorry for him coming home to empty house when we'd just started our new family :slight_frown: Was in my own room too so why not as long as he's not trooping up an down corridor bein a nuisance!?? Better for mw too surely if they can help out when they can x

    • Susan N.

      I'm due my 2nd in December, hope I have a better experience like you did :grinning: I didn't see any drunks either while I was in, in fact the midwives prob made more noise at their desk during the night than a drunk bloke would do :joy::joy: xx

    • Hayley R.

      My eldest daughter was born at 7.20pm by emergency c section (after 26 hr labour) by the time we got to the ward it was gone 10.30pm and my partner literally got to give us a kiss goodnight then had to leave. Would have loved for him to have been able to stay with us, I was bed ridden and could not get out of bed if my daughter needed me the ward was full and staff spread so thinly. It would have made the experience so much calmer and easier. x

    • Susan N.

      It's common sense to me to have partners there taking the strain off midwives xx

    • Helena W.

      Exactly the same thing first time round. Baby was born at 3am by emergency csection. On the ward by 6am. He was made to go until visiting at 8am :neutral_face:

    • Naomi A.

      I was the same. Couldn't move of the bed to look after my little boy properly after emergency c section and 3 days of labour before that. Hated when my hubby left at 8. Was in so much pain and really felt like I could look after him properly. Spent 2 days in hospital and I have to say they were the worst 2 days especially at night when I was alone without hubby. I needed him more than ever and I know he suffered as well being without us. I was a total emotional wreck by the time I left and to tell you the truth it took me ages to get over it. Xx

    • Susan N.

      Hospitals should take all these comments on board and do something xx

    • Dianne R.

      I was the same for the same reason! Rang my family to come and take me home as I felt so isolated!

    • Samantha C.

      I was exactly the same!! I used to dread 9 o'clock when my partner had to leave. I had a c sections but unfortunately myself and my baby boy got an infection during labour so we had to stay in hospital for 7 days after he was born. I didn't feel like my baby was getting the best care from me because I felt so poorly and bring a new mum it makes you feel like a failure. I even begged the midwives to let my partner stay one night because i felt terrible but they said no. If he was allowed to stay it would have helped us all to bond quicker as a family and sped up my recovery. I can't fault the care my baby received he made a full recovery thank God and the midwives where fantastic however, the rules should change as women need the support of there partner at this time. It's sad to hear do many women feel the same, I hope it changes soon x

    • Susan N.

      Sorry to hear that Samantha Coleman, I hope they change the policy soon too xx

    • Kirsten S.

      Same as me,non existent support and I signed my son and I out after 36 hours because I needed to rest and there was no way I was able to in that hospital.

    • Becky B.

      I was the opposite, had very minimal pain after my section so was helping the other ladies who went as mobile as me. The milk fridge was quite a way down the corridor though and I was backwards and forwards like a yo yo, by day 3 I told them they'd have to get up and at least try to move around, I'm sure I was being taken for a mug :joy::joy: xx

    • Emily A.

      I was exactly the same. I had a planned section. My lg was born at 11:30 in n the morning. At 7 my partner had to leave. I was left on my own in a chair for 5 hrs holding my baby as I couldn't get up. I finally managed to get into bed in the early hrs it was horrendous! The midwife never came I was ringing the bell for ages! I missed my pain medication so was in agony too. I counted down the hrs til my partner came back. I was stuck there for 5 days as they kept loosing mine n my baby's blood samples. I'm a first time mum and it wasn't an experience I want to go through again. It would have changed everything if my partner was allowed to stay. I won't be going back to that hospital if I have another.

    • Paula G.

      Perhaps I was lucky as soon as my spinal wore off I got up to look after my baby without being asked

  • Kelly S.

    Yes! When I had my daughter I was induced and in a private room my hubby stayed. When I had my baby I stayed in for 5 nights he went home. I think he was enjoying the sleep. On one of the nights another lady came in had an emergency c section late at night and her husband had to go home. She spent all night crying. Felt so sorry for her x

  • Stephanie O.

    Yes the father should stay

  • Natasha D.

    my other half stayed with me for almost a week the day after my daughter was born. I can honestly say if we wasn't there I would have been in a bad way

  • Leanne M.

    Yes they should be allowed. I had 3 of my children at hospital and I was absolutely knackered. I needed someone there to help with the baby. It would take a lot of strain off recovering mothers. It would also take a lot of strain off the midwives.

  • Eleanor H.

    Absolutely yes. 100%

  • Jenna H.

    Yes I was terrified after having baby and losing a lot of blood! That first night my lb was sick 4 times...4 changes of clothes and bedding and I was left on my own to do it as well as trying to feed him!

  • Amie J.

    Yes without a doubt! The whole family should be allowed bonding time. Dads shouldn't be excluded from this. They need the time too and can support mum on the first night.

  • Toni-Lianne B.

    Swansea do this too!

  • Joyce B.

    Great idea :blush:

  • Sarah D.

    Yes... after the birth my partner had to leave until visiting time at 11.30am then had to leave an hour later and keep to visiting times .. he was also sent home when I was induced the night befor ..started contracting at 1am and they didn't phone him til 6.30am because he needed his sleep!

  • Nikki L.


  • Mari B.


  • Joanne E.


  • Claire W.

    I think this is a fab idea...I was completely lost after I had my first and being alone doesn't help :open_mouth:

  • Leigh R.

    Deffinatly!!! Would of been a huge help/comfort to me. And helped with bonding. x

  • Natalie N.

    Yes 100%

  • Eddie B.

    When the father of your newborn baby has to go home you're left feeling like the loneliest person in the world. You're worn out, you're elated but you're alone. It's a pretty crap feeling not just for you as a new mum but for the new dad too.

  • Maria S.

    Yes but I wanted to go home asap with my hubby and baby but if you need to stay longer they should be allowed. He was such a support for me.

  • Elunedd D.


  • Sharon P.

    Definitely. My daughter was born at 9.37pm by emcs, by the time I'd been sewn up etc, I was put on high dependency and he was sent home feeling worried, he literally was allowed to stay a few minutes. He was the 1st one there in the morning at visiting hrs though.

  • Emma S.

    Absolutely they should. I was petrified being left on my own at 2am with my first

  • Sarah H.

    Yes it's daddys baby too! And mum needs reassurance and help!

  • Alice F.

    I was too busy staring at my newborn to know if he was there or not lol. I would feel heavily uncomfortable if men were there to be honest!

  • Jayne R.

    Yes, without a doubt. My husbands face when he had to leave me and our first born son at 1am to go home to an empty house. All of that excitement and he was turned away at the entrance to the ward. Dads are just as important x

  • Sue G.

    They are in James cook Middlesbrough

  • Julie F.

    Would have been nice nice to have the help after my section . Midwifes were too buzy and they didn't allow bed sharing so my hubby could have passed me baby instead I struggled

  • Julie F.

    Would have been nice nice to have the help after my section . Midwifes were too buzy and they didn't allow bed sharing so my hubby could have passed me baby instead I struggled

  • Debbie F.

    Without a doubt.

  • Cara C.

    Yes they should. I had a traumatic long excruciating labour and by the time I had our daughter I wasn't in any fit state to care for her through the first night. It was really scary being left alone feeling unable to cope.

  • Orla F.

    Great idea! :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Jenny G.

    Yes definitely !

  • Grace A.

    Definitely. Trying to look after a newborn after a c section is brutal and I could have done with my hubby being there with me to help as midwives are so busy that you're left to it.

  • Nichola M.

    Yes I think it's a lovely idea :heart::heart::heart:

  • Kayleigh A.

    This is great news. All hospitals should allow this. Its such an important time for both parents, let's hope the rest follow suit.

  • Samantha-Jane K.

    I had my son in frome and my other half was allowed to stay. We had a room on our own with no noise in the night and midwives on hand as and when we needed them. I would have been so anxious without him and I was so poorly after birth I really needed him there. Made all the difference. I was meant to have been induced in Bath and we were planning on paying around 150 for our own private room if we had to go there. So so thankful to frome! They even provided a birthing delivery bag for my other half to sleep on!!

  • Gill J.

    Yes my hubby stayed with me over night in 2011 while I was being induced with our 2nd son. He sat quiet in the chair.. (The family across were Asian and no one batted an eyelid but they asked my hubby to leave..He said what about that family across on the other bed? ) He didn't leave my side until after I'd had our son Saturday morning I'd had our son at 12:46am..He was with me from the Thursday morning..He camped out on the car park when I had our first son together...Didn't want to leave me and he shouldn't have been made too either...There should be a care plan put in place for dad's and it should be done together with a midwife appointment to suit all involved...My girls dad was completely different to my now husband..x

  • Victoria B.

    Yes !! My hubby was allowed to come down to the ward with me and kiss me good bye that was it ..he'd been there all night through everything with me and just to be sent away like that hurt us both

  • Tessa L.

    Absolutely!! The idea that you have a baby, and are then left ALONE in a NOISY post natal ward to 'rest and recover' -hahaha- whilst not having a clue what to flippin do with the baby is crazy!!! X

  • Jane H.

    This is such a fab idea, I would have loved my husband to have stayed with me, especially with my first child as it was all so overwhelming I could have done with his support on that first night.

  • Sonya H.

    Yes, especially the first night. My twins were born just after 10pm by emergency section and at midnight my husband was told to go home. Being left with 2 babies unable to move was daunting and I would've loved him to have been there for support.

  • Nicola L.

    Definitely this should be allowed

  • Claire F.

    They do at the liverpool women's for £40 a night x

  • Kerry G.

    I was reading this yesterday I think they should be allowed to stay cause the nurses don't do anything for you xxx

  • Jessica A.

    100% yes dads need to bond to its ridiculous they can't plus labour takes it out of women and that extra pair of hands would be such a big help whilst u got your self together xx

  • Catherine B.

    Yes, after having a c-section I had to ask for help off midwife who moaned about it when my partner could of helped if he was allowed to stay

  • Leigh M.

    Couldn't of got through 6 nights in hospital after having my little girl without my husband there. They encouraged dads to stay but didn't provide anything for them. No bed or comfy chairs, no toilet on the ward etc so he had to go home for 1 of the nights to get some proper rest. Worst night of my life, never felt so lonely and out of my depth. Dads should definitely be allowed to stay. It's their baby too!

  • Edel M.

    I would have loved this. Had to stay in, but was so exhausted. The help would have been good

  • Robyn H.

    Such a good idea! With my first i could have really done with the help, especially after a csection. When you have other kids at home though i would rather he was at home making sure they are ok

  • Anny C.

    Yes, I was young when I had our daughter and was hospital-phobic after having lost my own dad short of a year before. It would of been amazing and a comfort to have my now husband there I was so poorly and teary which delayed me bonding with our beautiful daughter who was poorly and prem I can only think how different it would have been and also what pressures could have been relived from the poor midwife's & hca's that work flat out day and night! :heartpulse::blue_heart:

  • Kimberly C.

    Unless the dad's are in private rooms then I don't agree with it. Ipswich hospital is a fantastic hospital and I gave birth there twice but I would not have felt comfortable men being there 100% of the time especially when trying to establish breastfeeding. I was also exhausted after both but thats a given.

    • Leanne S.

      You have a curtain if your wanting privacy then close i

    • Andrew M.

      Could always pull the curtains round to cover your modesty. I would have been quite angry if I was asked to leave my exhausted wife and daughter.

    • Kimberly C.

      Well I kept having them opened by the nurses so thats a problem to keep them shut..

    • Kimberly C.

      Also I was exhausted but my husband came back first thing. The nurses and midwives are amazing and are more than willing to help out.

    • Leanne S.

      So during visiting hours how do you breastfeed your baby then?

    • Catrina B.

      When I was in hospital the husbands on my ward were snoring and I couldn't sleep it was horrible , I let my husband go home so he could have a decent rest and come back refreshed to help me, plus the first night most babies sleep through the night so u don't need much help

    • Kimberly C.

      It's a bit different when you've just given birth and you yourself have to be monitored as well as your baby does. A dad is just important as the mum I 100% believe that, but most women I know feel vulnerable after having a baby. Like I said if they are In private rooms I have no issue with it at all.

    • Danielle C.

      I agree women are most vulnerable when just given birth. And closing curtains doesn't stop you hearing intimate private details. I wouldn't have felt comfortable either.

    • Danielle C.

      You don't know other people's partners. I wouldn't be comfortable a strange man sleeping just a couple feet away from me.

    • Victoria B.

      Just put the curtain around.

    • Danielle C.

      Cos a curtain would make you feel much uch at ease a strange guy is sleeping a feet or two away from You. :joy::joy: when your bleeding. Being checked, breastfeeding, showering, going to the toilet, asked personal questions, personal situations. No a curtain doesn't really make a difference.

    • Victoria B.

      You don't know anyone, lady could be a lesbian and have the same urges that a man does. Do you really think most dad's there would be looking at you etc when they there to support their partner and spend time with their new babies.

    • Amy D.

      There's always home births.....you could have your whole family there then!

    • Danielle C.

      It doesn't matter if they're looking at you, women shouldn't be put in that position like I said above situations.

    • Ang M.

      Thanks Laura, why be a bitch Claire ford? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you don't agree with everything said just go to another post!

    • Elaine W.

      This is why should be rooms on wards instead of a ward with 6 beds!

      I'm for men staying but I get why people would be uncomfortable

    • Nicola M.

      Fair comment but it could have been loud mouthed, smelly new mums - you probably wouldn't want to be sleeping a few feet from them either but you get no choice. Re. curtains- you are in such a confined space people do hear your conversations whether there are husbands there or not as would happen during visiting times. If you want privacy (so none can see you be examined or breastfeed) curtain round. I had the worst experience without my husband who was asked to leave after wheeling me from theatre recovery after having a general anaesthetic. Alone, scared, anxious, upset, hormonal - unable to do anything (but needing to as ward so busy). Maybe having your husband/partner there too would protect you and your baby from all the horrible people you describe. MOST people are kind, quiet, discrete and only interested in their own family.

    • Keira W.

      I'm with you Kimberly. Would be the most wonderful thing to have the daddy there but in a private room if it's the ward then that would put a lot of mums at unease including myself.

    • Laura H.

      I live in ipswich and chose to give birth both times at West Suffolk hospital in Bury St Edmunds. I had a prem babe and hubby was allowed on the nicu at any time day or night. When I had our second and I was on the post natal ward I was pleased they asked dad's to leave. The midwives were able to concentrate on mum and making sure baby was ok. If you wished for dad's to stay you had the option of a side room (at a fee) but to be honest I felt better knowing hubby got a decent nights kip at home so he could support baby and I once we got home and all I wanted to do was eat, feed and sleep with baby. I think ipswich hospital are foolish allowing dad's to stay on an open ward. Too many people in and out of maternity wards makes me anxious for baby snatchers. Sorry to be negative but that's my view.

    • Liz L.

      I was on my own in a whole ward (for 3 days) with no one else - a poorly baby, poorly myself, my partner wasn't allowed to stay, I was scared and lonely and ended up with severe pnd. Dads should be allowed to stay especially if there is no one else in the whole ward. Luckily with my second they kept us in a private labour room and he was able to stay that time

    • Sarah R.

      All these people saying about sleeping on the ward with strange men your on a ward sleeping with strange women!! Strange medical professionals I think it's shocking asking men to leave their wife's and girlfriends behind at such an exiting time for all of them I was in labour through the night and kept in so by morning and the next day I told my other half to go home and rest but it should be our decision

    • Victoria B.

      My baby was in neonatal, my husband had to leave me, the hospital was at least a 20 minute drive away, without traffic. It had been an anxious pregnancy and my daughter was premature and after 3 days we were told we couldn't keep her. I wanted my husband by my side which is where he should be.

    • Alison B.

      But the Dads are their most the time during the day even when u re trying to establish breast and feeding so does it really make that much difference? Is that not what the curtain is there for? I couldn't walk after my third and fourth and struggled to lift my baby's in an out their cribs to feed. Midwife's were busy and I was left to it. I tried to get to bathroom and collapsed out of reach of emergency cord. In these occasions I could have really done with my husband's help. Everyone has their opinion on this but I think it's a great idea.

    • Claire F.

      I wasn't being a bitch, I was asking a question. It's no different at all, the baby in question is just as much your partner's as yours, and I think it's completely out of touch that men are asked to leave their partner and newborn baby. Hence why we planned a home birth.

    • Kirsten S.

      In my hospital the midwife care on the wards is very minimal and you always feel like you're bothering them. I didn't feel supported by the staff on the ward and chose to take my son home 36 hours after my emergency section I was exhausted but knew I needed my husbands support. If my husband had been able to stay I would have felt much better. But I also agree that new mums need privacy and hospitals should have more private rooms

    • Jess P.

      Andrew Mitchell my partner was forced to leave after a traumatic labour, we were devastated :(

    • Becky B.

      I agree if you have a private room but not in a ward no! In my maternity hospital partners can come between 9am and 7pm, no reason for them to sleep there aswel xx

    • Lisa A.

      Totally agree . The curtains never close properly and I had a section and needed my pads changed it was awful and the parents chatting all night while means baby trying to sleep and breastfeed.

    • Gillian M.

      I agree 100 per cent. I wouldn't be happy with men wandering around when I'm at my most vulnerable and sore

    • Gillian M.

      Until men can push a baby out of them then they can get the house ready for mum and baby.

    • Victoria B.

      What about male midwives etc?

    • Victoria B.

      What if the woman's partner was female? Would this make a difference?

    • Gillian M.

      There are visiting times? There would be chatting when women are trying to sleep. What if there are vulnerable women on the ward emotionally or physically. You wouldn't get a chance to speak in private to nurses doctors etc without being overheard?

    • Kimberly C.

      The problem is there is way too many variables. Same sex couples, surrogates, single parents etc etc. Birth is so personal and each and every woman and man are different. Also hospitals only have a certain amount of private rooms and then beds on wards and the staff are very understaffed and try their very best.

  • Jo C.

    My husband stayed with me and I'm so glad he did I was exhausted. It also gives the midwifes/nurses the time to give to others that need it that maybe on own or someone who's not well after birth etc. My first son they helped me a lot as I was on my own and in for a week. They still always popped heads in to check all ok with my husband and me though.

  • Claire S.

    Husband's are allowed to stay at Pinderfields in West Yorkshire where I gave birth. I didn't realise this wasn't the norm and am quite shocked really that some dad's are sent home!

    • Rose W.

      This wasn't the case 5 years ago. My other half was told to leave at 10pm

    • Claire S.

      It seems we have come quite a long way then but still Far to go!

  • Marie R.

    Yes definitely x

  • Sophie B.

    So does St Richards Chichester

  • Kristy C.

    Both times I've had babies the dad has been allowed to stay. Didn't think it was new lol

  • Lydia L.

    I think husbands and partners should get to stay. With my second i didn't get onto the ward until after midnight and my poor husband was shattered,he had to drive the 45 minutes home exhausted. Even if they got to get a few hours shut eye,before having to drive Home xx

  • Hue H.


  • Hayley D.

    Oh God yes, dad's r allowed on labour ward for as long as mum is, only allowed 9-9 on the main ward to give other new mums privacy

  • Kayleigh H.

    yes definitely!! I had my little boy via section and my fiance had to leave at 8 and couldn't come back till 10 the following day. I hated that first night alone xx

  • Sophie S.

    With my first my husband had to go home. Albeit only over the road but I was awake all night. Not nice. However, just had my second and he was allowed to stay over this time and for as many nights as I was there if I wanted. That was Stepping Hill in Stockport.

  • Leanne H.

    Absolutely they should stay! Not only can the dad bond with the baby. It means not everything is left to the mother who is most probably absolutely exhausted. I felt so lonely when I'd had my c section.

  • Melanie K.

    When I had my 3rd daughter 2 years ago, my hospital allows the father stay on the ward with you after had baby and stopping in for night xx

  • Helen M.

    Yes! I felt so lost and lonely at night in hospital.

  • Anne H.

    It's a fantastic idea so that dad's get to bond with their babies in the first hours. Well done Ipswich

  • Jo R.

    Yes I needed my husband with me after having both my girls by section. So hard being in pain, tired and having a newborn baby but I don't like the idea of shuffling about in my nightie with unknown males around. Would have made me uncomfortable.

  • Sarah M.

    Very true. It should be allowed in all hospitals xxxx

  • Dawn A.

    Yes definitely I'd of loved the extra help & support especially after my c section. I think it gives the dad time to bond as well. A baby is a big thing for both parents.

  • Leanne J.

    This is what should happen in every hospital the poor midwife had my baby all night because I couldn't move after my c section also for the mothers who have had no sleep for days on end through a long labour

  • Eleanor D.

    yes absolutely. i didnt cope very well at all without my partner

  • Nicole C.

    Yes 100% there's no reason why they should miss out on first night, even on ward you have the curtain to pull around for privacy!

  • Julie M.

    I was in for a week baby daddy was allowed to stay the whole time. It was great having that support, and he got to bond with baby. My sister also got to stay one night that he couldn't.

  • Claire L.

    Yes they should its the dads baby as much as the mums bonding in the first few weeks is so important to both parents x

  • Laura R.


  • Lisa K.

    I just missed out! Boo!

  • Natalie B.

    Yes I never felt so lonely with my first child & scared as not only my first child but she was 6 weeks prem also. With our 2nd child, also 6 weeks prem, my husband was allowed to stay, it was a relief for us all. He was given a hard chair to sleep on which wasn't great, but we survived 12 days of it :kissing_heart:

    • Carole E.

      Yes!!!! Felt very vulnerable. My husband was sent home and I was left on the ward. It is not a nice memory.

  • Hayley H.

    They already do this at Sunderland hospital and everyone has their own room. At such an overwhelming time, especially as a first time mum, it made all the difference having my husband there with us and the privacy to find our feet with our daughter xx

  • Jemma W.

    Husbands/partners are allowed to stay at my local hospital. This was very good for me as a 1st time mum with a prem baby (1month early), a c section and only mobile on crutches. My husband was able to care for me & the baby calling on the midwives when really needed (they were stretched thin the week we spent in hospital). It meant so much to have him there the whole time

  • Kerry G.

    Even when you have had a c section you have to fend for yourselves xxx

  • Holly C.

    My partner was allowed to stay we had our own little room etc they even offered him meals just like me and everything lol unfortunately that unit has now closed so don't know if it's still the case at the new maternity unit but it was very comforting and took alot of the stress away having him with me and our daughter I don't think I would have coped very well on my own x

  • Michelle B.

    Absolutely yes! This should be standard in all hospitals. After having our son in December by emergency c-section after a 61 hour labour, having my husband with us the whole time was invaluable and all I'd have wanted. You're all in individual bays on the wards with curtains anyway, so privacy isn't an issue for breast feeding etc x

  • Gemma F.


  • Tori C.

    Absolutely! Our daughter was born at tea time and by the time we went up to the ward visiting hours were over and my husband only had time to drop off the bags before being guided to leave. I was exhausted after 48hrs of contractions and alone in a side room with our crying baby, all a bit overwhelming! The staff were fantastic but being able to see my husband even for a couple of hours to reconnect would have been great. The time after birth went in so quickly it felt like we hadn't even had a chance to say hello!

  • Kaleigh W.

    I would have loved my hubby to be able to stay. I had never stayed in hospital on my own except for overnight once as a child which I don't remember. Also I had had an epidural and my legs were still numb, so I couldn't get out of bed to pick baby up etc. I had to try and shuffle down the bed etc to pick her up safely. Didn't want to bother the nurses by ringing the bell, especially as we were transferred to the wars in the middle of the night. If I wasn't high risk and could have given birth in the birthing centre, my hubby would have been allowed to stay. I don't see what harm there is in the dad staying and sleeping on the chair x

  • Samantha D.

    Yes it should be allowed. My son was born at 2 am via emc after being induced at 11am the previous morning. My poor partner was told at 3am I was being taken to a ward and he had to go home. He was exhausted and obviously worried about me and our boy. And to be turfed out was so harsh on him and me as we wanted to be together with our son. X

  • Nic T.

    Yes brilliant idea . my first I could sit myself up so could of done with the support . The second was born at 3 am and he was sent straight home having been up since 6am the day before he had to drive

  • Emma W.

    My husband stayed for 2 days after my first and overnight for our second.... I had severe SPD and had csections both times.... I couldn't even get out of bed to look after our baby myself for first 24 hours so don't know what I would have done if he wasn't there!!

  • Sarah W.

    It seemed ridiculous to me that I was told I was too ill to go home the night after I gave birth (excessive blood loss) but was considered well enough to care for my first baby alone overnight on a ward. I was so exhausted and traumatised by that night I lied about my blood loss the next day to get home. I feel husbands should be able to stay and I actually can't see why anyone would object as long as privacy could be maintained.

  • Sharon P.

    Great idea! After only around 7 hours sleep in total over the 4 nights I was in hospital having my twins (c-section), I would've loved the support. Was the most difficult, lonely experience ever :weary:

  • Keira D.

    My partner stayed with me after I had my son. I thought it was the norm now.

  • Rachel L.

    Yes! Without a doubt. I was allowed as we were transferred miles away from home, baby was in NICU and we had a private room, but even on a ward it wouldn't bother me.

  • Becky J.

    When I had my baby boy his dad was able to stay on the ward if we had the opportunity to go to the ward in Chesterfield it should be made in all hospitals that the dad's can stay

  • Jordana P.

    YES !

  • Pauline S.

    And so they should to let them also bond with the new baby why as it took so long for Dad's to do this too much new technology going on instead of family time

  • Samantha S.

    I was really lucky to have midwife led birth with my first (and only) daughter - the private post birth room had a double bed so my husband could stay! We stayed two nights as had trouble establishing Breast feeding best thing ever!

  • Amanda R.

    Yes I had a c-section and my partner stayed over night. It gave me comfort knowing my partner was there helping me and also bonding with our baby. I think it's a wonderful idea and helps bring families closer together :baby_tone2::grinning:

  • Heather E.

    Absolutely! My husband stayed overnight for the two nights we were in hospital and we had the greatest experience in our newborn bubble! The hospital was private rooms only though, I can understand on a ward that it might be uncomfortable for some for men to be there. Great support for mum post birth but also amazing bonding time between baby and dad. Probably also eases the strain on busy midwives/nurses having dads there to help the mums.

  • Kim R.

    I gave birth in the morning so my partner was allowed to be with me all day until 7.30pm. Which gave us a chance to spend some time together when she was just hours old. Had she been born in the night or evening, he would only have been allowed to stay whilst on delivery until we got moved to the ward so wouldn't have been able to be with her in those early hours.

  • Ellie C.

    1 million per cent yes!!! My anxiety was sky high after my emergency section. My husband couldn't even take a leak without me being 2 feet away from him. The hospital was fab. Their policy was no husbands overnight but could see I needed him. they found us a private room and let him stay for 2 nights. He was amazing. Would cuddle our daughter when she was crying during the night, changed all of her nappies as I couldn't get out of bed. Practically did everything but bf for the first few days.

  • Emma F.

    Think its a brilliant idea births are not always straight forward I had emergency section and my little boy was taken to nicu 12 hours after he was born I forced med staff to take drains and catheter out so I could go with my son the world is a lonely place at times yet I was on my own to deal with the stress and anxiety of a poorly baby had o had my hubby with me we could of dealt with it together instead of me at hospital and hubby at home

  • Katie M.

    Would have made the world of difference to us as I struggled to move after a difficult labour. As it goes I had to leave him with the midwives :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

  • Louise F.


  • Vicky L.

    With my first I was so upset my husband couldn't stay but by the time we had our third child I can see why maybe dads should go home and rest so they can be fresh for when you get home exhausted from call bells and baby crying and being monitored etc.

  • Leanne S.

    I put this on my feed back with my first born

  • Murti S.

    Definitely! My husband was allowed to stay with me for 5 days from being induced to emergency c-section (I was in a private high alert room though)......was tough for me and having him there was the best thing. When they moved me to a ward then he had to go home which was a major struggle for me but gave me the strength to show I was ready to leave and just be home with baby and hubby

  • Claire W.

    This is awesome!! :relaxed::ok_hand:

  • Katie D.

    Totally agree I did not want my husband to leave me after the traumatic birth of our son it was horrible to be alone with a baby that I had no idea how to care for as he was our first xx

  • Joanne T.

    I'm all for this sounds great. Mums are shattered after giving birth and it will help you relax knowing there with you. I couldn't sleep for fear he would stop breathing but if my partner was there I'd have relaxed more

  • Rebecca D.

    Definitely! After I'd had my little boy at midnight my partner was told he had to leave at 3am because I was being moved to the ward he left and I wasn't moved until 5! He missed out bonding time and helping me as I didn't want to leave my little boy on his own so I could go to the toilet!

  • Kerry W.


  • Emma B.

    YES!!!! Vital change needed- reassuring for both mother and child and a unique time for a family :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Clare H.

    I definitely think this is a good idea, with my second I had to stay on the labour ward for the night (I gave birth at 8pm) had complications, lost a huge amount of blood and ended up having to have a catheter as I wasn't aloud out of bed, I couldn't even lean across for my baby let alone hold him and bond with him, I had nothing in me whatsoever, I had to keep buzzing for the midwives to come and feed, change, wind and comfort my baby, don't get me wrong they were amazing and I couldn't fault them but that should of been my job or my husbands job. My husband left at midnight and with the complications I went through we hadn't had any time to let any of it sink in. It's an important time for the dads to bond with baby not just the mums. We need support from them after giving birth regardless of how the labour went!

  • Deb T.

    With my first LG I was on a ward of 6 beds within 2 hours of giving birth. I can only describe it as a cattle shed and I hated every minute if the first 48 hours of my daughters life due to not being able to rest or having my husband there to support me. My 2nd LG was born at a different hospital, in my own room, my husband spent the first 24 hours on the sofa bed in the room. Such a different experience. Amazing being able to have him there to help me and support me through the first day. I also think that dad's bonding is just as important as mum's x

  • Sarah M.

    That must be so difficult. When I was in by myself they were all sat in their room drinking tea if I remember right xxxx

  • Jen R.

    This is a fantastic idea!

  • Stasia S.

    My son went straight to special care on Tuesday when he was born. On the Friday he came to stay in my room. I was a nervous wreck. They let my husband stay the night on a put up bed. Was so very greatful. Luckily my daughter shot out quickly in a birthing suite with pull out double bed. My husband and i slept the night before returning home to introduce our daughter to her big brother.

  • Donna B.

    They do this in Grimsby. My partner has stayed both times I have given birth. He was even allowed to stay for the four days it took them to induce me before my eldest was born.

  • Simon G.

    Yes we should be allowed to stay

  • Sarah C.

    Well seeing as my partner fell asleep anyway with both of mine whilst I was in hospital it's a definite yes from me :grin:

  • Catherine M.

    Only if there are private rooms. The whole childbirth experience is undignified enough without other people's partners being only a thin curtain away ( and there is always bloody gaps in the curtains

  • Sarah A.

    Yes and same should go for nicu, our son spent 4 weeks in there and the night before we were allowed to take him home I had to sleep overnight on the nicu ward but my husband wasn't allowed so after 4 weeks in hospital the 1st night I was able to spend with him all night I had to do it alone :cry:

  • Lynsey S.

    Yes 100% think Dads should be there. It is so important to have that support and be there for each other during this time. Xx

  • Jackie J.

    I think it's a great idea. I had two c-sections with my kids, afterwards, I was tired, emotional, sore, teary, happy and sad all at the same time. By the time I was taken into the ward, I had an hr with my partner and baby before he had to leave. I woulda have loved that extra support and bonding time with my partner.

  • Elaine M.

    Everywhere should allow this !

  • Stephanie S.

    I think they should get to stay. But only if the wards are made in to individual rooms, I wouldn't of been comfortable with men walking around after you've had a baby. I mean he'll I didn't like my husband touching me for a while, never mind strange men around

  • Claire H.

    Ulster hospital (Northern Ireland) allow partners to stay in their home from home rooms. Was lovely having my hubby there after the birth of both my boys.

  • Sarah W.

    Yes!!.I wish my husband had been allowed to stay in with me and our son especially as it was our first baby Instead he was 'kicked' out at 2.30am. Can't see our local hospital doing it.

  • Claire B.

    I agree. My son was born by csec at 4.30pm and my hubby had to leave at 8pm. It was hard. I was hooked up 2 drips, couldnt move never mind get out of bed & left with my baby and midwifes who didnt/wouldnt help. Having him there or my Mum would of been great support.

  • Suzanne H.

    My husband had to stay in hospital with me for 4 days and nights. I was in a very bad way. But think all dad's would love to be with their partner and baby they made the baby too.

  • Nicola D.

    Of course dads should stay. Mums are exhausted and not in right frame of mind. . .

  • Rebekah P.

    My husband was able to stay with me in Swindon

  • Sian W.

    I would have felt so much better having my husband staying with me after the birth of our first child. I didn't sleep a wink as I was anxious by myself xxx

  • Kelly Y.

    I felt disadvantaged in the hospital after my whole pregnancy being midwife led and then I ended up a consultant led birth. This then meant I was moved to a ward within a couple of hours of having my baby (which was at midnight) and so my husband had to leave. People I know who were midwife led birth had their partner stay for hours and also had their parents visit (obviously that's a choice you can make if you want them to visit...)

  • Carla N.

    It should be an option

  • Sarah P.

    Most definately! George got to stay over night in my room when our daughter was born. Our maternity unit has allowed that for a long while.:blush:

  • Harriet L.

    I'd of walked out if they didn't let him stay...he stayed

  • Laura K.

    My husband stayed with us, it was brilliant but we were lucky to get a free private room in the birth centre of the hospital!

  • Tricia W.

    I think its a good idea. I had a section and could not reach for my crying son and rang the bell no one came so had to reach to get him... He slept in the bed with me for the rest of the night.

  • Mhari S.

    Yes i think they should. Its their baby too and it will allow everyone to bond together

  • Rachel B.

    Yes dads shouldn't be left out of any part of it

  • Sarah G.

    Really wish my partner could of. Awful birth and whole experience but would have bn more bearable if he was with me

  • Donna A.

    Yeah they should.xd

  • Hayley D.

    Lister Hospital in Stevenage does this. Wonderful feedback from parents xx

  • Helen J.


  • Gina F.

    I don't like the idea of the ward being mixed sex but think they could change visiting for dad to 6am till 12am. I just would feel so much more uncomfortable!

  • Samantha L.

    Absolutely they should! I think it's a great thing to do and all hospitals should offer it! Imagine having given birth and daddy meeting baby for the first time to then be told to leave as its out of visiting hours and they can't stay. How awful. As a first time mum I can honestly say I was told my husband couldn't stay over by a quite a few family/friends who had given birth prior to me and it made me so anxious. Luckily for us he had a couple of hours with the baby before he left, we then found out he could have stayed after all grr after I came out of theatre I couldn't move at all so kept having to buzz the nurse to pass my baby to me X

  • Kerrie L.

    Milton Keynes hospital do

  • Diane B.

    My local hospital do this it's fantastic my husband stayed with us the first night after out daughter was born I had c section so couldn't move out of bed for 24 hours it gave him extra bonding time and helped me massively at feeding time ect was a very special time for us xx

  • Kay S.

    Yes defiantly, I felt utterly abandoned the first night and having my husband there would have made all the different. But not on wards with multiple beds I didn't really like all the other dads so close when you are trying to breastfeed for the first time and that was just visiting hrs

  • Emma M.


  • Lisa B.

    My husband stayed with me on the anti natal ward the night before I had my baby and then on the ward once I had our baby. We had curtains around us at the bedside for privacy. I couldn't have done it without having him there to help, even with little things like passing me something to drink. The little things really matter. I had our baby at Lister Hospital in Stevenage, Herts and they were fantastic throughout.

  • Heather B.

    When I had my first it was mid afternoon and he was taken to neonatal card as he was premature, I was then moved into maternity with other mothers and their babies and my husband was sent home at 10pm, it was an awful experience as I was left alone with no baby and no husband! With my second i was induced, my husband was allowed to stay throughout and then my daughter was born at 9pm of the 3rd day and he stated with us through the night until we were moved onto maternity the next morning, I was in no fit state to care for her myself due to complications during the birth so I was really glad he was there... I certainly think there are also instances where people might not prefer this to happen, it can be overwhelming having someone else there and also you can feel like you just want your baby to yourself at times!

  • Lisa W.

    Yes definitely

  • Jennifer K.

    Great move. I had c section and eclampsia after our baby was born and was not well enough to look after him on my own the whole time. When I was bad, the hospital allowed my husband to stay with me, and always did their best to get him a bed or provide a chair, being in for nearly a month. Would have been lost without him as the maternity wards are so understaffed that our baby wouldn't have received the attention when he needed it. it's important for dads to be there if they want to be and should be the case in all hospitals!

  • Liam C.

    Why is this even a question?

  • Michelle H.

    My husband stayed with me overnight at burton hospital, it's a brilliant idea and wonderful to have him there x

  • Katie B.

    It should be allowed in all hospitals. Not only for dad's to bond with their baby but to help mums who are exhausted after labour. Plus it frees up time with labour ward staff who would have to assist ladies.who had sections/epidurals etc.

  • Kerry B.

    I would have loved to stay with us,as we were advised he could but then told late at night that he couldn't :cry: he did smuggle me in a Maccy Ds breakfast at 7am the next morning though coz he's a legend like that. :thumbsup::heart::heart::heart:

  • Nicola S.

    Yes definately, they were a part in making the baby, they should be able to help after birth too if they wish!!

  • Amy R.

    My son was in intensive care in norwich & norfolk hospital and they set us up with accomodation. Befoew he was tranaferes to norwich great yarmouth hospital put me in my own room.amd gave hubby his own bed. They didnt have to but out of kindness they did. Xx

  • Lisa V.

    I think it's a brilliant idea. I wish my other half could have stayed with me after our babies were born. Both of mine were born in the small hours of the morning and once I was given a bed he had to leave. I think it will help with the bonding too. X

  • Kim H.

    Yes definately! I felt so lonely when my husband went home, I had to stay for two nights in hospital and it wasn't a good experience. Needed him there x

  • Leigh D.

    I wish my hubby could have stayed with me. I didn't sleep at all the first night as I had convinced myself that if he cried I wouldn't hear him and that I was going to be an awful mum. We know now it was the start of my post natal depression but it may have not taken such a hold had my early experience been easier.

  • Jade O.

    100% should be allowed to stay. due to the time I gave birth my partner only got a couple of hours with us before he had to leave. Then wasn't allowed back till 11am!

    • Matt C.


    • Jade O.

      You was so lucky having huddy in the morning, I need to time my labour better next time! But next time with our girls we won't be induced and will be having water births in the midwife led unit :pray_tone2::pray_tone2::pray_tone2::pray_tone2: obviously a day apwell! Sound good Roxanne!!

  • Rachel G.

    Yes definitely. There should be more money put into maternity services and having more maternity centres would-be good. It's not so daunting then having to attend a huge hospital but a relaxing home from home centre where parents to be can feel comfortable and it can be a more personal experience. I would of loved a home birth but unfortunately couldn't and it upset me having to spend my first night as a mum/parent alone in a cubicle the size of cardboard box surrounded by ugly curtains and 3 screaming babies while the mums snored!!

  • Sarah L.

    I can see pros and cons while it might be helpful to have dads there to help mums, privacy issues are bound to arise plus if women wanted to talk their midwife in confidence they may not have the opportunity also parents with other children at home may find it harder to have both parents away and dad might feel obligated to stay

  • Keisha W.

    I definitely think they should be allowed to stay, it's daunting enough having a baby but then being left alone with them is something else!!!

  • Anne H.

    No I don't , what about the feelings of single mums , it's a very emotional time for them and I think dads /husbands being there will add to the distress for them ! I personally liked that bonding time after husbands had gone home

    • Kirsten S.

      I don't think that couples should be penalised because some women choose to do it alone. As a married woman I would be very unhappy if my husband missed out on time with our baby because of this. Also, fathers have as much right as mums to be there, and I actually left hospital before I was ready because I didn't want to be away from him.

  • Katherine S.

    I do think it's a good idea in midwife led units when there are individual rooms but on a busy maternity ward it's just not practical. Imagine if there was an emergency and you've got double the amount of people to account for. And also, some women may not feel comfortable with men being there, you don't know other women's situations and the women and babies are the priority at that time x

  • Meg A.

    I had a broken coccyx when I had my first child and the ward was unbelievably short staffed , no pain relief, no staff , first baby ....I was texting my husband to come in as soon as he could get back as there was no help . Absolutely makes sense these days as they grind the NHS down its actually probably safer. At one point my baby was being sick and I couldn't get out of the high sided bed with a broken coccyx so I hit the help button as I continued to try and get to her ...a domestic came to answer the buzzer .'quick please lift her she's being sick' was answered with 'oh yeah u'll need to clean her up "...and she left .

  • Avril G.

    Unfortunately they can't supply beds for father's bit they are allowed to stay with baby and partner until bed time.most mothers and baby's are allowed home within 24 hours unless complications...most father's are at birth and experience the time with their babies and can stay with partner until bed time and back again in morning.mother sometimes needs extra care that she doesn't always want daddy to see and if a.normal.delivery them mum.and baby home within 2 days 2nd baby within hours so dad's have as much time with baby as mum really..I was born in my grans house and my dad forbid my mum to have my brother at home because mothers need observation as do babies....lot of crap they need to be their 24/7 there no going to be their when you get home and they have to go back to work in a couple of weeks you just het on with it...my dad is my life and in our day the fathers were not.in the room.when you had your baby.. wish people would stop making up this shit.

    • Elaine W.

      Wow how old fashioned of you!

      Just because the men will be back in work after two weeks doesn't mean we should just get on with it and stop moaning!!!

      I'm Sorry but I had an emergency c section I could remember holding my lb for first time or visiting hours but in middle of night my lb was screaming and I was buzzing for the midwife for over an hour coz I couldn't move!!

      I needed my hubby there coz I physically couldn't move to see to my lb

    • Gemma F.

      Well said Elaine

    • Elaine W.

      Thanks Hun! Hate it when people have old fashion views that it's the woman's job to look after the children and the men go to work...no thanks!

      It took two of us to make a baby so two of us should split looking after the baby down the middle esp when you've just been through labour and had a tough time

    • Avril G.

      Sorry you had that experience hen,that's a shame and yes I would expect a room where your hubby could be near by you.hope your wee one is thriving now,but you know what hen I have had children and both my mum and dad are 1 of eight kids.I can't say anything else than its part of life...I was in hospital for 20 weeks just to have my daughter,but I can honestly say I didn't want my husband all of the time,I wanted mum who knew what I was going through...I still don't think your man should be there 24/7 x

    • Elaine W.

      Well I'm politely disagreeing.

      Yes I would've loved my mam there but she sadly had passed away but no one knows me better than my hubby and knows what I want or need.

      I think for women who have a tough labour or c section having hubby there all Time until you go home is a must!

      When I finally came round properly (I wasn't knocked out just hasn slept for 48 hours or eaten for 36 so when I'd had the drug for the c section it knocked me out. I felt vulnerable and scared plus for the first night until 4 am I was on my own in that ward and it was awful the baby was crying and there was nothing I could do xxx

    • Kirsten S.

      Elaine Louise Williams I had almost the same experience, 24.5 hours in labour, emergency section and they never cleared my sons lungs. In the middle of the night he was choking and no one was coming when I buzzed. I ended up getting out of bed, baby in my arms and wobbly legs shouting in the corridor for help. I'm not looking forward to going back into the same hospital in 4 weeks time.

    • Becky B.

      I understand what you're saying Elaine but what if it's not baby number 1, who looks after the other children whilst your husband stays at the hospital? Xx

    • Avril G.

      I hear you honey it is hard,and I wish you well. My daughter is due her second baby in the next 4 weeks and I've told her it's not am illness it what woman have being doing for ever She's no different from me apart from.the fact that I nearly died and was.in hospital for more than 20 weeks but hey you get over it..but no partners don't need to be their 24/7'there's other mothers giving.birth Xx

  • Sarah S.

    It's just common sense! Saves the team tasks that as dad can pick up and bond when mummy is shattered!!! X

  • Joe G.

    I stayed with my wife for a few nights as she had an extended stay. It was important bonding time with my baby and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. I was respectful of the other women and dads on the ward but our hospital were very accommodating. It's just as important for Dad to spend as much time with the baby as it is for mum.

  • Janette C.

    Absolutely. X

  • Beverley H.


  • Joanne M.

    Definitely should be allowed. The first night after having our twins by C-section I couldn't move and was left holding my daughter as she needed to drain fluid that she'd inhaled. I then was terrified I'd fall asleep and drop her so got no sleep. 2nd night I was so tired and emotional that I started sobbing when it was time for husband to leave. The amazing night staff said because I had my own room (because of having twins) my husband could stay in the chair and gave him a blanket etc. They said it made their job easier as they knew I had someone there. It should be standard for anyone who wants it to enable that time for the new parents and not put the staff in the position of breaking rules.

  • Cheryl J.

    Fab idea

  • Emily R.

    We do in Canada! Thankfully too. I had emergency c section and hubby had to do feedings for first day.

  • Nicola H.

    My husband stayed 3 nights and my sister 1 night after my c-section because I suffered a post spinal block headache (most horrendous thing ever, couldn't even sit up) and I honestly think the hospital allowed this because they were too busy to look after me and baby properly!

  • Maire M.

    Yes 100% it's not just about mummy and baby, it's family bonding time! I was very lucky to have my husband by our side when we had our 1st (in USA). for the whole 3days we were in hospital he was by my side - it helped us both figure each other out in our new roles as parents

  • Emma B.

    Definitely I was in hospital for 4 days due to baby having an infection we dreaded when 8pm came and he had to leave, the look of sadness on his face broke my heart I felt so lonely.

    I was on a full ward with 4 other women and babies and if there partners stayed too then I'm not sure how you would get any privacy having a private room would have been much nicer if this is allowed

  • Heather C.

    This is amazing!

  • Clare H.

    Definitely! My partner stayed with me for two of the births to help me interp with the midwives- I'm deaf so he woke me up when baby cried etc- without his support and love- it would've been a different experience with him not staying x

  • Paul W.

    Nope dad's job is to go to the pub wet the babies head :beers::beers::beers::beers:

  • Sarah L.

    Safer for mothers and babies and eases the workload on midwives. I had my littlest babies at home and there's nothing like having your family there for you afterwards, makes it so much nicer.

  • Gem H.

    Definately! I was so overwhelmed & emotional with my first. I don't know how they expect mothers to do that first night on their own anyway without partners there. The first night is important to both parents. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, at least we could have had no clue together!!! Hate being on my own anyway!!

  • Siobhan M.

    The first night alone in the hospital with my oldest was the most horrible experience I could ever imagine. I think I cried for about 3 hrs solid after everyone left. I felt so alone and so overwhelmed it was awful. The staff were great but they couldn't stay with all night obviously, others needed help.

    My second having him there was such a comfort. I was being induced and they had got us a private room so he could stay. It was just as well as our son was born middle if the night after only a 2hr labour. Then we were home at tea time as it was our second and very easy labour with no complications. I wouldn't have wanted him to leave the second time either.

  • Helen S.

    No they shouldn't be allowed to stay overnight. I would not feel comfortable breastfeeding, in gowns etc, for starters, with random men walking about a women's ward, And the noise etc would be even worse up all night - its bad enough with everyone rabbiting on their phones. Yes everyone is having a tough time, but that includes single parents - so way to go if you want to marginalise them even more.

  • Alisha C.

    Yes I agree lagan valley hospital in Northern Ireland allows dad's to stay over night now it's an amazing time especially the first night for bonding... only 7 weeks to go for us for r third bundle of joy :heart_eyes:

  • Ange H.

    Yes. Definately.

  • Carmel R.

    I was so homesick and miserable after the birth of my first. I was in for 3 days as poor baby couldn't maintain his body temp after traumatic birth. Would of been nice to have husband stay xxx

  • Kathy H.


  • Danielle C.

    I wouldn't feel comfortable being in a ward when I'm at most vulnerable with men sharing the ward. No I don't agree, women have just given birth. Bleeding. Being checked downstairs and breastfeeding, asked intimate questions ect. I don't think it is a good idea and I wouldn't be comfortable with it.

  • Julie R.

    Yes! Both my children were born in the night, and it was so hard for me and my husband when he had to leave just after the births. Precious hours that should be experienced together, not to mention the support he could have given me.

  • Susan T.

    Yes, the dads can look afyer the baby and do the night feeds and let the poor mother get some rest after giving birth.

  • Claire F.

    Yes absolutely they should be able to stay. Bonding with both parents is so important and in my case I had twin babies in intensive care and was left alone in a private side room. It was the most horrendous experience of my life. Someone to talk too during those difficult hours would have made all the difference to me.

  • Sian D.

    Of course they should. We want equal rights for everyone that includes men

  • Sarah O.

    My immediate reaction is YES! I gave birth three times at Ipswich hospital, i was so sleep deprived and in pain just having someone familiar around to hold the baby so I could sleep for more than ten seconds would be amazing....

    However the last time I gave birth, the lady next to me on the ward had the smelliest, rudest and most vulgar partner I've ever seen in my life so I wouldn't have been happy if he'd been around all night! He was bloody awful. Lol.

    So I think there are good points and bad!

    • Charlotte W.

      Great argument for the opposing position Sarah! I hadn't thought of that. Nightmare!!

    • Sarah O.

      It was horrible charlotte, I was stressed the whole time he was around because he was swearing and generally being disgusting. He was so loud it sort of took over the whole ward. The whole idea would be lovely if all men were lovely but as we know, that's not how it is sadly lol!

    • Nicci J.

      I would hate to have men around who I didn't know when the last thing I want to do is get dressed lol. I would deffo be paying for a private room if I had to share the ward overnight with 3 extra people. Sod that.

    • Sarah O.

      I agree, its such an intimate thing, of course it would be lovely to be able to share it with your significant other but not with three other ladies significant others too. Lol. I felt embarrassed getting up to waddle to the loo when the guys were there let alone anything else! Lol. Id probably die of heat exhaustion with those curtains glued round the entire time. Lol

    • Charlotte W.

      You are so right. I imagine there are many reasons why partners aren't generally permitted to stay, but I'd put money on this being one of them lol! Thinking about it like that has changed my mind. I had high blood pressure and was kept in for a week after my c section but I had a side room. I would have gone truly mental if I'd have been subjected to who you described!!

    • Nicci J.

      Like honestly this is my worst nightmare. Genuinely putting me off having another baby here :joy:

  • Rebecca L.

    It should be allowed everywhere. Luckily i was home 4 hours after both of mine but i would have felt uneasy having to stay in without my husband.

  • Claire T.

    Yes!!! Defo!!!

  • Hayley H.

    Yes.i found it so lonely. Discretely of course, but yes x

  • Laura D.

    My partner stayed overnight with our first, our second was born in the morning and we went home at lunch time but our baby (who is now three weeks old) was born at 21.15 and he had to leave at 22.00. This was a different hospital and I felt really lonely and to be honest down right scared, I'd have loved him to be able to stay with me again.

  • Kelly-Marie S.

    Great idea hated my partner leaving x

  • Laura C.


  • Zoe P.

    Wish they had allowed this when I had my daughter. I got induced the night before I had her and stuck in a cupboard like room on my own never stayed in hospital before. Feeling scared and vulnerable my husband had to leave at 9pm and not allowed in till 10am to which I was already in labour. Had our daughter but lost alot of blood and was drugged up to the eyeballs on our first night but yet my husband still wasn't allowed to stay. Nor was he the further week I was in their ! Poor husband missed a lot of time with his first child as he was only allowed on 11 hours of the day ! Very good idea I would have loved to have had him there even if just for the first night !

  • Cal

    I gave birth on Tuesday by c section and my husband stayed on a pull out bed in my room. We were lucky cos I had a private room but they also allow partners to stay on the ward. It's not well publicised at our local hospital but we had such a bad experience with our first born having my husband stay was a massive support following surgery as there are very few staff around overnight.

  • Kerry B.

    I would of loved nothing better than my partner staying with me after the births of our girls , being left alone is very daunting ️xx

  • Cindy W.


  • Jenny H.

    I would have loved my husband to stay with me. The first pregnancy I had twins at 31 weeks by c section. I was desperate to be with my babys but could only go when the midwifes had time. One ended up on a ventilator at 4 am. At that time I really needed him there. 2nd pregnancy he had the children we had while I was in hospital but it would have been nice to have him there.

  • Sarah M.

    Most definitely help is needed when you have spent hours in labour and no sleep.

  • Rachael W.

    This is a great idea, I gave birth to my first at 22.45 and my husband got thrown out once I got a bed on the post-natal ward. It was an extremely quick labour and I was in shock. Having my husband there would've helped so much.

  • Donna L.

    Yes because it's their baby too and they will want to bond. It will help the mother rest too knowing he can watch the baby - I was scared to go asleep after my babies were born in case anything happened!

  • Caroline G.

    All hospitals should adopt this... if i knew then i would of considered to birth at ipswich again.. i had my first baby there 10 yrs ago and really needed my partner there, the whole experience scared me and the one familiar thing wasnt allowed to stay :cry:

    10 yrs on, im delivering at west suffolk

  • Lisa W.

    Only if there was private rooms...father's were in the ward from 8 am til 10pm when I had my daughter ... I found going to the shower and speaking with the nurses uncomfortable while I could be overhead and seen by them

  • Claire M.

    Definitely!!! That first night left in the hospital is so lonely!!!

  • Alison G.

    This would have been heaven, my eldest is 12 and I still remember my husband being sent home as soon as I got on the ward after emergency c section - horrid times. I counted the minited till he could come back in the morning!

  • Eleanor M.

    Absolutely agree with it. Then again at my local hospital dads get a total of 6 hours visiting time per day, 2.5 of which is the same as general visiting. So 4.5 hours of alone family time a day. Awful

    • Iain M.

      Think they have changed to match everone else now but it was certainly a bag if crap when ben was born 2 years ago. I eventually just stayed and figured they could just shout at me if they wanted to.

  • Andrew P.

    In ireland defondtly. Seeing as the midwives where fuckall help. Sat in a wee room wathing tv all day...

  • Claire T.

    My husband was allowed to stay the first night due to complications but my mum stayed instead. Only because I wanted him refreshed as it had been a very long day. I was in my own room though, and my hubby did stay till midnight some days as I was too poorly to look after baby. There are different reasons for thinking either way. I can totally understand women feeling uncomfortable with it, a strange man when your literally the most exhausted etc.

  • Nichola S.

    They should be allowed to stay overnight! They should have that time to bond and help out xx

  • Lorraine P.

    Personally I loved and cherished my own time with my child after a C section it also encouraged me to recover super quick as I wanted to look after her myself with no help It was important to me to bond after the birth and it was the best time of my entire life! I think if my husband would have stayed that night with us it would have spoilt a very special moment! I carried her she was part of me it's a special bond that can not be compared. Fathers have plenty of time :) I was lucky of course...everyone has their own experiences, struggles and opinions. But after 9 months of me and her I wanted one night to introduce myself before she became daddy's girl :)

  • Hazel F.


  • Chantal S.

    Yes my hubby left at 3am & i cried, i just felt so emotional & lost & didnt have w clue what to do, i just wanted him to stay & cuddle us both! Influenced my decision to have a home birth the second time & it was such an amazing experience x

  • Victoria B.

    Yes because when I had my daughter 5 weeks premature my husband had to leave me on my own whilst our baby was in neonatal high dependency, I was left surrounded by new mums and babies. I needed him more than anything at that time in my life and it wasn't like the hospital was just around the corner either.

  • Angela H.

    I would have given anything for my husband to have been able to stay with me. The first night after a c section is horrendous. To have had him with me would have made a HUGE difference to me emotionally and physically x

  • Melanie E.

    Yes! I hated being in hospital without my fella, being in for 4 days and watching him leave everyday was horrible, and as nurses are too busy they could take over when you could do with a nap etc

  • Emily B.

    Yes. It's a brilliant idea

  • Mikey S.

    Yes they should allow them. It's just as much their baby as mums baby, why should they be sent home.

  • Kelly M.

    Queen Elizabeth in se London do this & even though I was on my own as a single mum I think it's wonderful that they do this. Long may it continue

  • Stacey D.

    It is an incredible idea...that first night in the hospital by myself with my first baby was the most terrifying night of my life!

  • Natassa C.

    Yea they should. It's an important bonding time for the dads as well, so why should they miss out? I gave birth in Medway hospital 6 years ago and it wasn't allowed. I gave birth in Ashford hospital 2 years ago and it was allowed, I was so excited, but our little boy went straight to special care so we never got chance to take advantage of it. Think it's a wonderful thing to have the dads there.

  • Elizabeth F.

    Yes I think they should be allowed! Hospital where I gave birth didn't allow dads to stay because they'd been 'caught' walking to toilets in 'boxies' etc! Obviously if individual room, just let them stay and help! I would've loved my Hun ur here after our little girl as if had surgery, it was 11.30pm and he had to leave! X

  • Samantha N.

    100% agree dads should stay I had our little girl at 23:36pm by 1am as soon as I was showered my husband was sent home, and not allowed back til 10am I had two lots of diamorphine and was quite spaced out and expected to care on my own for the baby, yes the midwives were great but you can't keep buzzing for the as they have other people to care for too, it was so hard being left all alone in a new situ stoa having my husband there would have been so much nicer for our first night as a family xx

  • Stef M.

    Yes. It's rediculous that they can't. I remember my first night alone in the hospital with my baby and I felt so alone and scared. I would have felt so much better if he was allowed to stay.

  • Katy H.

    I totally agree with this!!!!! My husband was allowed to stay 24/7 in our hospital . I have had to have 2 emergency c sections with my girls and without their dad there I don't think I would have coped not only for the sake of my babies but being a new mum And emotionally for myself. And why should dads miss out on the first hours/days of their child!

  • Louise F.

    I gave birth in St Thomas's hospital Weatminster . They were fantastic and dads can stay on the labour and post natal Ward overnight there .

  • Becki T.

    I didn't even realise this wasn't even an option until I had my little boy 2 years ago. I thought all hospitals allowed fathers to stay like Grimsby maternity hospital. You have your own private room the whole time you are there, along with a pull out bed for fathers/birth partners. My husband even got hot meals provided without a charge. I was in from Friday until Monday and was in the very same room the whole stay, no wards or birthing rooms in site. I wouldn't have been able to do it without him, let alone having his help after I'd had an epidural!

  • Caron N.

    In theory the idea is lovely, when I found out my partner could stay when I had my youngest who's now 6 weeks old I thought "great! I won't be alone and he'll be there to help" BUT what people forget is everyone else's partner is there! I had a c-section, had to get up to have a walk around the ward a few hours aftet my daughtet was born, passed a lot of blood, no midwife around to help clean up and I had to get to the toilet to clean myself up a bit with a good few men able to see me walking along passing blood as i went! Men who were walking around in their pajamas! Not nice at all... having babies you have to leave your dignity at the door but I can tell you it's no fun while you have at least 10-15 other women's husbands/partners wandering around to see it all!

    • Gina F.

      At last someone else with my point of view! At least the other women on the ward can understand but how uncomfortable in front of unknown men! X

  • Philip J.

    I stopped overnight after my 2 daughters were born, on the main ward, 90% of the dads stopped.

  • Faye C.

    Brilliant my husband was and I had a c section so made looking after baby easier he could pass her to me change nappy instead of calling nurse all the time

  • Meagan H.

    Definitely, would have helped me so much!! I felt so helpless when I had my daughter because I was numb from the waist down and I couldn't get to her when she cried at 4 in the morning. He should have been able to stay and help me xx

  • Linda H.

    Yes, I think this is a great idea. Dad's need bonding time too, especially if mum is breastfeeding. I think it's easy for the dad to feel a bit left out.

  • Samantha C.

    Yes yes yes! It's very u fair.. you both wait so long to meet ur newborn an within a few hours thay have to leave them. I'm so glad I'm a women as it would kill me knowing I'd have to leave.

  • Sara D.

    Of course they should it's as much their baby as the mothers, curtains can be closed if anyone feels uncomfortable, but no ones taking any notice of anyone else when they have just had a baby, I had my daughter a week ago at 23:14 and I was so relieved to find out my partner could stay with us!

  • Laura �.

    Yes they should! my daughter was born late evening, by the time we got cleaned up and moved to the ward it was late and my partner had to go! he didnt get long to see her

  • Kelly M.

    Would have loved my other half being able to stay, broke my heart when he had to leave after the wonderful experience we'd shared having our daughter. Think its a great idea

  • Kayleigh H.

    Good hope hospital now offer it also, with my 4th baby my hubby stayed over, worst decision ever no sleep due to snoring lol but I like the idea of it, he missed the first night of all the others so was excited to be there all the way this time

  • Dawn L.

    would have been a god send if my fiancé could have stayed with me, after 2 and half days of labour ending in an emergency c section would have helped me massively during the night instead of buzzing for a nurse everytime my baby cried cause I couldn't move/lift baby up for feeds/cuddles

  • Katherine A.

    Was too knackered to know wether he was there or not the first night. :joy:

  • Emmanuell A.

    Basingstoke allow it,

  • Denise M.

    If at all possible , yes. It can be a great support for a new mum!

  • Victoria S.

    My first daughter was prem and being a first time mommy I was scared lonely and panicked a lot when it come to him having to go home (I was in for a total of nine days). To have him there would've helped massively. I think if you are going to be in for less than 24 hours or if it's not your first child then maybe not. But for 1st time moms who know its not going to be just an overnight stay I think it would benefit both mommy daddy and the hospital as always so short staffed xx

  • Jo W.

    I wish my husband could've stayed with me after my c-section. I was left holding my son in the early hours of the morning unable to move or feed him let alone sleep and my buzzer had fallen on the floor! I would've given anything to have had him there for support. This is a brilliant idea.

    • Donna B.

      Too right!! 2 things happened that my husband wouldn't have put up with that me, as a vulnerable new mother in pain did - 1) the nurse who laughed at me for asking help to change Madeline coz I struggled getting off my bed after csection and 2) the "breastfeeding expert" who kept telling me "breast feeding doesn't hurt" but was unwilling to give me any additional advice! Grrrr! You need that support as a brand new mum! Why your husband can't stay with you anyway is ridiculous!! Not like there is never enough room!! Pfft! Oh how this time will be different!!

  • Fiona H.


  • Avril G.

    What more can the maternity wards to apart from putting double beds in room for father's ffs...your in 2 days with your first and hours with your next unless complications....your going to be up at night with a new baby that's the norm we don't need dozens of tired dads wondering about a maternity unit as well some ladies need extra care so yeah we want dads there but for goodness sake what yous going to be like when your man is back at work.yous going to say don't work bay needs to bond with you!! Course they will bond it's their dad....what is it with some mothers ? They think that having a baby makes them something wonderful which they are in a way but woman have done it for ever your man can help you at home.

    • Lucy L.

      "When your man is back at work" :joy::joy::joy::joy: total mark of this opinion

  • Sue R.

    My first was born not long before midnight in a hospital 16 country miles from home. I was taken to the ward ar 2am, and my husband was told he had to go home. He was as shattered as I was, as my waters had broken 4 days previously and he'd been keeping me.going all that time. I hardly slept that night, tired as I was, as I was terrified about him driving home.

    I mentioned this to a midwife at what used to be our local maternity hospital (in our town - now closed), and she, appalled, told me about an.occasion when she'd had to tell a new mum that she wouldn't be seeing her husband again - he'd been sent home under similar circumstances to my husband. My husband made it back - hers didn't.

  • Rachael C.

    He'll yes

  • Katie M.

    I was very cross that they sent my partner home when I was in labour. Yeah it wasn't advanced labour but they wouldn't let me go home and so I was alone. Also I was on a ward on my own the first patient came onto the ward at 7am. It made me even angrier that my partner nearly missed our baby's birth because he was told he wasn't allowed on the wars till 9am and I went into active full on pushing labour at 8am he was luckily already near the hospital he got there at half 8 our son was born at 9:08am. I was also kept in for 3 days and every day he was sent away and again I was alone on the ward. I didn't see why.

  • Jennifer R.

    Yes of course. I was very lucky with my third baby we were allowed to sleep in our delivery room so my husband got to stay for the first night. It's such a special/difficult time and couples should share it if they can.

  • Kat N.

    The hospital i had my son at let my husband stay over. The sleeping arrangements wernt great and he wasnt included in the breakfast on the ward. But that was fine as he waant the patient and was more than happy to buy his own breakfast as long as he got to see me and his son. Remember how lucky we are to have so much for free on the NHS

  • Sarah J.

    Oh my god yes this should happen. We got left for hours waiting for a bed after delivery from 11.30pm until 5am and couldn't sleep as we kept getting told we were moving soon and didn't have a bed etc. Then we finally moved onto the ward at 5am by which time we were both knackered and the new baby was starting to scream incessantly and I couldn't get him to latch on. Despite being in a private room (luckily) the midwife said " so you had better be off now dad" to my husband. I said it's practically morning but she was having none of it. I was then left exhausted with a screaming baby. Fun times. Although, let's face it, you may as well get hit in the face with it straight away I suppose !

  • Donna H.

    Chichester hospital let them! The best thing having ur partner/husband with you after having a baby. Physically and mentally you need support and who better to give it X my husband was with me and our babies all the time X

  • Kirsty O.

    Defs think they should be allowed to stay. It's not fair on parents or child for the father to not be there especially if baby & mother have a long stay in hospital. I would have loved to have my boyfriend stay & support me in hospital all night as I was so new to parenting & got barley any help during the night.

  • Dina C.

    My husband stayed with me in a double bedroom in hospital after our 3rd baby was born. It was lovely having him around!

  • Sherlene H.

    I would've appreciated it as I had an emergency c section and lost a lot of blood etc etc no one came to help me lift my baby onto me to breastfeed her!! Plus I was given too much anesthetic and was numb from neck to knee, my man would've been a god send :heart_eyes:

  • April A.

    I agree they should x

  • Katie M.

    Our son was rushed into hospital at 18 months old when he had a fit at home my partner was looking after him and I was on a girls night out drinking. We got to the hospital it was 11:30pm I was to be honest quite drunk as it was my first time out since the baby was born. Anyway my partner and son arrived by ambulance and they told my partner that he again couldn't stay he would have to go home. My partner refused and said they would have to kick him out if they wanted him to leave as I was in no state to be left and we didn't know what was wrong with our son. They allowed him to stay as once again the ward was empty but they said they could only bring out one put up bed. We both stayed until they allowed us all to leave over 24 hours later. I don't get why they are so quick to turn away dads. I get that women might be feeling vulnerable but they should try to use common sense and not just stick to the rules for no reason

  • Rebecca H.

    Yes definitely!!! I could have really done with my husband given all the medical intervention I had.

  • Jenny R.


  • Paige W.

    This should be allowed. I was terrified after i gave birth as i was all alone at night and the morning before i got out. I didnt know what to do and the midwives were brilliant but i missed that support from my partner.

  • Clair K.

    I'd have liked my hubby to have been able to stay with us

  • Amy W.

    My husband stayed with me the whole time (I was induced and in from Thursday, he was born Saturday and then I stayed on the postnatal ward for 2 nights and 3 days). He went home once when on the first night of induction as nothing was happening but the rest of the time he was with me. We live in Manchester. The hospital wasn't fussed and let dads stay on the antenatal ward, labour ward and the postnatal ward. He slept on a chair on antenatal and got a pull out bed on postnatal.

  • Rhian A.

    Merthyr tydfil hospital (prince Charles) has been doing this awhile. Couldn't have coped without it. Yes excellent idea. All hospitals should allow it x

  • Amy B.

    Sunderland hospital done this 2 yrs ago when i had my son.

  • Cheryl G.

    I would have loved my husband to stay after our babies were born. Hated him going home, was in tears everytime. Would have made the stay in hospital much easier. X

  • Ciara F.

    We can go here next time then lol

  • Lisa C.

    My Son in law was allowed to stay at Kingston sy hospital three years ago

  • Laura H.

    I live in ipswich and chose to give birth both times at West Suffolk hospital in Bury St Edmunds. I had a prem babe and hubby was allowed on the nicu at any time day or night. When I had our second and I was on the post natal ward I was pleased they asked dad's to leave. The midwives were able to concentrate on mum and making sure baby was ok. If you wished for dad's to stay you had the option of a side room (at a fee) but to be honest I felt better knowing hubby got a decent nights kip at home so he could support baby and I once we got home and all I wanted to do was eat, feed and sleep with baby. I think ipswich hospital are foolish allowing dad's to stay on an open ward. Too many people in and out of maternity wards makes me anxious for baby snatchers. Sorry to be negative but that's my view.

  • Lisa M.

    I could of done with my baby's dad there after my c-section I got no help I couldn't wait to get home

  • Alison B.

    Yes this is a fab idea means they get more time to bond and help during night. With two of my babies being born in early hours I was exhausted and really could have done with him being there x

  • Jayne S.

    When I had my son last year, I was on a small ward and one of the women had her partner stay with her because she couldn't speak a single word of English. They were talking really loudly all through the night in a language I couldn't understand plus skypeing relatives in the early hours. I felt really uncomfortable as I had to lie unclothed with a catheter so felt the need to keep my curtains constantly shut. So no, unless you're in a private room it's really not on.

  • Kathy M.

    Of course they should ! I was in Arrowe Park Hospital,Wirral for 6 nights after the birth of our twin boys & my partner stayed with us every night. We had one boy with us & one boy in Scbu for the first 3 days,I don't know what I would have done without him with us especially during the night xx Dads matter just as much as Mums x

  • Natasha C.

    Yes! I had an emergency c section and could barely move. I cried myself to sleep the first night and cried the whole next day because I struggled with my lg due to the pain.

  • Dianne R.

    Seems obvious to me! Of course they should

  • Laura T.

    Definitely! God my poor partner stayed with me after my emcs & further surgery, we were in hospital a total of 6 days! I literally couldn't do a thing, couldn't pick my baby up properly for the first two days...it was essential he was there for practical and emotional reasons too x

  • Helen L.

    Not unless it's in private rooms or the hospital provide a separate area for women who don't have partners.

  • Bethany F.

    Of course they should be allowed to stay! I can't think of anything worse then having my partner leave and have to stay in hospital. I had my little girl at Grimsby Hospital and they allow dad's to stay. We had our own room from the start of the induction and there was a small camp bed for him to sleep on.

  • Rebecca B.

    I think this is a wonderful idea!

  • Sarah H.

    Yes be good for dads to stay on the Ward to help wita there partner

  • Destiny H.

    Yes 100% I don't think it's right to not let fathers stay with their partners and new born child, mothers are so exhausted after birth or if a cesarean then they need the support.

  • Aisha B.

    Yes we were lucky that it wasn't busy and we got to stay in the private room all night. So glad I had the support of my hubby on the first night

  • Nicol H.

    I would rather NHS funding be spent on saving people's life's and focus on making sick people better

  • Rebecca B.

    I gave birth to my son in November at Burton Hospital and my hubby was allowed to stay. He signed a form to say he wouldn't e.g walk around in just his pants, respect others, give privacy etc. (common sense really) and it was such a help both physically and mentally having him there. I wish he could have stayed after my daughter was born; I had dural tap after my epidural and couldn't even sit/stand up properly let alone feed and change a baby. The staff were so busy with buzzers going off that they couldn't always help and whenever there was a shift change I had to explain again that I couldn't stand up so needed help. If my hubby had been there it would have freed up a member if staff who had to feed and change my baby every 2 hours through the night.

  • Shelley C.

    Hell yes! My partner stayed with me and it was the best thing ever, I was exhausted, sore and slightly traumatised. I would have fell apart without him. Because he was allowed to stay, both myself and my daughter benefited massively from having him there and it was great for him too not to have to leave us!

  • Kirsten K.

    Absolutely! Xx

  • Tracey M.

    My partner said with me in delivery room, I had my daughter at Bolton at 9:50 pm and he stayed with me till we left the following morning at 11:30. Would of been devastated if he would of left, I'm glad he stayed.

  • Jessica G.

    I gave birth to our little beauty at 18:26 by the time I was stitched and moved to a ward it was midnight, I'm so glad my hubby got to stay with me, we cuddled and bonded with our baby and had precious alone time before we took her home and shared her with the world. I was exhausted and being first time parents we supported eachother through those first hours together. So yes fathers should 100% be allowed to stay overnight!!

  • Lauren H.

    I think it's so important for dads to stay not only to bond but to help mums too I went straight home after my last child,daddy fell asleep and I stayed up with the normal mummy worries and the adrenaline after birth! Now I wish I'd stayed in like I planned. :joy:

  • Laura C.

    Yes it's scary and lonely with a crying baby (espesh first) not knowing what to do xx

  • Anne R.

    Yes def,my husband had to drive home after I was in labour for 2 days with little sleep which was so dangerous. They go through it it and mother needs support to.

  • Leanne G.

    I didn't realise this didn't happen in all hospitals?! My hubby stayed with me from the birth of son til the time we left. Was such an amazing, tiring, scary, draining, emotional experience... I couldn't have done it without him there! Xxx

  • Sammie I.

    I completely agree with it. It's wrong to send them away from their partner and new born baby I think. If other mums have a problem with it then they can always close their curtains that they have around the bed!

  • Jayne N.

    Fantastic idea. My Daughter had a very traumatic labour and birth. Her Partner was kicked out 2 hours after baby being born,as it was 2 am in the morning. X

  • Prithpal S.

    Yes, yes ,yes.

  • Paramjot K.

    Great idea

  • Sureena K.

    I totally agree too... I'm happy that you was allowed to stay with me too x

  • Claire O.

    When I had my first little boy in 2011 in our local hospital my husband could not stay & had to leave 2 minutes after arriving on the postnatal ward leaving me tired, anxious & unable to sleep as I just lay there watching my little boy but when we had our 2nd little boy they had changed the rules & my husband was able to stay with us which was a God send as I had SPD & could hardly walk. The hospital provided a camp bed in my sideroom for him &we had to provide bedding. It was great having him with us xx

  • Rowena M.


  • Lorna B.

    Yeah deffo but my personal choice is not to cuz just for them few hours its just us x

  • Debbie M.

    100% yes wish they had done this after I'd had my 3!!!! X

  • Claire C.

    Yes, absolutely they should. I had a crash section under general anaesthetic at 8pm and was wheeled back to the ward at 1am. Hubby was sent home and not allowed back until 9am - I have never needed more help in my life!

  • Kate S.

    Totally. It can be a very traumatic experience giving birth. I was exhausted and hadn't slept for 2 days prior to giving birth. My little girl got stuck and heart rate dropped. Had to be forceped out. All of a sudden I was left all alone. I felt helpless and scared. I didn't sleep a wink so then struggled to breast feed as I was so exhausted and emotional. Dads need to be a part of that first night. It's just as important for them as mums.

  • Hannah G.

    Letting dads stay when their partners have been induced would be a start I think...my husband nearly missed both his daughters births thanks to ridiculous one size fits all rules about how long drugs take to work. For us it was a 90min labour with first and 45min labour with second...yet it was going to be a "minimum of 24hrs" so dads couldn't stay to support. I shall say no more. But angry I still am and complete bollocks it was :triumph::triumph::triumph:

  • Lauren A.

    My husband was able to stay in hospital with me for the full three days I was in after giving birth, in Dumfries and Galloway, it was an absolute godsend having him there, along with him being able to bond with our daughter. Our hospital does not have ward rooms, all individual, which helped give us time together with our daughter and not be in anyone else's way/make them feel uncomfortable when feeding etc.

  • Shell F.

    Our hospital maternity ward does this-it think it's a brilliant idea,that first night with your first born alone in a hospital is scary as,you are suddenly responsible for this this little being that you need to get to know -and keep quiet!-and you are on your own!-i would've welcomed it.x

  • Imas B.

    Yes 1000% agreed :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

  • Katy D.

    My husband stayed with me after I had my baby. I couldn't have coped if he didn't as our little boy was taken straight to nicu. The hospital I was in had designated wards for those who wanted their partners to stay.

  • Lesley-Ann K.

    Yes definitely! Though a private room would be good

  • Maria M.

    He'll yes.......Mother and Father should have the first bound with the baby together! Babies sense their first voices from birth. So hospital this is not the dark ages move on with the times!

  • Jess P.

    Yes, absolutely. There are curtains for privacy and if dad is happy to stay in the chair or share the bed, why not. Parenthood is not a feminine issue and it is just as important for dad to bond, as mum. I had a traumatic labour, lost a lot of blood and was sick and dizzy for days, plus due to the labour and previous issues suffered horrible panic attacks. I had to stay for 9 days as baby was sick too, and really needed dads support and presence but he was forced to leave. We were devastated and the experience has really terrified me at the thought of having any more children. I really don't understand why hospitals would exclude dad, and take away such a vital support for mum and baby :(

  • Carol P.

    I think this would be really great. . Why should fathers have to miss out on the first night with their babies whilest new mothers struggle alone in pain in hospital

  • Kelly M.

    This would have helped me with 2 very difficult and stressful nights with my little girl. I wasn't able to move very much after c section, she was very distressed over my milk not coming through quick enough and the midwives didn't realise so my baby lost lots of weight. Just having him there would've been the support I needed

  • Sam Q.

    Most definitely should be allowed. I had to have an epidural for surgery straight after giving birth so couldn't do anything and would have given anything for him to be there. As soon as I got on the ward at 2am my husband was told to go home. We both missed out on changing our boys first nappy, making his bottles etc as he was sent home and I had no feeling in my bottom half so couldn't even get my baby out of the crib, so the midwives had to do everything. Being our 1st and an Ivf baby I feel like I've missed out and so has my partner. It's not just about the bonding but the all important firsts that the father should be able to do if the mother can't for any reason not left to the midwives :disappointed:

  • Louise S.

    Yes absolutely. I could barely move after having stitches but had to feed and change the baby whilst in agony. I know hospitals can't provide beds but I think my other half would have gladly snoozed in a chair, rather than sit at home worrying about me.

  • Denny S.

    My little boy was born this wednesday and the hospital I gave birth in allowed him to stay after I had an extremely difficult c section. It was great to have not only the midwives support but also my husbands.

  • Bronagh D.


  • Claire B.

    Ours does but only if everything has gone pretty much perfectly on midwife led ward. If you've had a more difficult delivery and ended up on consultant led and probably could do with more help they're not allowed to stay, totally backwards!

  • Sheryl H.

    Yes save nurses time if mothers had c sect x

  • Sarah B.

    Hell yes!

  • Indy B.

    100% yes!!! :thumbsup:

  • Zoey K.

    Because of a chronic medical condition I was allowed to have my partner with me 24/7 as a part of my birth plan... and thank god because I had a 3 day induction, 20 hours of labour, an emergency c-setion and then massive complications leading to me having to stay in the hospital for a total of 14 days. I was a mess, I couldn't look after myself never mind my daughter, literally every day for a week a new complication arose either with my wound, my blood pressure, my intestinal tract shutting down... it was a nightmare. We were put in a private room with its own loo and given a cotbed for my partner. He washed me, fed my daughter, he did everything. The midwives did not have the time to do this, and that is not their fault. Some midwives I have to say were absolutely awful, they did not respect that this was a part of a birthplan approved by a team of medical staff in charge of my care, they treated my partner like he shouldn't be there, hinting that he should leave, giving us no privacy. One night we even overheard staff being rude about us. I was in tears... I felt like an unwanted guest and I begged the doctors to let me leave eventually explaining to one very kind midwife why I was so distraught. In my opinion, your partner should be allowed to be with you every moment if they can be, it is their child too, they have a responsibility and a need to be there for you and your child... my partner went home for one night and one afternoon in total and refused to leave when pushed. I fully believe I would have suffered a breakdown if he had not been there for us. I am baffled by women objecting to this unless they themselves do not care to have their partners with them, they should not deny others the right to have them there.

  • Louise C.

    Only in private rooms. With my first child my husband wasn't allowed, but with my 2nd he could, but he couldn't stay as was looking after my eldest son. The other new mums had their husband/partners with them-chatting all night, kept me awake and I didn't feel it was right! Yes they need time to bond, but I didn't feel comfortable with the whole thing!

  • Sandie A.

    Yes i think they should be allowed

  • Sunny S.

    Yes they should, I had nerve damage to my leg and I couldn't walk after giving birth to my son 3 and half years old at the women's hospital in Birmingham...no one knew what was wrong with me and I had to wait to get an MRI scan done and scan on my leg in case for clots..this was during the Christmas period and depts were closed, I was told to get up and about but i couldn't walk... Eventually I was told I had foot drop and my right leg was totally numb. The extra help from my husband would have been an great support for me..I did get moved to a separate room after I refused to stay at the hospital purely because I felt there was no support and low staff on duty.. I have recently had a baby girl two months and elected for a caesarean, the first night the care was amazing but second night I found there was low staff and all I needed was someone to pass baby to me because your stomach kills ...so yes I do agree men should be allowed on wards, the curtains are there for a reason and if anyone needs privacy that's what they provide...

  • Sarah J.

    I traveled further for both of my births so I didn't have to use my local hospital for this reason. 30 minutes on the travel time but worth it to have my husband be able to stay the night. You also get a private room for your whole stay.

  • Kayley S.

    Yes! I had my baby at 9pm and at 11.30pm my other half had to go home... I was exhausted, emotional and thoroughly overwhelmed. One of the times I particularly needed him there! :blush:

  • Lyndsay C.

    yes! it helps dads bond, gives you the chance to recover! with my first, i was scared, painful, and terrified of hospitals. when my family had to go home. i was left on my own, with my buzzer for help ignored. i was 19, after a shocking 3 hour labour. then left on my own in the dark. it's why i chose to have my second at home.

  • Angie D.

    My hospital they are allowed to stay.

    • Angie D.

      We have private rooms.

  • Saf K.

    Absaloutley agree does not happen here in Shropshire and especially more so for the ladies already scared of hospitals never mind the labour aswell I was mortified on my first when my husband had to leave

  • Kristy A.

    I think it would significantly reduce the risk of post-natal depression and the baby blues. Feeling you have the ultimate support right there with you from the start

  • Kerry L.

    Yes they should end of

  • Lucy E.

    Absolutely. I wouldn't have cared who saw on my ward after my lo was born. For those who do all beds have curtains. I hated my oh leaving us. They even tried to get him to leave while I was in slow labour...wouldn't have been happy had they not given in!!xx

  • Paula C.

    An interesting read. They allowed my Son's Dad stay overnight and that was 19 years ago. I'd had a c section and he helped a lot.

  • Lisa M.

    I have to disagree. I don't think they should. I wanted my husband to go home, have a good sleep and a shower and come back refreshed and ready to care for me and our new baby. Hospitals are an uncomfortable necessity for the mother but not for the father.

  • Shinnie S.

    Yes definatley i had to have an emergency cesarian the first time id have given ANYTHING to have kept my husband there because it was already tough the labour up to the bit where we were sent to theatre and i really felt better with him there but they wouldn't let him despite baby arriving at 21.02 in the evening it made me anxious cranky and i never slept because it felt like some kind of mad rollercoaster

  • Stacey W.

    Yes they should! My partner stayed with me and our newborn in the eastbourne midwifery unit. They should be involved as soon as baby is here. Private rooms or not. Pull the curtains round if you want privacy to breastfeed. I'm on board 100%

  • Nicola B.

    I gave birth at Hillingdon hospital and husband and partners were allowed to stay over. It's was encouraged so they could help the mother with feeds etc

  • Cazza H.

    Definitely should be allowed, I had a section with my twin pregnancy and I was in absolute agony and was bf too, and the midwives on the ward were not very helpful in the slightest so I spent my first night in tears as I couldn't get to my girls properly each time they wanted me, and was told I should just bottle feed to make life easier! If their dad had been able to stay it would have made my first night a lot better and I wouldn't have felt I was a burden on the staff. Luckily we got transferred to a different ward the next day which made a lot of difference x

  • Laura M.

    To bloody right the midwives are far to rushed to deal with everyone's bleeding leaking spewing black burst stitches and new mum not having a clue what is up or down after 72hrs of no sleep while trying to cradle a puking child and a colostomy bag, ......honest recovery unit was like a personal hell.... I wouldn't give a new born to me in that state dads (or one other) could seriously help out.

  • Sarah W.

    Definably a great idea and step forward, more hospitals please do this now!

  • Patricia I.

    Yes as long as every couple and baby get their own room

  • Tracey D.

    sounds great hope so to as I had josh in wordsley and Lexie at Russell's hall so all new to me to go there and when I had josh and Lexie I was induced both times then ian was sent away and with Lexie they never called him bk for me as soon as the labour started and he nearly missed it all so scared of that happening again and having to go thru the labour pains alone if they send him away.

  • Katy W.

    My partner stayed 7 nights with me with our little boy in royal Stoke, it helped alot after my c section and helped us bond as a family the way it should be :blush:

  • Natasha B.

    Neath hospital also has rooms with double beds so Dad can stay too x

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