Adele's Son's An Anna Fan

Adele's Son's An Anna Fan

When the papers splashed pictures of Adele enjoying a day out at Disneyland with her son this week, you couldn't help but notice how relaxed and happy she looked. But eagle-eyed Adele fans noticed something else remarkable about the papped pics - the fact that little Angelo was wearing an Anna from Frozen dress. The internet seemed to heartily approve.

Ok! magazine reports:

One user wrote: "Adele let her son dress up as Anna from 'Frozen' at Disneyland. SMASH THOSE GENDER BARRIERS."

Another added: "GO Adele for squashing gender norms by letting her son dress up as a disney princess !!!! love u even more than before."

I'm an admirer of Adele's no-nonsense approach to life in general, and totally love that she doesn't appear to bat an eyelid about letting her little boy wear a dress in public - and one fit for a Disney princess, no less.

But what will really be worth writing about is surely when no-one else bats an eyelid about a little boy in a princess dress either, and none of us sees the need to fill column inches writing about it what a giant leap it is for mankind.

Because Adele might be blazing a trail but I know loads of mums whose lads love their Elsa or Anna dresses, and no-one goes round high-fiving them for smashing gender norms.

Now don't get me wrong. I know this is different, I know that it's one thing to take your little boy to playgroup in a dressing up frock and another to hit Disneyland when you're an A-lister with your son dressed as a princess dress under the glare of the world's media.

I'm not downplaying the brilliance of the moment. I'm just saying I look forward to the day when, say, Kim Kardashian can pop to the shops for a pint of milk with little Saint West dressed up like Bo-Peep and no-one even sees it as a news story.

Pipe-dream? Hopefully only the milk part.


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