20% Off Lulla Doll Sleep Companion Now £39.95 @ Kiddicare

Lulla Doll Sleep Companion Now £39.95

If you have been waiting for the Lulla Doll Sleep Companion to drop in price then you need wait no more! Over at Kiddicare you can get your hands on this innovative sleep aid for £39.95 instead of £49.99.

The Lulla Doll Sleep Companion is designed to help your baby sleep better by comforting them throughout the night.

The Lulla Doll imitates the breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest, ensuring babies are relaxed and content with the feeling that their carer is close to them. It plays a real-life recording of a mother sleeping so your baby can actually feel their heartbeat and breathing on them.

Lulla's aim is to help babies stabilize their own breathing and heartbeat, resulting in longer and better quality sleep. Everything has been taken into consideration when making this doll even down to the smell, it has been designed to absorb the parents scent to give babies an extra piece of security.

It looks like it is worth every penny as it sells out extremely fast! Don't hang around if you want to order one!

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  • Louise C.

    was this what you bought?!

    • Lisa B.

      Don't think so, helps a bit, I think if used from birth it would

  • Christine H.

    do u think this might work? :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Gemma D.

    you seen these? look good xx

  • Tasha C.

    Definitely helps my little one

  • Mandie D.

    Hmmmmmm........I think this could? I can get it next week if you like?

  • Laura G.

    That's good idea ain't it x

  • Laura G.

    It might help him actually be like laying next to you x

  • Maxine G.

    Seen this but like the ones which has a sensor in them

  • Natalie C.

    Have you tried it hun? Shes so unsettled wakes up every 1-2hours Xx

  • Rachel G.

    Mimicks breathing like the mum & heartbeat etc looks good

  • Rachel G.

    The fabric of the doll can absorb the smell of the parent so when the baby is lay nxt to the doll they will smell their parent

  • Ben B.

    Get it then! Give it a go

  • Nicole R.

    In the description it explains not to have lose items in with a baby, this comes with Velcro straps so it can be place nearby securely.

  • Kate C.

    Willing to try anything :zzz::zzz::zzz:... :thinking:

  • Kirsty R.

    This is what we got her for Xmas :heart: x

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