Just 16 Saturdays Until Christmas... (Sorry!)

Just 16 Saturdays Until Christmas... (Sorry!)


I know that some of you will be utterly delighted to hear this, while others will literally dive for cover. So brace yourselves because here it comes...

Did you know there are only 16 more Saturdays left until Christmas?!

I'm not sure what's got me thinking about this - it could be the return of X-Factor and the knowledge that it's going to plague our screens for weeks and weeks to come. Or maybe it's the definite Autumnal hint of a nip in the air that means it's totally unmistakable: Christmas must be around the corner.

Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I caught the tail-end of a discussion about this on the radio this morning.

Either way, whatever's to blame for my festive feelings, it got me wondering. Are you a get-your-shopping-all-done-and-wrapped-by-the-end-of-September kind of person? Or are you more inclined to leave it all to the last minute?

Since you're presumably a Playpennies fan, I'm hoping that you avail of our bargain-hunting brilliance and manage to bag lots of deals throughout the year so that you don't have to leave all your Christmas shopping to the last minute.

But someone on the radio programme I was listening to this morning reckoned that "it should be the law" that no-one is allowed to do any Christmas shopping until at least December 1st. A critic of this harsh proposed regime suggested that "only disorganised people" leave their Christmas shopping so late.

So what's your view? Do you agree that it's "UnChristmassy" to shop for the Big Day long before it's in sight, or are you of the opinion that a bit of clever forward planning is precisely what helps Christmas feel magical?

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