Thunderbird 2 Play Pool / Ball Pit £19.99 With FREE Delivery @ Argos

Thunderbird 2 Play Pool £19.99 Delivered

The sun is shining once again, and there's still hopefully a few more weeks of summer left, so if you haven't got the kids a pool yet this one is a little bit special. The Thunderbirds 2 Play Pool is on offer at £19.99 at Argos, and that price includes free home delivery as well.

I've seen this selling for £40 online elsewhere and this is the best price by far so I'll be grabbing one for my kids straight away!

Thunderbirds toys are really popular again thanks to the new version of the kid's show on CITV, so this is bound to be a big hit with loads of kids.

It's a sturdy inflatable that can be used wither as a paddling pool in sunny days in the garden, or as a ball pit on rainy days indoors.

There's plenty of stock around for home delivery in all the areas I have checked, and this is a home delivery only item so you can't get it in stores.

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  • Claire P.

    That's awesome xx

  • Sue M.

    Ordered! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Michael H.

    Imagine it was part of a set with Tracy island being a massive soft play. Would be on my Amazon wish list

  • Leah G.

    Yeah saw this the other week when I was looking for a new pool lol.. tempted :smiling_imp:

  • Sally S.

    Brilliant! Xxxx

  • Karen W.

    omg I love this xxxx

  • Charlotte F.

    It's amazing isn't it?!! X

  • Sally S.

    Forget the children Aunty wants it!!! Xxxx

  • Karen W.

    yes I do it's amazing xxxxx

  • Joanna W.

    It does look good x

  • Peter H.

    That is awesome!

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