Tesco Transform-A-Tent 2-in-1 Pop-Up Tractor & Farm Play Tent £10 @ Tesco Direct

11 July 2015

pop up tractor

How cool is this Play Tent from Tesco Direct? It's called the Tesco Transform-a-Tent 2 in 1 Pop-Up Tractor and Farm Play Tent. The kids can pretend they are in a barn with the animals one minute and then play farmer in his tractor. Tesco Direct has this priced at just £10 and I think it's a snip at that. It's nothing fancy, but chuck it out in the garden, or pop it up in the living room and I reckon they will play with it for hours.

The Transform-a-Tent 2 in 1 Pop-Up Tractor and Farm Play Tent is great for those hot days as the kids can play with it in the garden. It'll provide a little bit of shade for them. Make up a picnic and they can eat it in the barn.

Equally, think of those rainy days where the kids get bored and you get ratty. This just pops up so it's fine for inside and once they are finished playing with it, fold it down. It goes completely flat so storing it is not a problem.

You can Click and Collect this Play Tent for FREE from a Tesco store near you, or pay £3 to have it delivered.

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