My First Swingball £9.38 @ ASDA

ASDA is selling a My First Swingball set for £9.38 instead of £15.00.

Swingball is totally one of those ‘childhood memories’ things for me. I remember countless camping holidays with a swingball set in the picture, with either my sister, my much younger brother or my dad playing the game with one of us.

The great thing about Swingball as a game is that it is perfectly suitable as either a solo or duo game – although, like most things, it’s way more fun when you’re not doing it alone.

And while we buy it ‘for the kids’ on a recent camping trip, all the mums were good friends, but the dads didn’t really know each other. I set up our swingball set and in no time, the men were playing against each other, and helping the kids play too! It’s a brilliant ice breaker if you’re having a summer party with people who don’t really know each other – most everyone remembers it from their own childhood.

This set packs away easily so it’s perfect for taking away with you. It features a soft foam ball, so there’ll be no teeth out or black eyes, and the height is adjustable to approximately 110cm.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD

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