Sportspower Multiplay Swing Set £30 @ Asda

Sportspower Multiplay Swing Set £30 @ Asda

If you're on the look out for garden toys to keep the kids happy this Summer then you can't go wrong with this Sportspower Multiplay Swing Set over at Asda. These sets tend to be pretty pricey but Asda had this one for just £40, and now it has been reduced even further to just £30!

This fab play set is suitable for up to four children, hopefully that means no squabbles as there's enough equipment for all! There are two rope adjustable swings, these are great as you can adjust the height depending on the child or as your little one grows.

There is also a 2 person glider, just like a see-saw but it swings instead. The set is supplied with ground anchors so you don't have to cement it into the ground and still have piece of mind that it is safe. It is suitable for ages 3-8 years and the dimensions are Height : 180 cm x Length : 280 cm x Width : 140 cm.

This looks like a whole lot of fun for just £30!

This swing set is available in store or you can opt for home delivery online for just £2.95, there is no Click and Collect option available on this product.

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  • Nicola M.

    Looks good :-)

  • Sophie-elouise L.

    No way!!!

  • Charlotte L.

    This is the one weve got xxx

  • Katie H.

    lets get one

  • Dean H.

    Why is it so cheap?

  • Carolyn C.

    be great for the boys x

    • Jennie O.

      Amazing Carolyn! Have just ordered it, perfect for the boys :blush: x

  • Sarah L.

    these were still 40 at dinner when we looked :worried: xx

    • Laura S.

      Oh yeah! Order one online its a right bargain xx

  • Nadia I.

    Got one like this x

  • Kerry C.

    bargain!! Xxx

  • Nadia I.

    Thanks z

  • Chloé H.

    just ordered one for the girls :)

  • Luke A.

    Looks to cheap it needs to hold my weight as well i want a go lol

  • Jane S.

    thats cheap chloe x

  • Joanne S.

    They have a wooden one too with a slide for £143 I thought it was a fab price x

    • Sarah H.

      I cant find this on the website :(

    • PlayPennies

      Oh no! We missed that one! Thanks Joanne, we'll keep an eye for that coming back, I've not seen it under £200 before, you got a fab bargain there.

    • Helen A.

      Very have some good reductions on the plum swings sets x £50-£60 off some of them

    • PlayPennies

      They definitely do Helen! Our Nada loved them. :)

  • Fiona H.

    only £30

  • Kayleigh G.

    Looks amazing xx

  • Heather L.

    , Robbie would love this :blush:

    • Julie M.

      Just bought it, thanx !! Daddy will have a meltdown lolxx

  • Stephanie R.

    This is cheap x

  • Sam W.

    I think we are a bit too big for this.

  • Natalie W.

    any good for will x

    • Lisa L.

      I got it last year for him but thanks for thinking of him xx

    • Natalie W.

      Glad you got one, no problem xx only if I had room for it x

  • Katie H.

    It's reduced again

  • Gillian M.

    Oh that would be good for his birthday

  • Gymjam B.

    Thanks just ordered one :)

  • Claire B.

    That is great x

  • Stacey S.

    That's really good!! X

  • Carolyn G.

    I was after more of a baby one but wow what a bargain this is!! Thank you.

  • Claire T.

    Hahahah :sob::sob::sob: xx still in my garden x

  • Cassie M.

    Ordered one even tho he hasn't got anyone but me to play on the seesaw with lol x

  • Charlene S.

    That's good price x

  • Jade B.

    the grandkids want this is the garden

  • Jazz L.

    kids would love this!

  • Leah S.

    We've had this for a year, it's weathered really well and was well worth the £40 we paid for it, so this is a bargain! Let me know if the folding picnic bench gets reduced please! Xxx

    • PlayPennies

      It's got 20% off now Leah, down to £31.20! :)

  • Keith S.

    Looks flimsy u get what u pay for xx

  • Vickki T.

    Bargain but havnt room for that:see_no_evil:

  • Laura C.

    Thanks! That's a bargain xxx

  • Carol T.

    Garden isn't big enough else I would have had it lol xxx

  • Iona M.

    Out of stock

  • Leanne131182

    brill !!

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