Special Needs Swings From £65 Delivered

Special Needs Swings From £65

My local play park has had a swing seat for children with Special Needs fitted and I am over the moon about it. I firmly believe in the inclusion of all children when it comes to most things, especially where fun is concerned.

Why is it so hard to find affordable Swing Sets and other Garden Toys for those with Special Needs? A lot of them can be used by anyone and everyone, but yet they aren't sold by any of the big retailers and if you do happen to find any, they are £££'s.

I took it upon myself to find Garden Play Equipment that wasn't going to bankrupt anyone.

Here's what I've found:

From online retailer Brave. They do not market their products specifically for Special Needs but a lot of their products are suitable. They can withstand adult weights (if used with Brave Swing Frame) and provide alternative ways to swing, other than sitting: Double Delux Swing Set* only £405 delivered, Frammock Hammock Swing* only £130 delivered, Donut Swing* £98 delivered, Platform Swing* just £65 delivered and Brave's Nest/Basket Swing* £99 delivered

Amazon: Child Full Support Swing Seat* £130 plus £9 del, Teenage Full Support Swing Seat*£150 plus £9 del,

Special Needs Toys: String Swing* £118.80, Bolster Swing* £210, Double Swing Frame* £186, Single Swing Frame* £159.60, Standard Coracle* £106.80 and Shallow Coracle* £130.80.

We will continue to keep our eyes peeled for Special Needs Play Equipment at affordable prices.


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    I wish I had the room

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    Omg these look awesome!! Ill have a good look now, thanks xx

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    There should be this type of swing at every park!!! Xxx

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    Wheelchair accessible sandpit / water play would be good! :blush:

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    Still over £100 just for a swing seat !!!!!

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    any chance you could convert to US dollars as well as your currency?

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