Plum Tamarin Wooden Play Centre £139.99 @ Argos

Plum Tamarin Wooden Play Centre £139.99

If you're thinking ahead to the spring and the kids playing outside, this is a real bargain buy, and it's the bets price we have seen this set. Argos have the Plum Tamarin Wooden Play Centre on sale for just £139.99, when it's still £299.99 on the Plum website! That's a brilliant saving and less than half the RRP!

This is a sturdy wooden frame with a slide and two swings so several children can play at once. The slide has a climbing frame ladder leading up to a play deck and a way slide.It's made from FSC certified wood and is treated to protect it, and you get anchors to secure the frame into the ground.

It says that it's suitable for children aged from 3 to 10 years so you should get a good amount of use from this set, and the reviews across the net are great as well.

For stability, the set includes ground anchors for concreting the frame into the ground, and it comes supplied with a 5-year manufacturer warranty against wood rot and insect damage.

If I didn't have such a small and sloping garden I would be snapping this up for the kids as at this price it's a steal!

You can't collect in store due to it's size, and home delivery costs from £6.95.

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  • Brittany D.

    Really good price isn't it xx

  • Vicki H.

    I would say well worth It! I paid about £180, I have a 7 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old and they get hours of play. It's totally solid and will last year's x

  • Vicki H.

    Mines about a year old now but will honestly last year's x

  • Kirsty H.

    I know that's what i thought x

  • Alex H.

    It’ll look nice in your back garden

  • Claire J.

    Thank chick. We are looking for a new one! Will show stu tonight see what he thinks!

  • Stephen S.

    Only 1 place it could fit in the garden though :thinking:

  • Adi L.

    be perfect for harley aswell

  • Sara L.

    Will get him one as soon as he is old enough to use it. :grin: x

  • Jennifer H.

    Don't think we can fit much more in the garden :joy: Trampoline ordered x

  • Victoria Y.

    Slide might to be short/small? X

  • Vikki U.

    I'm sure he'd love it:grin: xx

  • Kyle W.

    That looks well. Bill would love building that lol

  • Nadine B.

    That's a good price too :blush: £140

  • Jay S.

    Omg your a star does it cone flat pack !!

  • Rayla H.

    Does this have to be dug into the ground? If you know what I mean lol I have Astro turf wondering if it could be used on that

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